Thursday, June 5, 2014

Well That Was Fun!

 On Sunday I didn't feel well. I woke up with a bad burning kind of pain up under my ribs. I've had these attacks before, and they are excruciating. But usually I can head into the E.R. and they give me something for it. I've told them each time that I'm certain it's my gall bladder, but they've always insisted that "nope, it's just really bad heart burn".  This time though, the gall stones finally showed up on the ultra sound and so I was admitted right away.
I had to stay two nights in the hospital. Poor Wellie! She thought I was just going to Target or something, but then I didn't come back. Here she is waiting for me to come around the corner. Soooo sad! lol So I'm home and minus a gall bladder. Spending lots of time on the couch because it feels like I've done 1000 sit-ups. Fun fun!
 The previous Sunday though, I was able to hit up the flea market. I found a little bit of x-mas!
 My vintage x-mas corsage collection has really grown. I've never put them all together though. Might have to do that!
 I found a chocolate covered cherry box, and a darling boxed set of greeting cards!
 There was a box full of Gurley tons of them. But I only let myself pick out a couple Snowmen. And the cards were from the same seller as these wonderful x-mas seals below.
 This guy had dozens of unopened packages of seals! I think I bought 9 of them, but I wished I could have taken them all! Why can't I get enough of stuff like this?? lol
 Then the other day I went to an estate sale right before it was closing. Here's what I grabbed for a TOTAL of $2.00! A couple recipe books, a coffee can, and...
 The people running the sale said that it was a 92 year old man that had moved from the home. The basement must have had tons of x-mas stuff, because there were many boxes of tinsel and lights still left. But I was able to dig and find a few ornaments that people missed.
 A jar of mini light reflectors and some odds and ends.
If you grab a box and start tossing all the tiny glass ornaments that you come across into it, eventually you usually end up with a nice little pile. I love that large vile of pink glitter too!
Not bad for $2.00 right before closing time!
OK- Hope you all are having a nice week! I've been catching up on blog reading since I'm confined to the couch. So if I haven't visited you yet, I will be very soon!
Hugs- Erica :)


  1. So sorry to hear about your unexpected surgery, but glad to hear you are on the mend & that the issue was finally resolved. Rest up, big hugs <3

  2. Love the cards. Feel better

  3. I'm wishing you a speedy recovery, too! Hope you feel much better SOON! Love the cute cards you found...especially that boxed set! Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. poor thing :(
    I hope you are feeling better today...those doctors..but now you can feel better!
    Nice box of vintage cards! They would be fun to make into "new cards" with the sweet images! LOVE the Christmas stickers. You did get some cute ones!
    Take good care!

  5. Hi Erica. So sorry about your gall stones. Ouch! I hope you are feeling better soon. You found some adorable things as usual. Love all the Christmas things. I think you should make a wreath out of all your vintage corsages (wouldn't that be adorable). Feel better!

    xo Danielle

  6. Oh my. That's no fun and to have unexpected surgery too! Keep on healing! Glad you found some vintage Christmas. I swear you are the "Queen" of holiday seals. I never ever see them. Gentle hugs coming your way!

  7. Speedy recovery! I have trouble passing those holiday seals by as well....that is why I have two drawers full of them. Good digging in the!

  8. So sorry to hear this Erica... I hope you'll soon be on the mend. Sounds like time to watch movies and lay low.

  9. Oowie. I had the same thing happen to me a few years back. The pain in my shoulder was the worst and made NO sense to me at all - did you have that too? Enjoy your couch time and your blog reading and feel better soon!

  10. Oh, I had my gb out, too. Don't miss it a bit! Enjoy the quiet rest time while you can. And, love all the Christmas goodies! I picked up something adorable today at the thrift. A Santa pitcher with 5little cups to match!

