Monday, June 3, 2013

Market Monday!

Ok, here's this weeks Market! Leave a comment for any item that you would like, unless it's spoken for. Please make sure that I have an email for you. I accept PayPal. And it's easiest if you just make a payment directly to my address there ( ), after we have confirmed your sale and I've let you know the shipping cost. If I'm familiar with you we can also arrange for a check or money order payment. I will spend tonight packaging things up, so don't be surprised if you don't hear from me, with your total, until tomorrow.
Thank You for making this so fun and easy!
Pair of Vintage Wooden Fans: $3 SOLD
All American looking, but made in China of course! 10in tall
 Vintage Lefton Graduate: $5.00 SOLD
Excellent condition. A few pin sizes spots on top of hat. no chips etc.
Amazing!! Vintage Dresden Quilt Pieces: $25.00 for 6 SOLD
Each a bit different and appear to be machine sewed, well done. :) Measure 12in across.
Vintage Strawberry Invitations: $3.00 SOLD
You'll get both packs for a total of 16 invites.

 ST/4 Vintage Juice Glasses: $5.00 SOLD
I can't find a makers mark. They're in excellent condition. About 5in tall.
 Pair of Pyrex Individual 8oz Casseroles: $12.00 SOLD
You get both. They are in excellent condition.

Vintage Christmas Crafty Stuff: $4.00 SOLD
Angle's foil wings are bent. Lots to create with! :)
 Yardage of Vintage Purple Floral Fabric: $10.00/pr SOLD
 Edges are frayed, but the fabric is clean and has no holes. 
Cotton, I think. About  44x34in each
 Vintage Shelf Edging: $5.00 SOLD
One unopened package, and one half package. 15ft of the yellow, and about 6.5 of the red.
 Vintage Coffee Can: $3.00 SOLD
No maker. 5.5 x 4in

 Large Holiday Girl Planter: $8.00 SOLD
By Relpo, has label. No chips, excellent. 9 inches tall

Vintage Ice Cream Cups: $3.00 for 6 BOTH SOLD
 2 Sets of 6 available, The red has faded to a pinkish hue. I'll send the lids too. 2in x 3.5in


 Vintage Dominos: $4 SOLD
A full set. The box isn't cute! lol

Pile O Birds: $4 SOLD
Some older than others. The blue and purplish one on the top is great and old!

3 Little Children's Book's: $5 SOLD
Really clean on the inside and in good vintage condition. Such great graphics!

 Vintage Kimono Style Jacket for Baby or Doll: $5 SOLD
I.Love.This!! It's way cuter in person. Super clean and smooth.13 inches long.

 Vintage Quilted Pillow Shams: $25.00 Pair SOLD
These are "one of those things" that I really want to keep, but know I shouldn't! :)
The fabrics are so darn cute, and they are spotless!
 They measure 18in square, not including the trim. Log Cabin pattern I believe.

Dennison Library and Stars: $4.00 SOLD
5 little boxes that were made to look like books, and are intended to hold office supplies. There are still brass paperclips, about a dozen red and white mini labels, and some gummed reinforcements inside. The books are bright orange and green on their fronts. You'll also get an unopened package of vintage stars by Unicorn co.

 Ernie (my sister's dog) and Wellie say "Thanks For Stoppin By"!
Erica :)




  1. Hi Erica! I would love to buy the shelf edging and the ice cream cups. This is much more fun than ebay or etsy...and easier! =D

  2. That's both sets of the ice cream cups. So I will owe you $11 plus postage.

  3. I would like the jacket for the doll or baby. It's $5 plus shipping.

  4. Hi Erica,
    I would like the girl christmas planter ($8) & the juice glasses ($5),please, so i owe you $13 plus shipping...I'm with Shriley...this is so much funner...LOL is that a word?!

  5. he he ...great minds think alike! Love all this stuff but especially the dollie deer dress :-)......hope you have a good clearout!X

  6. Hi Erica I would like the Strawberry cards, Christmas lot, Coffee can, and Domino set :)

  7. And I will take those pretty dressens too! so I owe you $39 + shipping. :) xo Holly

  8. Hi Erica,
    I'd like the Lefton Graduate figurine please - I think you have my email (from the Patriotic Ornie Swap) Thank you!Linda

  9. Oh, I should have read your blog earlier!! You did find great stuff! Wellie is smiling so pretty, she must love her company. :-)
    Dorothy and Wilma

  10. Oh purple fabric for me please?

  11. Erica!! I would like the Dennison Library and stars and the patriotic fans! My email address is Let me know how much I owe with shipping!



  12. Replies
    1. But... I live in Canada, so I'd have to know shipping costs.. if it's not spoken for.

      I have wanted this size forevs!

  13. I could cry I missed this :( no internet yesterday...ugh! I would have beloved the juice glasses, the Christmas lot and well a lot of it! Are you still having your garage sale?

  14. Oh Good! Everything I wanted has sold!! My Europe thrift shop fund is still intact.
    Chris =]

  15. Hi my friend, I have MISSED you! Your market looks great and you sure did well! If the pillow shams haven't sold, let me know as I would love to buy them when you get to this!!!
    They are wonderful.
    Let me know!
    Love ya,
    Linda Lou

  16. I would like the birds, if they have not sold!

  17. I can not believe I missed your market Monday. Boo. I was so looking forward to it.

  18. Just shows what a good eye you have for vintage sold out! Yay!

  19. I wish I had looked at your blog sooner. I would have bought all the quilting pieces.


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