Sunday, July 22, 2012

What I Found At Annie's: My Favorite Shop In Town

Hi All-  Two weeks ago I went to Annie's Birthday Sale! Annie's is my favorite place to go when I need to "escape". No kidding, I can walk around for 2 hours there. It's like the flea market to me, I'll suffer through severe foot pain, in order to rummage through rows and rows of vintage treasures!
And speaking of foot pain, there has been a lot of it! I guess I've put it off for as long as I possibly could, and now I have to get real. So I'll be on the phone this week, making all the appointments for my surgery.
I knew I had to face reality when I wasn't even able to get to the flea markets the past two weekends!

Anyway, everything was 50% off at Annie's Sale! The day or two before the sale, I scoped things out and made a mental list of the things that I wanted.

I lucked out, and was able to get everything on my list except for one thing! I missed out on a huge bag of feed sack quilt squares. But oh well. For a girl who doesn't even sew yet, I think I'll live!

I was REALLY impressed with myself though because I didn't buy a single thing that wasn't on my list!

Aren't all these illustrations cute? This is the first "Bonnie Book" I've ever purchased. I'm thinking that it probably won't be my last! Haaa!

I was able to get tons of old cards! So sweet! :)

Annie had another FRUIT GLASS for me! So now I have six! Of course I had to get these fridgies, and the Butterfly Gold bowl (in the background). But one of my favorite purchases is this full size feedsack with all the brite colored squiggles on it!  You should have seen the stack of feedsacks! But I told myself I could only pick out one!

A few more Rand McNally Elf Books. The "Hiawatha" one is really darling!

Vintage Valentines! I'm so addicted it's crazy! I shouldn't be aloud to buy one more...ever!

Also, I'm just putting it out there that I would like to host some sort of Valentine's Swap in 2013, because boy do I have stuff to share!

See these bowls? I DON"T LIKE THEM! Ha Ha! But they were $2.50 for the pair! Maybe someone that loves them will want to trade with me. You never know!

This vintage apron is so soft! And even's not TINY! haha It actually fits me!
Speaking of not being tiny, I've been sticking to Weight Watchers and have lost 6 pounds!
Weigh-ins are Tuesday nights, so I'll keep you posted....or maybe not if I do bad! haha

A book about a Runaway Pancake! AS IF I was leaving that behind!

Unlike the bowls, I DO like this pink gooseberry casserole!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and were able to spend time with friends and family.


  1. Oh Erica, you can't ever have too many vintage valentines! There, I just gave you my permission to buy more:-) I love the Rand McNally Elf Books. My daughter, Maddy, collects them too and picked up a couple this weekend herself. She even has the Runaway Pancake book you found. Great job on your weight loss & good luck with your foot.


  2. Love those Valentines!!! Great books too!! And, love the Gooseberry!!!

    Annie's must be a big shop??? I wish I was going there today.....

  3. I'm sorry you're in pain but glad to hear you will be getting some relief soon. GREAT job on the weight loss!!!
    Now,onto the sale...I love the Bonnie Book. The illustrations are precious. You got some great stuff, yet again. I don't blame you for buying the bowls--the price was too good to pass up. Love the Valentine's too. Count me in on your swap! Hope you have a wonderful week.


  4. Can I come flea marketing by you? What a great haul-I love the books and the pyrex fridgies are too cute. I hope your able to get your foot taken care of-you've gotta be able to get back out there. There are treasures waiting to be found!

  5. OK, Erica, WHERE is this store?? I LOVE IT!! You found some really great stuff, I just love that feed sack with the zig zag print, and those books and bowls are all adorable!
    I have to go to eBay for such good finds! :)
    Have a great week and congrats on your weight loss!

  6. What lovely things you got!! Love all the vintage cards! :) Hope you have a happy week! xo Holly

  7. You scored on some sweet finds my dear!! Love all the cards and pyrex!! The Mother Goose book has such adorable images!! Have a lovely week!! xo Heather

  8. WOW, I think I need directions to this store! What an amazing haul. Love all of the valentines and those children's books are just adorable. I wish all of the pancakes over here would run away, along with the potato chips and the cookies!

  9. I've got to win the lottery and come to your end of town! I wait, I don't buy lottery tickets. I can't believe you can find so many books!


  10. You are just going crazy with all this neat stuff! I am with Carol and Tammy! You rock!

  11. What a lot of darling goodies you found, Erica! I am only looking through one eyeball hahahhahahhaha as I don't want to be tempted.

    I'm dying to see the front of your "Three - something - Puppies" book! I am soooooooo trying to not bring anymore stuff into this house but I can't resist doggies, no sirree!

    Happy week to you!

  12. Oh my gosh, what a haul!!! Such great finds, I especially love the books, and I'm with you...the Runaway Pancake? Too cute!!


  13. Hi Erica,
    I hope you have your surgery soon so you will be able to come to the Mn Blogger's gathering!!!
    AWESOME vintage cards and Valentines. I'm IN for the 2013 Valentine swap!!!
    You found great treasures!!! I really need to go there!!
    Take care of your foot!

  14. Erica again with the books. I love to see someone else finding these gorgeous goodies. I only have one Bonnie Book and it is cute. Keep me on the list for all your swaps...I can't wait to see where you go with these. Best to you and your feet. I have painful feet as well..smiles..Renee

  15. These are really sweet illustrations! And I love your refrigerator boxes too.

  16. How sad and scary is it that I have (and still use) a 3-piece Butterfly Gold nesting mixing bowl set that I didn't inherit, or buy as vintage, but received as a bridal shower gift??!!??!! *aaarrrgghhh*

    Great Valentine's and books!

    Good luck with your foot surgery. xoxo

    1. Haaa! I love it! Those bowls must have been the ultimate shower gift in the 70's! Don't worry, it's started to happen to me too. All the toys I played with growing up in the 80's (like my Strawberry Shortcake Dolls) are now considered "vintage"! Ahhhh! Whatever! :)
      Thanks for visiting Pat!

  17. sorry to hear about your feet! but you found some GREAT stuff! i want to start a vintage valentine collection (like I NEED another collection, ahaha) and you found some good ones! i love the lettuce and onion.

  18. Hey Erica! I am so jealous of the vintage cards you've been finding. I would love to have a huge stash of them. Don't know what I would do with them but it would be so fun to have some. LOL
    Girl, you have been getting some great finds. Too bad I don't live close to you. We could get some serious shopping done. :) Praying that all goes well with the scheduling of your foot surgery (that you don't have to wait too terribly long).


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