  11. Don't you just hate it when the Doctor won't listen to you! I'm glad your felling better and I'm sure Wellie is taking good care of you.
    Chris =]

  12. Here's hoping your recover quickly from your surgery
    I feel sorry for poor little Wellie ,I bet she thought you had left her for good
    I miss my dogs so much and now that i'm on the go a lot I'll wait till I retire to get another dog or two

  13. Oh Erica, my goodness! I'm so sorry that you had to go through all of this. I hope you are feeling better now. I cannot believe the sales you have in your part of the world! AMAZING. What fun you must have. They are so affordable...not so out here in OR! Take good care of yourself.
    Hugs, Linda Lou

  14. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your gall stones, I hope you get feeling better really quickly! OH my goodness did you get some sweet things!! You find those deals girly!! Those vintage cards and seals are just adorable, I feel like I can't get enough either! Love all the Christmas goodies too! You take care and get better soon!! :) xo Holly

  15. Feel better soon! Loving the Christmas finds... :)

  16. Eeeeeek! You make my third friend to have had their gallbladder removed! Yikes, friend. Hope you feel better soon :-)

    I swear, you have a radar for vintage Christmas. You always find stuff! Loving the graphics on that cherry box so much. What a fun display piece.

    Feel better soon!!


  17. So sorry you had a little bit of unexpected excitement there. It does not sound like fun AT ALL. Hope you're back on your feet soon. But you do have a lot of pretty Christmas stuff to look at in the meantime :)

  18. Erica,
    Sorry that you had to go through the gallbladder surgery. I had mine out 5 years ago. If you are in the majority, and experience no problems, that's great. A certain percentage of us experience digestive issues. If you ever do, I suggest you take digestive enzymes. Following the surgery, I had problem after problem, Dr's said I was ok - and I was not feeling ok. I finally went to a nutritionist that put me on Beta Plus by Biotics Research Corp. and It's done wonders. Other brand digestive enzymes will probably work too. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  19. oh no fun! sorry about your surgery.. but at least you wont have to worry about that again! wishing a speedy recovery.. you need to be back out and treasure hunting again soon!

  20. I'm so sorry you were so sick. I'm so glad you are home and doing better and I know sweet Wellie is glad you are back too. Take care girlfriend.

  21. Better days ahead, Erica - take care!!

    Perfect - more old Christmas - who can pass it by? Not me and not you!

  22. Well I'm glad they finally figured out you were right. lol! I haven't had my gall bladder out but my sis has and she said the pain was not fun. Now you'll be on the mend and hopefully won't have that pain again. You really found some great Christmas items. Can't believe all that you got for $2 at that last sale. Good for you girl!

  23. Sorry to hear about your surgery, but glad you are on the mend!! Sweet Christmas finds and those seals!! So neat!! Take care and have a wonderful week! xo Heather

  24. Glad you finally got it out and you and your doggy are happier!

  25. Hope you're feeling better soon, Erica!

    Your Christmas finds & greeting cards are amazing as always.

    Take care..

  26. Oh Erica! I have had that surgery way back when they cut you stem to is not fun! Just take it easy....I LOVE those vintage Christmas stickers!!! Lot s I haven't ever seen before....GREAT haul my friend! Hugs, Sandy

  27. Hi Erica, I know I already emailed you, but wanted to let you know, I can post a comment here using my laptop. It's my tablet, that I mostly browse on now, that doesn't like your blog, lol. & some others I follow. Darn!

    Hope you are feeling almost best by now!

  28. You really found such great stuff. I love the Christmas stuff and the vintage cards. They are amazing! I hope you feel better soon! (Rob)

  29. I am so sorry you had such pain. I so know that pain, it happen to me but they could see the huge gal stone. So happy you got to go junking. You always find the best stuff, I just love seeing all the goodies you find. Hope you are feeling better and have a great week.

  30. Oh my! Hope you are feeling much better now!!!

  31. Oh so sorry Erica. I've known several people who have had this problem and the pain is terrible! I'm sure you will be feeling much better very soon. Take it easy for awhile!

  32. The Butternut Coffee can and the recipe books are my favorite! And the fact that you got them at the end for only $2 is fantastic :)

  33. Hello Erica!!!...I'm so happy to hear you are doing fine. I'm so busy with my grandson....I hardly have time to check up on everyone in blogland...I sure do miss it, on the other hand every minute I spend with my grandson is a blessing :)
    I know I promised you a little snowman...and you won't believe this but it is practically done...but buried somewhere in my craft mess,,,,I was working on organizing but then I stop in the middle and always end up with a bigger mess and can never find what I'm looking for. I'm am praying for help to change my ways. Please email me your new address :)


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