Friday, June 20, 2014

Baubles and Babes!

 Hi Friends! I hope you're all doing well. I'm doing pretty well myself. I'm all healed from my gall bladder removal. Thank you so much for your kind words! I appreciated it so much.

So anyway,  here are some recent finds. From the flea market, these ornaments are huge! Like grapefruit sized. I'm not sure I really like how big they are, but I do love that hot pink one!

 The same seller had cleaned out her mother in-laws home, and also had the box of dwarfs, the bells and foil leafs below.  From a different seller I bought this old button tin with the pansies. It's super deep, and I can tell that it used to have a handle. More x-mas seals! Because I'm addicted.

 Bells and Silver Corsage Leaves. 

 I love this pink bell! It's covered in mica, and I'm going to make a corsage with it.

 This was at Goodwill the other night!
I always check the linen section just in case....and it FINALLY happened! It's large and clean with no holes!

Today I ran to two estate sales. The first one was so over-priced, it was a joke. Like the solid colored Shiny Brites were $3.00 the full box was $36.00! hahahahah 
But I was able to dig in a .50 basket and came up with these few pieces. The Snowman will get a little rehab. The second sale was a bust.
I'm heading to the flea market in the morning. So here's hoping! I haven't been to this one yet this year. Hope it's good! 
OK- Have a great weekend. :)

ps.  I went to my (5 year old) niece's ball game the other night. 
Here are pictures I took of each of the kids. 
I love being an auntie to these 3 babes! 

Jacey is 5!

 Lucas is 4!

And Drew is almost 10 months!


  1. Those Christmas pinecone elves...swoon! Good for you on the fabulous scores. I've been trying to find more linens lately. NOTHING in decent shape, but we have found tons for the lake house! You do have adorable nieces and nephew to spoil.

  2. yeoza that is some good finds! and super cute kids

  3. I'm always surprised when I read that people are getting rid of their mom's VERY cool vintage pieces, especially Christmas! I guess one gal's vintage is another gal's old piece of junk!

  4. First I must say, those kids are dolls! Precious little faces. Oh my do those elves bring back memories. My mom and sis had some. Wish I did! lol! Estate sales here are a bit pricey, but not as bad as $3 for each shiny brite. Love the tin and the tablecloth was an awesome find! Best of luck hunting!

  5. Cute things you got, what a great find on that pretty table cloth! :) Love the box of Christmas Dwarfs, those are adorable!! Your nieces and nephew are such darlings! They are so cute!! :) I bet they love having you as an auntie!! :) Good luck at the flea today!! :) xo Holly

  6. Lucky lucky girl to find a vintage tablecloth at the thrift store! I wonder why those never seem to show up?

    Glad you are doing better and that you have found some good junk lately to boot!


  7. OMG - The jumbo Poland ornaments are ones that I always lust over! So...if you decide you dont like them because they are too big, I know someone who would love to have them...hahahaha. You found some awesome scores, girl! Glad that you are back in the pink. Cackie at Glittermoon Vintage Christmas

  8. i love that box of dwarves! i collect those but haven't seen them in the box before!

  9. Your little nieces and nephew are adorable. I love to check the linens out at the thrifts too and used to find tablecloths all the time but not so much anymore. That one is a beauty!

    xo Danielle

  10. Love the Christmas dwarfs, so cute! The tablecloth is gorgeous, oh la la....good for you! :)

    Glad you're feeling well. Lucky Aunt, those kids are so adorable.

  11. It is good to hear you are feeling much better. Love all your finds my dear. I so wish we had a flea market closer. The estate sales have been a bit on the pricey side. The last two weekends there where 2 estates one was invitation only and the next was by appt. REALLY! Well I did not go. What beautiful children, so glad you had fun at the ball game.

  12. Sounds like you are on a roll with the estate sales. I always love what you find. So glad you are feeling better. Have fun shopping.

  13. Oh my those Christmas dwarves! Love!

  14. Ohh, those dwarfs are just the sweetest! And in the original box - oh, my!!!

    Hope you found some more fun finds!!,

  15. Glad your back! Love those finds - especially the pine cone elves!

  16. Glad to hear you are on the mend! I love all your thrift finds! I love it when you can find vintage Christmas stuff, it makes my day!



  17. So I already commented but those dwarves...I am not on the hunt! I never knew such a thing existed! I've got my husband wanting them now, too.

  18. You find the neatest stuff all year long!

  19. Look at those adorable faces!! I bet they love you!! Im drooling over the linen you found at good will, lucky lady! Hope your feeling good. Lets meet ip this month, flea and breakfast, ill send you a email, xo

  20. I feel bad - haven't stopped by your blog in a while and then I find out you had surgery! I do hope you're feeling better and back to tip top shape - you're such a sweetie! Love your vintage finds!

  21. Hi Erica,
    I hope you are doing well, I've been missing you!


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