Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Whole Different Ball Game: Estate Sale Finds!

 OK, Before you girls go thinking "There she goes again...showing off all her dirt cheap, and fabulous vintage x-mas finds, I have to tell you that I worked hard for this stuff"! lol 
I spotted a table full of
 x-mas items in a photo of an estate sale last week. I couldn't really see details, but I knew there would be good things! For 5 days before the sale, I kept telling myself that I was going to do whatever it takes to get that x-mas stuff!
above: 5 inch Holt Howard Bottle Brush Trees,
and How cute is this deer?
 I'm the least competitive person I know. On track-and-field day you could be quite sure that I was at home watching "The Young and The Restless" with my Mom and twin sister (who is slightly more competitive than I am), so it's kind of funny then that I left the house at 3:45AM...eye on my prize!
 above: glass ornaments, a googly eyed Santa from Japan, baby stocking, and x-mas matches
 I got to the sale at 4AM, and was #4 in line! That's crazy! I've never gone to a sale this early, and now I know what it takes to get a great number! So back to my car I went...for 5 hours!!!! I got in the backseat with my blanket and pillow and tried to sleep. No luck though.

At one point I got out to stretch, and this really nice woman that was running the sale came out and asked if anyone had questions about certain locations of items in the house. I whispered "Where's the Christmas?" And she told me that it was in a little bedroom upstairs, on the backside of the house. This turned out to be my saving grace!
above: I'm addicted to vintage cards, but especially x-mas ones

They started by letting numbers 1-10 in. And as I dashed towards the back of the house, I heard #5's and 6 say "Where's the Christmas?" I bolted up the stairs, and they both followed me! But I got there just a couple seconds before them...just enough time to start throwing several things into my bag! And this man goes "Oooh so you're my competition huh"? And I said "Sorry, but this is what I came here for"! I got EVERYTHING that I wanted, and he had to take what was left.
above: these glass beads are bigger than most that I have, angels and Santa for crafty projects, and a roll of cute striped ribbon

Aren't these composition angels sweet? They're marked "US ZONE GERMANY".

I can't wait to use this tinsel garland on Christmas art/crafty projects! It was made in Italy!
Under the box of garland are two x-mas runners with bells and holly!
 So after I filled my bag with x-mas stuff, I was able to relax a little and wander the rest of the house. It was chaos in there, but I didn't care anymore because I was so happy with what I found! The first thing I thought of when I saw this bread box was "This is something that the other Erica would get".
So I had to laugh when I saw her latest post! We often think a like when it comes to vintagy things!
(above: There was a room full of vintage linens. This tea towel came home with me)

(above:What?? Why was this still sitting on the main table downstairs...for $1.00?
It's not even used! )

(above: It was fun digging through their big box of cards.)
Also in the linen room were these dish towels! I love how summery they are!

And lastly, a large tablecloth with roses and a enamel pan with red rim.
 So, long story short, there are obviously different ways in which things can be acquired (by someone who doesn't have any business acquiring anything in the first place). This was nothing like last week, when I just stumbled upon cheap x-mas, quite unexpectedly. This time I had to compete!
When I left,  I kind of felt like I had just run the mile in gym class!
Something else I opted out of! Haa!
 In other news,  I start a new PT JOB next week! I'll be a "Senior Care Giver", giving companionship and assistance to a few elderly folks in their own homes.
Because of my RA, I'm only going to work about 16 hours a week. I'm really looking forward to it!
My friend Mandy (from high school) said "What if you start digging through their basements and closets for vintage stuff while they're taking their naps"? LOL Who Me?????
P.S  I am not keeping some of the items in this post, or my last one!
 They'll be in upcoming "Market Mondays". But I'll always give you prior notice (in a post or two) before there is a "Market Monday" sale.
It won't be very many things, but there will be some x-mas!
Erica :)


  1. Good job and sounds like you had your eye on the prize. I don't think I have ever gotten up that early to go to a sale. you did score on the Christmas stuff tho! Love the Valentine item too!
    High five!

  2. SCORE, SCORE, SCORE! I can't believe you got up at 4 a.m. to go to that sale but WOW was it worth it. How on earth did you carry it all?

  3. I don't believe it!! Two loads of Christmas in one week and Valentines too!! Pat your self on the back, you deserve it! 3:45!!! If we had those kind of sales around here, you can be sure I'd be there bright and early too!!


  4. LOVE everything!!! did I ask you yet if you'd want to swap any goods for a garland???

    Ha-ha, I got a giggle out the thought of you rummaging through your new clients stuff while they nap!

