Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lets Go To An Estate Sale!

Yesterday morning I set my alarm for 5:00. This was kind of a joke since I don't go to bed until about 3:45. I laid there in anticipation for my first Estate Sale of the summer, and then just turned my alarm off at 4:50! Haaa!  Yes, can you believe that I haven't gone to any estates? Just one back in the Spring (that was really really good)!  Around the Minneapolis area we have lots of estate sales this time of year. But I keep getting comments from my followers that there aren't these type of sales in their area. So I brought my camera with! I found the sale through Craig's List, and it was Titled "The Ultimate Vintage Sale"!

As I backed out of the drive way the moon was still high in the sky.

 The sun was just coming up. I have to tell you...this is when I'm at my happiest. : )
I'm alone, and it's peaceful, out on an adventure. I have my coffee and my music on. And I might come home with some great things that I never knew I needed, but it's honestly OK if I don't too.

OK, Number 10! I did well. If you don't know how this silly thing works, here's how it goes. This sale started at 9:00. So I got there at 7:00, and there were already 9 other people waiting around. Someone always puts a plastic baggie full of numbers out front two hours before the sale. This is your "Pre-Number, Number".  Then I'm suppose to go sit in my car for another hour until I can get my real Number. At 8:00 I can exchange this paper for a playing card with the number 10 on it. THEN I can leave if I want, and be back at 9:00 for the sale!

But I didn't sit in my car because of this...
I had stumbled onto my "DREAM STREET"! I'm serious, this was the cutest darn street ever. Every house was unique and old with hydrangeas and vines growing everywhere. And it was quite! At the end of the street there is just a little pond, so no traffic.

Even the name of the street "Cottage Down" was perfect. As I waked around with my camera, "The Other 9" gave me the strangest looks! Haaa!

This is the side of the one above. My heart beats fast when I look at it. It's not even like it's a huge house! I don't ask for much!

I'd also be open to taking this one. Look at the little dormer up there!

This one was actually really amazing, but the picture doesn't do it justice. To the right there is a huge curved staircase, lined with hostas.

Someday Cottage Downs, Someday.

OK...The funny thing was that there was one little shabby house on the block.
Hahaha! Yep! The Estate Sale House!

When I got back from my little photo shoot, they were dragging things out into the driveway.
Those Coke crates were $15.00 each, so that gave me a feeling that things were going to be pricey.

But wait! Now it's only 8:15, and I have another 45 minutes to kill!

 I rushed to "BREADSMITH". Luckily I still had all of my weekly W.W points remaining!

 It's just Heavenly here!

I opted for the large version of this instead of the mini, as I'm not sure the smaller version would taste as good.

OK, Here we go into the sale!

Turns out that the entire sale was vintage toys and sewing stuff! Ahhhh!
But it was really hard to take pics because I had to move F.A.S.T.

It's hard to tell, but there are 4 tin doll houses in this stack! They were $20 each. I had one in my arms but I made myself put it back. I have nowhere to store things like that at my parent's place right now.

There were dozens of these little sewing machines!
So sorry for the bad pic.

These were cheap and nobody was grabbing them. I have a blue one out in the garage though.

There were also lots of these little cash registers. Does anyone know about them? So cute!
There were tons and tons of old dolls, but I put away my camera at that point. I needed to start grabbing some things! Almost everything I bought is for re-sale. Here's what came home with me...

Haaa! They are about 15 inches high. When I got home I did some research, and they are worth about $100.00 for the pair!

This is so darn cute. But I'm a little bummed because I realized later that it is missing it's little top piece.

This is a tin closet by J.Chein & Co. There is even a little clothes bar inside!

 These cute little chairs are about 7 inches tall. I need to research them a bit. Made by Strombecker?

I like the rocking chair with the 3 Little Bears.

And then there was this guy. The only thing I'm keeping for myself. He's going into my "Future Baby Box".
But the clock's really ticking now, so we will see about that one!

All in all I spent $22 at the sale. Not too bad huh? I hope you had fun coming along!
I'm linking up for PINK SATURDAY at "How Sweet The Sound"! See lots of pink cuteness over there!


  1. Gorgeous! I am playing catch up with Pink Saturday, didn't want to miss all the beautiful entries this week.

    My PINK
    Hope you'd come and see.
    Have a blessed Sunday.


  2. Wow! You got some goodies there didn't you! Ada :)

  3. It must be something with our names but I LOVE getting out the door super early and heading to estate sales. That street was so cute. How did you ever leave? My favorite thing you brought home was the pink stove, even if it is missing a piece. And you want to know something else funny? I also have a Baby Box! Only it is for when my sister has a baby someday. This baby shop is closed:-)


  4. Lovely neighborhood and great finds!! All the toys look so cute.

  5. What a fun sale ......I would have loved it. Cute neighborhood as well,

    1. OK Debby- My emails MUST be going into your junk folder or something??? Why can't we solve this mystery? haha
      IF you get this, here is my address:

      Erica Bryan
      1807 Oak St.
      Buffalo, MN 55313

  6. Thanks for the estate sale morning. I make the rounds each weekend and do the whole number thing as well. Looked like a good sale...I never have time to take pictures as I am too involved in my shopping!

