Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Case Of The Little Brown Dog

 This is me, Cami. I'm a brown American Cocker Spaniel. But I don't know that's what I am. In this picture I am very sleepy, and confused. And that's because I've traveled a long way to arrive at Erica and Angie's house to be their foster dog. But I don't know that either. I've come from Wisconsin to Minnesota, where they are going to try to find me a "Forever Home". 

I am 9 years old. But I've never had a home or a family. I've been kept in an (unheated) barn with about 20 other Cocker Spaniels. I've been a good Mama to all of my puppies, and I've had lots of them. 
My puppies were $old to families. But I just kept living in that cold barn.

Angie and Erica gave me a warm bath. And the dog, Ernie, let me wear his blue sweater. I LOVE to sleep in my new cozy bed! And I can't stop wagging my tail! They tell me I am the sweetest, most innocent little thing they've ever seen. But I don't know about those things.  

What's this???? Well I stayed with Erica and Angie for a week. And I was a VERY good girl. But there was a little problem. You see, when I lived in the barn I had to cuddle up really close to Molly (in back). We LOVE each other so much that I had major "Separation Anxiety" when Molly and I weren't able to sleep together. So Erica and Angie had to take me a few blocks away to live with Molly, at her foster home. 
Right now we are happy and cozy and loved! But we can't stay here...And we don't know about that. :(

**A Note From Erica**
Hi bloggy pals. I know that if anyone can help me spread the word about these special girls, it's you!
Angie and I have been working with a wonderful nonprofit rescue called "Cocker Spaniel Resources". CSR adopts dogs to families in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. 

We believe that Molly is Cameo's daughter, or possibly her sister. Cami is 9 and Molly is a couple years younger. When they came from the barn they both had been chewing on their cages for so long that their teeth were ground down to stubs. Cami especially. C.S.R. paid to have their infected teeth pulled. They also had terrible coughs due to inhaling the ammonia (urine) fumes in the barn for so long. They were treated for that as well, and now they just cough a bit when they get excited, like if someone comes to the door.
Cami walks with a limp because she has lived with a hip injury that went untreated for years. She gets a pain killer for this now. Both girls will go potty outside and on potty pads! However, they are still learning and there are some accidents. Their foster Mom, Su, is diligent about getting them outside often to go potty.

Molly loves to play with her ball and needs someone to take her for walks and show her how to play. Cami loves to sleep and chew on a bone.  But the most important thing is that these two girls stay together! They have had a very hard life. C.S.R. has decided that it would be best to find a home that will take them together. Because the girls are in their later years, they need a home that is calm, without young children. A retired couple would be perfect.  Both girls have medical issues, but these issues are under control. Both are eligible for Golden Age Cocker Retirement. So their medical bills will be taken care of by Cocker Spaniel Resources, Inc
If you live in IA, MN, or WI, and are interested in adopting Cami and Molly, please go HERE to fill out an application. There are also many other (adorable) cocker spaniels needing homes. You can see them HERE. If you're from another state but know someone who lives in IA, MN, or WI that might make a good home for these girls, will you pass this info along to them? I can't tell you how much I'd appreciate it.
And lastly, I beg of you...Please don't buy puppies from breeders. Something is very wrong in this country right now. 4 million dogs a year are killed because they don't have a home, yet we keep making puppies, and puppies, and more puppies. There is a very serious problem that needs fixing.

OK- Thank you, my friends!
I'll be back soon with some fun things...more typical, vintagey things!
Erica :)


  1. oh no my heart aches for those sweet little things.

  2. god bless you for all you do....all five of my doggies are rescues....especially the one eyed shopping chi chi named Piggy! :) woof woof

  3. They are so precious and I hope they find their forever home together. It breaks my heart that so many animals are mistreated and considered disposable. So great that you are helping these cuties.

    It's good to see you here Erica, you've really been missed!

  4. I really hope they find their forever families. Everyone needs a permanent home. I know it's been exhausting for you. I hope there is a happy ending for these sweet dogs.

