Thursday, May 16, 2013

I've Missed You All!

 Hello Hello! I'm finally ready to get back to blog land!  My sister and I are settled into our new place, though I'm not quite ready to show pics yet. We are still trying to make it look cute!
I still owe many of you emails and thank yous for your sweet comments on my post about losing my parent's dog, Billy. My blogging pals helped me so much!
And as for my last post, I'm happy to say that I only lost 2 followers! LOL :P
Mini Rand McNally's and this darling Coloring Book were found at a local antiques shop last week.
Vintage coloring books are a new collection of mine! As if I needed one! Haa!
 These "smalls" were at the same store. Yes, I seem to like imaginary men the best! lol  My friends and family would same something along the lines of "she's too picky". But of course I don't agree!  Anyway,  I had to get this postcard! And the Get Well card is just perfect for someone many of us know!
 Despite the fact that I like "Imaginary Men" best, I do not prefer imaginary babies!
Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock! I had to grab these unused vintage baby books.  
 The graphics are so darn cute!
 It's not often that you find them this clean and unused!
I stopped at a new little thrift called "Too Good To Be Threw." Isn't that a cute name?
I found the McCoy planter and the children's book for $1 each. And all the vintage seam binding was .10 a package!

The book is so sweet!

I'm so addicted to vintage pics of  animals!

This vintage Girl Scout tin was at the flea market. I just thought it was neat. It'll be for sale.

I hit my very first Garage Sale of the season, and actually had some luck! Two boxes of x-mas lights for a dollar each, and a Lefton Angel in a .50 box at the end of the driveway!

The old silverware tray was at the same sale, for $1. And then I found two packs of strawberry invitations, the game of Hearts, an antique valentine, and a Little Golden Book that I didn't have, at my favorite little thrift!
I don't have a record player yet but I really want to find one this summer! So I keep picking up records when I see fun ones.

These were each .50 at the thrift!
I love Christmas oldies!
And then lastly, these are both by USA pottery. I love the one with the scale type pattern on it. I was a bit annoyed that the thrift had it marked $5.00 "Vintage", but I bought it anyway. The other one was only a dollar at that same garage sale.
Well, I hope everyone has been doing well! I know I have a ton of blog reading to do. I need to catch up on what's been going on with everyone!
And Hey!! Yes, I am still hosting the CHRISTMAS IN JULY SWAP! I will post about it next week! So be on the look out!
Erica :)


  1. Welcome Back!! Glad you are getting settled in. I adore the girl scout tin. Can't wait to see it in your shop.
    Chris =]

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  3. So glad to have you back! You've been missed. I hope the "new" carpet is finally ready in your new home. Thank you again for my beautiful crafting supply exchange. The box was truly fantastic. I posted about it yesterday on the blog. My mother was over on Sunday and she spent several minutes admiring all the goodies and the decorations.

  4. I missed your posts! Glad to see you're back and finding great stuff!

  5. Thank God you're back!! I see you haven't lost your touch at finding the cute vintage stuff:-)

    And as for those followers you lost? THEIR loss!


  6. Glad to hear that you are settling in your new place! I'm will you I love the vintage baby books! But I have to say your picture of the collie is just darling!

  7. Glad you are settling in, love these today, especially the Mary Poppins! :) x

  8. Welcome back, we missed you!!! That makes me laugh that you lost two followers. Really, a girl can't take a break?! Geez...
    Love the records!

  9. I'm so glad you are back - I have really missed you.

  10. Yay, Welcome back Erica! You know you've been sorely missed. Great finds, at usual! Oh, that little Lefton girl was such a score. Love your vintage planters too.

    PS/Your post was well worth those 2 followers, LOL!)

  11. WOE! Fun finds! I love the baby books too, the graphics are the best ever! Those buys at the garage sale are unbelievable, no such vintage in this part of town! I bought a turn table that connects to PC to copy LPs and burn them as MP3 files if you want the tunes for your iPod later...bring when you come.

  12. Welcome back Erica!! We missed you! What great finds!! I had to LOL when you wrote you only lost 2 followers!! haha! Wishing you a beautiful and lovely weekend!! :) xo Holly

  13. Glad to see you're back and in fighting form. Will you quit finding all those awesome goodies, you're positively making me drool! I collect anything published by "Merrill" publishing as it's my name and coloring books were mostly made by them in the 50's, so I love them, too.


  14. I've missed you! Glad you are back, you got some good finds there!

  15. My goodness! How did you have time to move after finding all these goodies??? lol I am amazed.....I can't wait to see your new place....I missed you!


  16. Hi Erica!
    Good gosh, what a lot of goodies you found, you always find the best stuff! I found a darling baby book kind of like your pink one, in my parents things and it turned out to be a giveaway from a Bank for when my brother was born - really cute illustrations and it was a freebie.
    So sorry you lost a couple of followers over your previous post - but then, I wouldn't want to waste any energy on people who think they can deny others their human right to love and marry who they choose. Our dearest friend James, passed away before he could even feel hopeful that he and his partner of twenty + years, could marry. My friends Barbara and Verna have been together 25 years and still waiting for the day to come.
    (I've lost three followers recently, plus I had an anonymous poster call me an Idiot. Charming, huh?! Oh well.)
    Happy weekend and lots of fun fluffing up your new place!


  17. I have missed you. Can't wait to see the cuteness.

  18. I have missed your posts. Welcome back. I just know your home must be looking so cute and cozy. I can't wait for you to share some of it.


  19. More fun finds! Looking forward to seeing your new place!

  20. Finally!!! :) a HUGE welcome back!!

  21. Enjoyed all your newly acquired treasures! So sorry about parents doggie! Hard to go thru!

  22. Gosh I love the Girl Scout tin!! And all those books,,,, great finds!

  23. WELCOME back! I am so glad to see you back blogging. I have missed you. You are the luckiest thrift shopper. I think I need to come along with you? Looking forward to your Christmas swap. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  24. Glad to see you back! Wow! You have really found some great treasures! That Girl Scout tin is just adorable! and the Bing Crosby album is my very favorite Christmas album. Mine is about played to death.



  25. All of this cuteness really made my day! I especially love that collie illustration and the tin, because they both bring back childhood memories. I watched Lassie when I was little, and I was also a Girl Scout!


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