Monday, January 12, 2015

Snowmen in January! Brrrrrr

As I post this, my phone says it's 3 degrees outside. Three. Degrees. Ahhh!   
I thought it would be fitting to show my vintage snowman collection today.
  I put them all on one shelf in the living room this time.
The tall one with the red buttons was made by Elizabeth.
 The one on the right needed some help, so he got a jar of candy canes and a new hat!
You got 6 "Cocoanut" covered ice cream balls, plus 6 candles, and 6 doilies in this box!
 I like using vintage cards in all of my holiday displays.
 The one on the right is a candy container.
 On top, one of the older blow molds that I have.
 My very first Christmas corsage (with the spun cotton snowman), is tucked into a candy container.

 The snowman on the top left was my great grandmothers. I found the navy blue card (on the bottom) last summer at the flea market. I love it's style!
 I recently made the clay snowman on the right. His vintage wreath is by "Shiny Brite", and his bow is made out of my favorite old tinsel ribbon.
My friend, Mandy, gave me the wonderful guy on the right with the gold ribbon on his hat. He's the largest snowman that I have!
Oh greaaat! I see now that in the time it took me to create this post, we LOST three degrees! So now my phone says it's 0 degrees! As in...None. No degrees at all. haha
Oh well, warmer days are ahead, right?
Tonight is a definite "stay in and order pizza" kind of night!
Hugs to you all-
Erica :)


  1. What a great collection. I love them all ! Its only about 7 degrees here.. just a tiny bit warmer then you. Only 66 days til spring! Stay warm!

  2. You have a wonderful collection, Courtney! I think vintage snowmen are a lot harder to find than Santas and elves...

  3. I love your snow people! We have been in the deep freeze too. Time for the temps to at least get above freezing.

  4. Love your snowmen - so cute! It's 45 degrees tonight here in So. CA and we are freezing! :) I can't imagine 0 degrees!

  5. What a great collection! I love the idea of keeping them all out for winter. I always put mine all away with the Christmas stuff. Why have I never thought of that? Next year for sure.

  6. Very nice collection of snowpeople!!
    See you tomorrow. Keep warm!

  7. Very Frosty! I love to keep all the snowmen out in January to keep me entertained until Valentines décor comes out!

  8. My snowmen and your snowmen need to get together and have a snowball fight!! Love your sweet display. My snowmen will stay out for several more weeks too. I can't wait to share this post with my mom and sister. They just love your blog. Warm hugs!!

  9. I love the flaming snowball packaging! Your thermostat must be broken if it reads 0. I'm sending warm thoughts and wishes your way, by Friday our temp is suppose to be 71*.
    Chris =]

  10. Oh my gosh! Zero degrees! I put out my snowmen, too. Your vintage snow folk are sooooo cute! You have a wonderful collection!

  11. Snowmen are something that I have very few of. See! I don't hoard EVERYTHING :-) I love your display and it is perfect for Winter.

    Stay warm friend!


  12. Erica, you have the best snowman collection I have seen! So many adorable guys. Also, how fun to have a display between Christmas and Valentines to enjoy. I see a little plastic one holding a red broom that my grandmother had a set of. :)

  13. What an adorable collection and so fitting for your FREEZING temperatures! Stay warm!


  14. Love LOVE your snowmen!
    Stay inside and stay cuddled up with Wellie~

  15. You have a really great collection and a super display of them. Mine disappeared with the holiday goodies and thinking they should have stayed out longer. The one you made is adorable.

  16. Wonderful snowman collection!!

    Don't worry, I hear that a warm spell will soon be arriving!

  17. 3 degrees my friend? I would stay in and play with all my pretties too. Love to visit your blog and see all your pretties.



  18. Thanks for posting these cute images .. your snowmen make me feel all warm inside! I too have about had it with this Minnesota cold! And where is the good snow, the pretty fluffy stuff? Jeez!

  19. Such an adorable display of your snowmen!! I love how each one is special and unique! They are all so cute!! Yum, some pizza sounds good, hope you stay warm! When I woke up this morning is was -5!! BRRR!! (we'll just keep thinking about those warmer days ahead!!) Happy sweet week to you!! xo Holly

  20. I love seeing all your cute snowmen. Your display is so cute. Brrr! Hope you are keeping warm.

  21. Such a sweet collection you have!! Happy weekend! xo Heather

  22. This is such a charming display which brought back memories of snowmen my mother used to put out around the holidays. I remember always wanting to light the snowmen candles, but of course that was not allowed.


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