  5. I am no where near there but hoping someone steps up for those two sweeties!

  6. Praying these darlings find a forever home and please keep us informed as how things go.

  7. Oh precious girls! I'm sure they will find a wonderful family.

  8. This breaks my heart. I do hope you find this sweetie a loving forever home.


  9. Sending positive thoughts your way that these sweet girls find loving homes. You and your sister are THE BEST!! Way to go, girls! Good karma heading your way for sure. As for the people that kept these babies locked up and abused for so many years....yah, you know what I'm thinking.


  10. Oh Erica, it is so heartbreaking when a precious animal is mistreated. You and your sister are wonderful for taking care of these beautiful girls, I pray they find a good forever home.

  11. What a wonderful gift you and your sister are giving these rescues! I will keep good thoughts that a home will be found for them!

  12. I hope they find their forever family soon!

  13. I'm surprised that my Sister isn't driving to you right now to scoop these sweeties up! You sister's are so sweet, what a wonderful thing to do! I'm sure they will find a happy home soon, keep us posted!


  14. They are so precious, I hope they find a forever home! Poor little girls. That is so nice and thoughtful of you and your sister helping out!! I always feel so bad for those animals suffering or mistreated. Wishing them a new loving home <3 xo Holly

  15. I grew up with cocker spaniels! I wish I lived closer. These girls look so sweet!!

  16. Poor sweet girls..rescues are the best... wouldnt get anything but.. unfortunately we have a full house.. hope they find a great home!! AND I hope spring is really on it's way here in MN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Hi Erica, bless your heart for the work you are doing with these sweet dogs. Oh so sad. Hope they find a good home soon.
    LInda Lou

  18. Such sweet girls! Why are people so uncaring to our animal friends?? It breaks my heart. I hope these two lovely ladies can stay together in a forever home.

  19. This is both heartwarming and heartbreaking!! I will spread the word as best I can. They are both so sweet... as are you! Bless you! ~ Diane

  20. So heartbreaking and such a familiar story Erica! Big hugs to you and your sister for helping these precious doggies find a new and loving life and home.

    When we adopted the senior Goldens in 2012, the rescue told us they suspected that the female had given birth to many litters. Gracie was so attached to Georgie - she would squeeze in next to him on their doggy bed in the most miniscule spot, rather than laying on the couch or on the rug. Both of their teeth were worn down too.
    Gracie has always licked and chewed on herself but she's been chewing herself like crazy since we had to put Georgie to sleep - she had always had a problem but after reading your post, I wonder if it has increased exponentially out of her missing Georgie?! The vet keeps insisting it's allergies and OCD. We have spent a fortune on vet visits, antibiotics and allergy meds for her and nothing seems to do the trick. We came home today and even though she has to wear a "Comfy Cone", she had managed to scratch her muzzle and it was raw and bloody from her scratching it. So heartbreaking.
    David wants to give her away. I sure understand, I'm at wits end too but I think that's awful to do that to her.
    I'm wondering if we should get her a doggy companion?

    Hope you're doing well!

  21. Oh Erica that just breaks my heart. They look so sweet. I love my Duchess so much I can not understand why people do this. I so hope they find the loving home they deserve.

  22. Bless you for fostering. Breaks my heart. I love spaniel s and I have a rescued Springer. Wish I could take them. Hope they find a great home.

  23. Oh what a sad story! I sure hope someone adopts them soon! It should help to speed the process along since there future medical bills will be covered! Thanks for visiting my blog too! Yes Susan hit my style and colors right on!

  24. What a cutie. I hope someone special adopts the little guy. I would but we rescue bunnies and they are lovely and special too.
    Hugs, Lynnie

  25. This story is so sad! I can't believe people can treat animals so bad...I'm glad they found a foster home for them. I am praying they find a cozy home together soon. This story reminds me of my daughter ,Ashley, she use to find strays all the time and then she would take them to the vet and pay for all the neccessary shots, etc. with her own money ...she was only 18 when she started doing this. After she cleaned them up she would put up posters just incase someone lost them as a last resort she would post pictures and information on FB to help find them good homes. I have one of Ashleys dog here with me now :)

  26. These girls deserve a loving forever home. I know they will find one very soon! Keep up the great work of fostering rescue animals. Thanks!


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