  7. Hi Erica,
    The "prenumbers" are from the first person that showed up for the sale. Usually a "dealer"...that is why they write MUST STAY!!
    I've gotten up early too to have a good number. Looks like I missed a good sale yesterday! Fun finds!
    Went to the Median flea market this morning. Lots of buyers and sellers! Only bought a tablecloth and rooster figurine.
    Off to pull weeds and take care of the yard since it's Perfect outside!!!

  8. Great finds! I want to come with you next time!

    Thx for sharing


  9. Oh my gosh, I would have been in 7th heaven. I collect old tin toys. I have been wanting a stove but they are like pricey! I have two of the little red cash registers. I had purchased one and got one with the tin toy collection my older sister gifted me. I think their so cute, but really I don't know anything about them. Other than my grandies love playing with them. I love childrens sewing machines. I only have one. I think if I had been there I would have snagged them all. Of course I would share if someone else wanted one, but sounds like they weren't flying off the shelf. Thanks for sharing. Loved seeing all of the fun toys.

  10. OMgoodness, I would have spent a fortune there!!! Do you know how much those toys sell for on eBay?? You are sooo lucky to find such good sales (well, really you work for it, I wouldn't get up that early in the morning!!:))
    I enjoyed your post so much! Thanks for sharing,

  11. Adorable Goods!! Love it all, my kind of sale for sure :)

    I think I could be pretty darn happy on Cottage Downs, Too!!!

    Glad you had fun :) nothing like a fun filled Estate Sale to keep us going!!!!! :)

    xo P

  12. What great finds Erica! Love all those little sewing machines!! So glad you brought some sweet treasures home! Happy new week to you! xo Heather

  13. You had a great day - cute surroundings while you waited, good things to eat and a fun sale - perfect!

  14. Erica there was some really cute stuff at that estate sale. Love all your finds. Oh and I am with you they totally named that street right. Those homes are just dreamy.

  15. That street has such pretty houses. Wow, what a sale full of vintage toys and goodies. I'm jealous. What a treasure trove!

  16. Charming neighborhood and how could you pass some of those things by? Sounds like you enjoyed yourself! I'm so glad you took us along with you.

  17. I menat to ask, do you know where Lake Pryor (spelling could be wrong) is? My BIL and SIL have a cottage there on the lake. We are lucky enough to get to visit Minnesota every few years! Gorgeous country!

  18. they don't do the number thing here. if i want to get in the door early, i have to show up at least 3 hours early, and then just stand there. that is why i almost never get to sales early. that is a great sale though! i would have brought home those little doll beds.

  19. Love all of your finds and what beautiful homes to be surrounded by! I want to go shopping with you!
    Hope you have a wonderful week! :)

  20. Oh, Erica! I am in awe of all the incredible vintage toys, dolls, doll houses and itty bitty furniture....What a wonderful estate sale!! I'm glad you hung in there and stuck around for the "mother lode"!
    Like a faithful blogger...You made good use of your time by snapping all those darling homes in the neighborhood...and, even snuck in a gooey cinnamon roll!
    Thanks for sharing you adventure...It was certainly worth getting up when the moon was still high!!
    Have a great day, my friend!

  21. Those dolls have the cutest expressions!!

  22. Hi. I didn't get your email. I sent you another one.....I need your address to send you the money. I tried sending you an email right now and it wouldn't go through. I still want the box. Her is my
    Or you can post your address as a comment and I will delete it as soon as I see it. Wonder why we didn't get each others emails. Thanks.

  23. What a beautiful neighborhood. It looks like Beaver and Wally and My Three Sons live there. It looks like a great sale too. I had one of those little registers as a kid. My grandfather had a grocery store and that register was supposed to keep me away from his.

  24. oh my gosh, that looks like my dream sale! yes, there aren't sales like that around here. I'm in Florida, and I think people get rid of their cool stuff before they move down here to retire....

  25. Hi there! I noticed the Roly Poly balls right away. Love those. That looked like a fun sale!
    I can't believe you are having your surgery in 2 days. Sorry I haven't called lately!

  26. That looks like it was such a fun sale and it seems like you showed such restraint! I've never been to a sale that had numbers and a system like that. So intimidating! I love the houses covered in vines and Hydrangea blooms and I would have taken the one with the small balcony on the side! Glad you scored so well!


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