Monday, July 16, 2012

What I Found At The Traders Market!

Hi Everyone! I hope you're all doing well. I can't believe that it's been over two weeks since I posted last. My darn arthritis has been pretty bad, leaving me very sore and tired! Blah Blah Blah...I will not go into details. Let's just look at some cute stuff instead! :)

I met Tammy (of Tammy's In Love) at the Elko Traders Market! It's in her neck of the Minnesota woods, only three times a year. I had never been, so I was pretty excited!

Here we are! Me in blue, Tammy the smart one wearing a hat! Boy was it HOT! Tammy was just as nice in person as I expected she'd be! We kept shopping around on our own, and then meeting back up to see what the other had found.

This place was HUGE! There were tables and tables of fun junky stuff to dig through! And there were lots of different buildings to shop in too. It was on a very old farm property I think.

There were things like this...

And this...

And these Composition Quintuplets! Aren't they sweet?

And more good junky junk!

I bought this vintage cherry apron for $3, within 2 minutes of walking in the gate! LOL

I want you to see how darn cute these cherries are! I don't think the apron is handmade, so I might use this fabric for something else. You know, for all the sewing that I do! :) HA HA

And of course I was Pyrex Hunting! I found a pink cake pan, a lime green loaf pan, and my very first New Dot! I also got the 501 Butterprint fridgie to complete my set, and a cute B.P. casserole! Yippee!

I'm sorry everyone! I want you to know that I'm really going to cool it with the Pyrex posting. You must be so sick of all my posts looking the same! Pyrex and vintage children's books...that's me! :)

So here are the Little Golden Books that I brought home. Tammy even brought some for me from her stash. Can you believe that her collection is so large, that she even has duplicates? LOL So I bought some from her. My favorite is this "About The Seashore" one!

Some little "Whitman's" that I couldn't pass up.

And a couple Rand McNally Junior Elf Books.

OK OK I'll quit with all the books! It's just so hard for me to resist! Ahhhh!

Look at the darling little doll's pillow case.

Seriously now... :)

And I found these cute little doll bloomers!

She's playing golf, and walking her dog! I think I can get a few little quilt squares out of this.

And the last thing I bought was this little cookie book.

There's a lot of cuteness in here, so I'll have to post about it later.

Thank you all so much for following along on this LONG post!
Have a great day!


  1. What awesome treasures you found!! Cute pic of you and Tammy!! Looks like you girls had so much fun!! That pillowcase is absolutely adorable!! Hope you feel better with your arthritis! Happy Monday! xo Heather

  2. Oh Erica, it looks like you had a great time "junkin". Love those treasures you found.



  3. You are such a cutie! How fun that you got to meet Tammy. I couldn't believe the BC image. My mother made the cake on the cover for me my third birthday. Thanks for sharing, it brought back such sweet times for me. Have a great week ahead! Elizabeth

  4. such great finds love the apron.
    it is nice to meet up with blogger friends.

  5. That must have been so much fun!!

    I will never tire of your Pyrex finds, the books either!!! You did good!!!

  6. Oh what fun to meet up!! You girls look like you had fun!! You found so many goodies!! I love the little red vintage apron and the pillowcases!! SO cute! Hope you get feeling better!! Sending smiles and hugs! xx

  7. FUN!! It's awesome that you got to meet Tammy! Looks like you girls found LOTS of great goodies!
    I went too and did find a few things. It's a hit and miss sometimes.
    Love the photo of you gals.
    Keep Cool!

  8. I will be right there...once you buy those books you can't stop. That by the seashore book is super cute. You found some wonderful things...had no idea how cute you were...dang, now I know you have to keep all that cuteness. Oh it is so fun to see all your great stuff...thanks for sharing it. Smiles...Renee

  9. That must have been heaven! And you can never post too much about Pyrex and children's books. My blog is called "The Adventures of Two (Pyrex Crazy) Thrifter Sisters" so what does that tell you:-)

    And my name is Erica too!

    Have a great day

  10. I for one, enjoy seeing the new Pyrex and children't books that you find. You gotta be you! ha ha The picture of you and Tammy is darling. I love the little pillowcase and the cherry apron, especially. So glad you had a good time and found such wonderful treasures. Sorry to hear that your arthritis is causing you so much pain. Take care!

  11. we have very similar taste, i probably would have brought home the same things! congrats on the new dot bowl! i LOVE that pattern but never see it for a price i can afford. and that doll pillow case!

  12. You found some very nice treasures! The pile of reading material should keep you busy and or in crafts for a good long while! It was lots of fun to see you in person! Next trip Buffalo!


  13. Wow! You have found some great items! I love the Betty Crocker Cookie Carnival book! How Sweet!

  14. Oh gosh, I love the doll pillowcase and the bloomers fabric! You found more goodies!! Have a great week.

  15. Hope you continue to feel better. Oh what fun you must have had! Love the cherry apron.

  16. I never get tired of seeing your pyres and those cute, cute kids books. I love that pillow case. You guys must have had a blast. I wish I could have tagged along!

  17. Love these 1950s women! Would love one of these markets on my doorstop! Ada :)

  18. Oh, Erica! You found so many treasures! Those baby dolls, the bright red cherry apron, such delightful finds.....I love them all!! And, you are just as cute as a button!
    Thanks for sharing your day with all of us, my sweet friend!
    Carolynn xo

  19. Love the apron!
    Nola's Mom
    P.S. We found out Nola was allergic to corn and soy through a period of about 3 months using a different food every 4 weeks. For example one time it'd be a food with no chicken or no beef and then (how we found out) a food with no corn or soy

  20. Hi Erica,
    Wow,Looks like you had an amazing time!! I love all the little books that you bought. I hope you have a wonderful week. We are getting ready to celebrate Sarge's 6th birthday tonight or tomorrow. I am not doing the best (pain is getting to me) so hubby said as long as we got it done this weekend it would be fine. We gave him some special treats lastnight as his birthday is the 20th. He is such a happy little furbaby! I love all of my furbabies and don't know what life would be like without them. They have made being stuck at home most of the time more enjoyable and they always seem to know when I am having a bad day and supply me with lots of extra snuggles and cuddle time.
    Have a blessed weekend and give your sweet furbaby a hug from Lynn and her wienee ranch!

  21. Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!

    We drove all the way to NY today for what seemed like it was a huge flea market. What a bust. I don't regret it; it's always fun trying something new, but it was disappointing to say the least. This is exctly what I was looking for - lucky you!

  22. What a fun day you had! Love that little bear pillowcase! And the polka dot bowl!

  23. I found you through Shara(monkeybox).

    Once upon a time I had just about every Rand Mcnally and Little Golden Book you have pictured. Sadly they got passed down to siblings and the majority did not survive.

    Love to find others with a vintage soul. Cannot wait to read more posts from you.


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