    Well, I doubt I'll ever go to an estate sale but I'm glad YOU were rewarded for your hard work! ♥

  5. I am dying.....DYING!!! You definitely have beat my record of getting to a sale early by 2 hours! I had to laugh when I saw your little part about me buying the same stuff. I had just been thinking the exact same thing! You got some great stuff. Doesn't it just make you itchy for more? I will be checking out Market Monday. I spotted a few things that I am hoping you don't want to keep....heee heee!


  6. Oh my goodness! What a story!! :) Dashing up the stairs.... lol love it! Love all the things you got, they all look like they are in excellent condition!! Lucky you!! So happy for you, that you were able to get many sweet things! :) Can't wait to see what's in your next sale! :) Hope you have wonderful evening! xo Holly

  7. I can not believe it! not a bad thing in sight.
    good luck in your new job.

  8. OK...that's it! You are incredible! I would have been right there with you a few years go girl! I take it that everything was reasonable???? LOVE the vintage Christmas, the kitchen towels, the get the picture! :):)

  9. You are one dedicated estate sale shopper. That alarm clock sounds painful, but it really paid off. I'm so impressed. Congratulations on all your amazing treasures!! Best wishes with the new job too.

  10. Congrats on your new job! Woo hoo, such great finds. You know I'm drooling over the vintage linens, and I'm pretty sure the rose tablecloth is a Wilendur! Love all the vintage Christmas, and the breadbox is great!

  11. Nicely done Erica!! So glad to see that you were rewarded for your early start! Such great treasurers!

  12. I've never commented before, but I just had to say great job! I love all the vintage cards and the angels! Hope I can be as lucky as you hunting treasures this summer!

  13. Oh, how I miss estate my dear did beautifully....happy to see you getting the good stuff. Smiles...Renee

  14. UNHEARD OF!!! Never in the cities or any estate sale I've been to! You deserve it for sitting in your car for five hours!!! 4:00 a.m. WOE! Next time you might like to take your Kindle or laptop and watch a movie or two!

  15. You Go Girl!! Don't forget to use those elbows next time ;). There's no way I'm getting up at 4am for an estate sale, but the reindeer would be really happy in my "christmas herd". (wink,wink)

    **Congratulations on the job** Don't over do it.
    Chris =]

  16. Oh my..I love you!! was most certainly worth it!! How come I didnt see this sale?? I am drooling over the Hello!! Awesome!! I obviously love all your Christmas goodies but that bright linen is wonderful!! Way to rock it :)

  17. Well, good for you Erica!! sounds like you had some fun! Did you trip anyone going up the stairs? Haa ha!! Just kidding. I think you found all the best items for sure, and a little competition is good. Not only are your pictures cute, but your story was fun to read :)

  18. 4 am? You DID deserve to get everything you have. I always wondered how people did so well at estate sales. If this is what they're doing, they're definitely earning it. And how you got those old valentines....for $1 is amazing!

  19. You have been having the best luck with Estate sales! I could never I absolutely love my little minature books with office supplies that I bought at your last Monday sale. My boss keeps eyeing them every time he comes in my office and I have to say Hands Off!!!

  20. Holy crap, 3:45?! That right there is why I don't do estate sales! Glad you got what you where looking for!
    It takes the right situation to bring out my competitive nature too. When it happens, move out of the way people, I'll run you over!
    I hope you like the new job. I did that for a while a few years ago. It's fun until they start asking you to do CNA work. Good luck!

  21. You really made me smile this morning! I too suffer from some social anxiety that makes it hard for me to be I really enjoyed your adventures into the upstairs of the great unknown...score!!!

  22. Hello Estate Sale Sister!
    I SO KNOW about the get up and WAIT!!!
    You really SOCRED! JEALOUS! I guess I missed a wonderful sale! Bummer! Happy for You and all those finds! Love the cards & linens!
    Great news about the job!

  23. Pin a Bargain Hunting Queen medal on you, girl!! Wonderful stuff! I can just imagine the adrenalin rush you got racing up the stairs! Ooh, fun!!!!

  24. Erica I can not believe all the Christmas treasures you have found. It is dudsville over here but I am not giving up.

  25. Erica,Erica, Erica! You are the best shopper and boy of boy did you do good girl! I am so impressed. Your pix are darling too. How fun. I'm sure these goodies will fly away quickly!
    Thanks for sharing. SO MUCH FUN!!!!
    Linda Lou

  26. a sale after my own heart! i love the little deer and the trees in the first picture best!

  27. HaHa! That's even too early for me! I thought 5am was bad! Explains why you get all the good stuff! Amazing finds, you are my hero!


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