Monday, June 17, 2013

Market Monday Is Here Again!

Hi Everyone! Thank you for visiting my little market today. I have to apologize to some of you that received (not so pretty) packages last week! I was low on packing supplies and had to resort to using grocery bags and stuff. lol I hope you all like your new little treasures though!
As always, if you're the first person to speak up for an item below, consider it SOLD.
Please make sure that I have a working email for you, and I will send you a PAYPAL INVOICE within about 24 hours.

 Vintage Knickerbocker Doll: $4 SOLD
Made of hard plastic, she measures 6in tall, and comes with the playing cards shown.
Vintage Reader #1: $3.50 SOLD
Copyright 1947. There are so many cute pics in this! Great for your paper crafts or actual reading!

 Large Lot of Hand Crocheted Trims and Lace: $6 SOLD
There is a ton here!
 The one on the bottom is 6.5 feet long, and 3.5 inches wide. The one above it is 5.5ft x 2.5in wide.

Vintage Cherry Napkins: 4/$4.00 SOLD
These couldn't be any softer! They aren't in the best shape though, and would be great for sewing projects. There is a small hole in the center of each, and some light spots. Measure 15x15 in.
Vintage Reader #2: $3.50 SOLD
This is one of the cutest readers I've seen. Copyright 1947

 Vintage X-Mas Ornaments #1: $6.00 SOLD
You'll get the 9 ornaments shown. They are a mix of Shiny Brites, USA, German, and Czech.

German Mushroom Tiddly Winks Game: $5.00 SOLD
Wooden, 3in tall. Comes with the instructions and pieces shown. I'm not sure how many pieces there should be.
Vintage Reader #3: $3.50 SOLD
Copyright 1955. This one has several animal stories.

 Set of Two Linens: $6.00 SOLD
The one on the left is a dresser scarf, and on the right is a Sm tablecloth (about card table size).
No holes or stains. Might be a small spot or two. I'm sorry I didn't wash!
Vintage X-Mas Ornaments #2: $6.00 SOLD
You'll get the 9 ornaments shown. They are a mix of Shiny Brites, USA, German, and Czech.
Vintage American Dairy Council Prints: $4 SOLD
These are so cute! There are 12 prints, and they come in a folder. Each feature a vintage/retro scene. And measure 8x10.


Vintage Wedding Cards: $3.00 SOLD
These are all signed, and no envelopes. Ten cards.  So great for cutters or display!
 Vintage Annalee Mobilitee Santa: $4.00 SOLD
He's in great shape. The foil sticker is missing on the bottom, but he does still have his tag and it reads 1963. Is 7in long x 6in tall.
ST/2 Vintage Enamel Flower Brooches: $4.75 pair SOLD
Cute and Summery! The one on the right is 2.5 inches.
ST/12 Vintage Mercury Glass Ornaments: $6 SOLD
Lots of patina on this set. Old and perfect! These are the larger size of 1 inch across.
They'll come in this box with it's lid. Made in Occupied Japan.

 Vintage Assorted Cards: $4.00 SOLD
These are all signed, EXCEPT THE OCTOPUS one and no envelopes. Five cards. 
So great for cutters or display!
This card is by Gibson, and it pops out! It's fabulous!
Vintage Rose Tablecloth: $8 SOLD
I think this is a Wilendur, but there is no tag. Measures 54x48 inches
I'm sorry, but I didn't wash it! There are light spots, but they will come right out with Oxyclean.
 Here's the repeat. It's so pretty!
Vintage Polka-Dot Bread Box: $8.00 SOLD
This is in great "vintage" condition. It has some scratches and small areas of distress.
It measures 13.5 inches wide, 6.5in tall and 9in deep. A regular full sized bread box.
There is a vent in the back. The inside smells a bit like...old metal. lol
I don't know what the cure is for that. Maybe just a good soak??? But this would also be so cute to store things besides bread! :)
Thank you so much for shopping with us! We hope you all had a great weekend!
 Wellie, and Ernie :)


  1. Hi Erica,
    Could I please purchase the vintage rose tablecloth? Ann :)

  2. Aww....someone beat me to the prints. boo!

  3. I would love the 2 sets of the vintage christmas ornies. Thanks Carla

  4. so many goodies! those cherry napkins are so cute!
    so are those puppies! lol
    have a great day!

  5. I would like the vintage reader #2 Growing Day by Day and the vintage wedding cards.
    Thanks, Betty

  6. SOLD...Sign me up for the 4 cherry napkins. I think I have one in the same pattern I use to line my bread basket.

    Thanks Erica!

    1. & the pair of vintage enamel brooches, SOLD! I'm a sucker for those sweet pins. Thanks again! :)Pam

  7. Hi Erica - I'd love the Vintage Knickerbocker Doll. Send me an email with your new address again and I'll get you the $.

  8. I...who hearts mushrooms...would love the tiddle winks game.

  9. I'll take the Annalee doll!!

  10. You hit the nail on the head Erica! & I'd bet the farm that the cute little enamel pot is a Dansk butter warmer - or a knock off. Gosh I used to love Dansk! Thanks for the sweet memories. :)
    Happy Market Monday!

  11. The dogs look so impressed.

    I've heard them called coffee pots & butter warmers. I'm going to use my orange one for butter! Hate coffee.

    BTW, the last email you sent me was blank!

  12. Good Morning Erica - I would like to purchase the bread box, the lace trims and the "Open The Gate" reader if they are still available. thanks so much for all the hunting you do for us :) I'm off to work now & will check emails this afternoon :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  13. Add the small xmas ornies to my order since no one has purchased them. thanks so much! Carla

  14. Morning Erica! I'm thinking I need those valentines day cards! That octopus one is awesome!

  15. Hi Erica,
    I'd like the set of two linens please. I think the lot of hand crocheted trims and lace are taken? Thanks!

  16. Erica, I would like the last two vintage readers if they are not spoken for...LOVE readers!!!


  17. Love your doggie woofies, so darling! Woof woof!

    Well, I was wrong ... I see a lot of these online but none are Dansk - they seem to be called Turkish Coffee Pots and Butter Warmers - I noticed some said they're from Poland but none seem to state the maker.

    I had fun looking for them and finding all sorts of Danish stuff I loved from afar and also some I owned when I was young. Brought back so many memories. :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  18. Ok not sure how I missed this yesterday...but oh well! What great vintage items!!!

  19. You always have the best stuff! I hope to get here in time some day and WITH money! :)

  20. Looks like I missed out on some really great finds. The cherry napkins were calling my name!

  21. Wellie and Ernie are too cute! Too bad I missed your sale, looks like some really good stuff! We lost power Monday evening and just got it back last night (thankful!) :) Hope you have a great rest of the week! xo Holly


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