Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lucky Me! Mending on Rednesday

I'm sorry it's been well over a week since I posted.  Honestly I haven't been feeling well, and the Olympics have given me the ultimate excuse to stay on the couch! Aren't they so fun to watch? I don't want them to end! And can you believe the bodies??? Specifically the male swimmers? ha ha

Last weekend I chose one flea market to go to. These little aprons were $2 each, and so sweet!

I don't usually gravitate towards purple, but the pansies on this are darling!

And a traditional pastel one. I see this style in antique stores a lot. I've always kind of wanted one, but they are usually about $15.00.

Does anyone know about how old these are? When was this the rage? :)

 I also bought one piece of Pyrex (the Promotional Dandelion Duet ), and a couple vintage children's feed my addiction to both of those things. But I will spare showing you! What I WILL tell you is that all the things that I purchased that day, fit perfectly into this........

Renee of "My Vintage Mending" sent me this absolutely wonderful bag!

The cute little package arrived, looking like this. So I had to take a picture.
I still can't believe that I have one of Renee's hand sewn pieces!

And better yet, it was custom made just for me! OK, now I sound like I'm gloating!
But look at the little french knots on the "E"! I just feel like it was the most thoughtful and unexpected gift.
Thank You Renee! You are a great friend, and this is just perfect for my vintage treasure hunting! :)

 OK, last week I stopped at a Garage Sale. There was a whole stack of embroidery patterns for .50 each.

So of course I had to get them. Even though my last attempt was a disaster, I'm going to try again. I think this will be a good thing to do while I'm recovering from my surgery. Oh, I didn't tell you guys! It is scheduled for the 23rd! So you better believe that I will be at every flea market I can find until then! LOL

This is really odd to me! Why is there a cute little blue bird flying into a sizzling hot skillet? LOL
I don't think the dog's warning is going to make it in time! Haaa!

Lastly, here are a couple things that were at the thrift store the other day. The spun heads will go into my Etsy Shop unless someone responds to this post and lets me know that they want them. They are $3.75.

This cute pink box holds pinking shears that once belonged to a "Delphine Schleif"! Delphine obviously took very good care of them, which is why I thought they would be a great addition to my vintage sewing supplies. I'm really good at buying the supplies, just not actually doing the sewing!

I hope you all are having a marvelous week! Please be sure to visit Renee for all sorts of MENDING goodness, and I'm also linking up for REDNESDAY at "Sue Loves Cherries"! 


  1. I love your finds the pansy apron is darling.
    I have no idea how old.
    have a speedy recovery

  2. Erica, you don't need an excuse to watch those swimmers! We're American's after all:-)

    I love those pinking shears! I'm by no means any good at sewing but I also tend to collect vintage sewing supplies. What's up with that? And I know I've told you this before but SHOW YOUR PYREX! Those of us who truly love it will never tire of seeing it. And those that don't love vintage Pyrex? Well they are just sick.


  3. Hey Erica,
    AWESOME handmade bag that Renee made for you! I LOVE IT!! She is very talented!!!
    Nice finds! Yes, you will have to "shop a lot" before your surgery! LOL!!
    Hope you are feeling better!

  4. I've been enjoying the Olympics too (and the swimmers!). I am always amazed and impressed with vintage crocheted goods. The pansy apron is so pretty. LOVE the bag Renee made for you--so sweet!

    Is your surgery this month?

  5. Very cute. I remember my grandmother doing this.
    I'm sorry, I don't know where to mail the check to. If you have already mailed all the goodies out that's okay. If not let me know where to mail the check. Thanks.

    1. Hi Debby-

      Are you getting my emails? :)
      Hope so!

  6. Such a cute little dog at the end :) Oh my goodness you got some goodies!! I love the bag from Renee, how sweet it is!! Love the pretty colors too! Hope you're feeling better, after some treasures and an adorable gift~should help a little! :) Hugs, xx Holly

  7. Oh my gosh girl, how do you manage to put so much cuteness into one post? You sure got a good buy on those aprons. Just imagine all the work that goes into those! Renee sure fixed you up real good there! What a lovely package and gift!! How sweet! I think you can do that embroidery. Those are really cute, too. And yes, the male swimmers look very .. good! You are so funny. I will be praying for your surgery to be a quick and speedy success and recovery.

  8. Oh, lovin' all your sweet goodies!!! The tote bag Renee made for you is so adorable!! Love it! Those pinking shears and the box are so neat! rHave a great a day!! xo Heather

  9. If no one has spoken for those spun heads...I would be interested in buying them before they head to Etsy.

    1. Hi Laurie-
      You sure can! Will you please shoot me an email at ?
      Erica :)

  10. I love your blog. I'm so glad i found you. We seem to like all of the same things. The aprons are so darling. What a great price. Stop by my blog if you like. Can't wait to see what you write about next.

  11. Wonderful finds! I do love the vintage shears though!! And the bag from Renee...something special for a special lady!!


  12. Been taking a look at your flea market finds. How neat! Would love to find a place like that around here Amused about your Latte. Does that to me too!

  13. Love all your great finds, especially the sewing scissors in that cute box. The bag from Renee is a treasure. She's so talented. I'm not sure about those aprons either, I see them around, but don't know the time period of them. Sorry I can't help on that. Good thing you're getting stocked up before your surgery.

  14. love love LOVE your treasures :) I don't know Renee, but feel as if I should * lol! love your pinking sheers too, and the box they come in is fab too!

    Have a lovely weekend! xo P

  15. Happy Pink Saturday Erica, Very cute aprons! Thanks for your visit and comments. Have a great week and have fun making those paper flowers. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  16. Those little aprons are just too adorable! I've never seen anything like them and I know you got them for a steal. Along with all the other goodies!! Goodness, I'm drooling over the embroidery patterns ;) You go girl!!


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