Saturday, August 11, 2012

The PYREX Fairies

The Gift Of Pyrex
Lately I've really been having a difficult time getting out to my usual treasure hunting spots. My ankle has pretty much had it! Though I feel like I "won" because I pretty much pushed it as far it would go. I made it through the summer! And that was my goal. And although the flea markets go through September here in MN, my 2012 season will have to end next weekend, since my surgery is Aug. 23rd.

My Mom and Sister have been keeping an eye out for Pyrex for me!

My Mom brought me these 4 bowls home from up north last weekend! I FINALLY have the two largest Butterprints! And the other two are my first in the Friendship pattern. I love you Mom! And not because of the know that. :)

Excuse the terrible pics. Right now I do everything when it's dark outside...except sleeping!
My sister Angie found the Turquoise Mixing Bowls and the Yellow Gooseberry at an antique store in southern MN. My mom found the cool orange bowl at the Goowill for .99!

OK so I better show you what I was able to round up myself! Because I'm not down for the count YET!

The square baking pan is not red, it's actually really cute pink! I paid $12.95 for it at an antique store because I LOVE IT! And I will use it a ton for brownies! I found the 2 Bake, Serve & Stores just yesterday at the Goodwill for $4.99 total! And I still can't believe that I own that UGLY "Old Orchard" little bowl, but when it's in a display it will look better!

OK Here is confession time. Because I now had the two smaller Gooseberry bowls for dirt cheap, I found a listing on Ebay that had just the two larger ones...and I now have a set! I also found the turquoise pie plate on Ebay. But I happened apon a Buy It Now for $10!

This was the "Summer of Pyrex" for me! And it was so much fun! It was like Easter egg hunting. I managed to collect just under 100 pieces in about 4 months! And the only pieces I bought on Ebay were the ones that I just showed you.
There are a few specific pieces that I would still like to find. But otherwise I think I'm going to wrap up this collection. Wish me luck! I hear that it's very difficult! :)

Wellie and I wish you a great weekend and thank you for following!


  1. Wrap it up - trust me, it doesn't actually happen!!!

  2. Its always a good idea to have a little army of Pyrex hunters at your disposal! Great start to your collection. But lets be serious. You will NEVER be able to quit!

    Have an awesome weekend!


  3. I like the idea of working a collection and then wrapping it up. That sounds like great fun. Take it easy and rest up. Smiles...Renee

  4. My stars! I looked for the small blue bowl for the primary collection for TWO years! I think I'm in the wrong neck of town. I need to find the large red for Friendship pattern. If you can find it for 4.00 or less, you may shop vicariously for me! Congrats on finishing one collection for yourself!

  5. Sorry to hear about your ankle, it's horrible when you can't get about, specially when you like to bargin hunt! I love the Pyrex you have over there! Ada :)

  6. You have shown me the beauty of Pyrex and the colors and designs, in a new light. Also, you dog is cute. I hope your surgery later this month is completely successful.

  7. I love it all! I can't believe you found all that in such a short time. My favorite is the pink brownie pan-so cute!

  8. Ms. Wilma says thats a fine portrait of you, Wellie! (I think Wilma is a little jealous! ) LOL

  9. Wow girlie just under a 100 pieces that is awesome. I have been trying to collect the butter print. My mom had that when we where growing up and it is just my favorite. I have found a few pieces here and there. But the hunt is fun. I everything goes well with your surgery. I will keep you in my prayers. Oh your Willie is so precious.

  10. Oh girl, I am learning alot from you. I have the two turquoise pyrex bowls in the first pic. Did not know that they were call Butter print. I also have a set of 3 pink and white in the leaf pattern. Did you call it Gooseberry? I don't know their names. Just buy them because I love them. Where do you find all of your info? I really love hoping over and seeing your finds. Hope your ankle does well. I just had knee surgery a week and a half ago and it is already feeling much better.

  11. I love Pyrex too! I don't have nearly the collection you do!! So much fun!


  12. Now thats a wonderful and loved collection, it was the same for me when I was collecting jadeite I would receive pieces from everywhere my first and starter piece from the Salvation Ary Thrift, now that doesn't happen any more! ox, Diane

  13. WOW! Some great pieces in there. The turquoise mixing bowls, all the Goosberry... and I looooooove Butterprint!

    You're not the only one who bought Old Orchard for the first time this week.. I bought this complete set for less than $13, almost minty:

    (the 473, 474, 475 all with lids)

    Can't wait to see how you display yours!

  14. Your pretty Pyrex collection is sure growing!! Love all these new pieces!! So fun!! Will be keeping you in my prayers for your surgery!! xo Heather

  15. I love all of those pieces.....esp. the blue
    I tried the address two times and it doesn't go through. I think it has to be something on my end. Did you try to email me
    I;m not sure why that did highlight. is my address Debby Messner 158 Spruce Drive Granville, Ohio 43023. Just delete this after you copy it. Somehow, send me your address......this is crazy.
    I'm so sorry about you having surgery. I hope you have projects lined up for when you are off your feet. I have had leg and ankle probems. They are the hardest as you just can't get around.
    Good luck......((((((HUGS)))))

  16. Best of luck with your surgery, Erica! You have some wonderful Pyrex pieces for sure!

  17. Do you display your Pyrex? You have some very pretty pieces.


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