Monday, March 31, 2014

I Have To Cancel! Also, Coffee and Kitchen Stuff!

Hi Guys. I have to let you know that I can't post my Market Monday post. I had it all ready to go and now it's gone! I'm so annoyed with Blogger right now. I know that I didn't delete the post, so I don't know what the heck is going on. I keep "refreshing" the page to see if it reappears. No luck. I might have to re-do everything. Uuuggh! So I'm sorry, THERE WON'T BE A MARKET TONIGHT. :(
Oh well. I've found some more vintage Easter things over the last few days. 
So I'll try to add them in for next time. Hopefully I can have the sale next Monday.

This retro style clock is in our kitchen. I found it at a little gift shop and it was only like $15.00. I looked them up online because I thought some of you might want to find one, since the real vintage ones can be hard to find and expensive. Here's the link to one in MINT GREEN. Mine is more like a robins egg blue.

This picture is how I've got the space above our sink decorated right now. Kind of fun for Spring. 

This big cardboard advertisement was probably used in a grocery store long ago. My Mom and I saw it in an antique store and just knew that I had to have it! I have a "thing" about my half'n half. I'm very picky about how fresh it has to be before I will pour it into my cup of coffee! Anyway, the sign was too expensive so I didn't buy it and then I got a wonderful surprise on Christmas Day! My Aunt Judy went and bought it for me! So sweet of her! :)

 LOL I know this is bad but every time I look at it I think that the kids are thinking "Goodbye Mom, Thanks for the cereal covered with half n' half"! And the Dad is thinking "We are soooo getting it on tonight"! LOL
 Here's one of the many methods of making coffee in our kitchen. We are all about coffee!
We need to order more espresso pods for this machine but it's great for making lattes at home.

 But this little "Bialetti" is great for making espresso too! It goes right on top of the stove and best of all  they're quite inexpensive.

In one cabinet we have assorted colors of Fiestaware mugs. But in the other one we keep our fun mugs!

 Don't know why I'm showing this. But every morning I have a Caribou coffee from the Keurig.

These are really my favorite thing right now though. They're great! And they save Me (someone who used to buy a Venti Iced Mocha or Latte every single day) a ton of money! These packets say that you're supposed to add 475 ml of water. But if you're a true coffee lover you'll find that to be way too watery. So I do 1 and  1/3 cups of cold water, ice, and half'n half, in a tall glass.  This is what I have in the afternoon, when I'm CRAVING. I highly recommend them. Both the caramel and the plain coffee flavored ones are great! :)

OK- Again, I'm so sorry about my missing Market Monday post!
I hate to flake out on you! I'll be back! :)
Hope you're having a great day!


  1. As I read your post right now, I am drinking a Venti Americano. Brian informed me the other day that he thinks I may have too much of a coffee addiction. I told him to shut up :-)

    Thanks so much for the link for that clock. I have one of the originals just like that only in white and it works but it makes a sound like it wants to blow up every time we plug it in so it is for looks only. I have been on the hunt for a really good repro and I think this may be it!


  2. Love the clock!!! I say enjoy your coffee!! I'm addicted to the hot tea at Starbucks!! I guess it could be worse! Hope you figure out Blogger!!

  3. What a great half & half sign. Very cool. You do have quite the coffee making collection. I love the idea and smell of coffee, but I'm terrible about finishing an actual cup. Naughty, naughty Blogger! Hopefully you don't have to repost everything.

  4. Half and half is just that here, but in PEI, it is called "blend" - just a piece of trivia for you. Hah!!

  5. i know the feeling! Oh but your coffee sounds yummy! An I love your clock! We had one in our kitchen growing up. Mother paainted it pink to match our kitchen I don't know what color it was originally

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  7. I love your coffee machines and your favs! We are all about coffee here at our house, too! Love your fun mugs. I did a post on mugs today! lol Sweet hugs, Diane

  8. You must have the most fun kitchen! I love that poster and the display above your sink. Very springy and fun!
    Boo to blogger for being sassy! That has happened to me before too. It's such a bummer.

  9. I love your tiled countertop! I have that exact tile on my kitchen counters! I think it has a sort of retro feel to it. Love the Half and Half sign!

  10. More like cereal covered in Elmer's Glue, so white! Looove that artwork!

  11. I love your clock. That was so sweet of your Aunt. What a super cute poster. So sorry you are having trouble with blogger. Hope everything works it's self out and you are having an awesome weekend.

  12. The coffee maker is very cool and I love that book about Half 'n Half! (Rob)

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  14. Hello Erica!
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter! I really miss everyone here on the blogs! I love your dish display it is so pretty :) How are you doing in your new home?

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