Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Gifts From a Friend: Ruth is back! :)

 Last month I received such a special package. It was so unexpected, it actually made me a little choked up. Ruth sent me a box full of vintage Christmas things, including the cat, above.
December is my birthday month, so it's even more special!
(Click above to learn how I met Ruth. She's a kindred spirit! )
 I know some of you have asked if Ruth and I still keep in touch, and yes we do! She is a honey! Still busy living her "second childhood" as she calls it. She makes clothes for her dolls, and the most detailed dollhouses you've ever seen!
 Can you believe she sent these beaded ornaments? The trees are my new favorite!
 She sent a whole stack of vintage angel cards! I already have a project in mind for them!
 And look at these! She knows that my dog's name is Noel (Wellie), and she named one of her dolls Noel. We like that name! lol  And I love these candle holders!

Something about this mouse looked familiar. I asked Ruth if she made it, and course she did! Look at her tiny crocheted shawl. Ruth used a Jennifer Murphy pattern. I don't know if she knows this or not, but I'm a big fan! I have a Cat made by Jennifer, a Rabbit made by Me (with tons of help from Jennifer) at one of her workshops, and now a Mouse from Ruth!!!
My favorite thing about Ruth (besides her sweet nature) is her imagination. She hand makes many of the things she uses with her dolls. One of her recent projects was to design, write, and photograph, the story of Goldilocks using her dolls as the characters! 
I need to ask her before I share the whole thing with you, but here is a sneak peak.
It's adorable! Keep in mind, this is all done at her house, with things she has on hand! If she can't find it, she makes it!
 I'm ruining these pictures! They really are great, but I had to take shots with my cell.
I hope I can share the real ones with you. But look at the bear picture over the mantle, and the tiny cross stitch that Mama Bear is holding!
 Goldilocks is approaching the house. That's real ivy and tiny laundry!
Sitting in Papa Bears chair.
Again, I'm sorry that I didn't do this justice. I wanted you girls to see how talented Ruth is though. It's inspiring, and makes me smile when I look at it!
Some people come into our lives, and for some reason or another we just "click" with them. Ruth is one of those people for me. So easy to talk to, and so full of kindness and support.
I'm sure she'll inspire you as much as she inspires me! Hopefully I'll get to share her whole story with you soon!
I'm linking up today! I never do that for some reason! Seems like I should! lol
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  1. What a great and talented friend! Thanks for sharing Ruth with us!

  2. It sounds like we could all use someone like Ruth in our lives :-)

    Years ago, I found the EL of that NOEL set at Goodwill. I searched high and low for it's partner but to no avail. But my maiden name started with the letter L so I just pretend that's what it stands for!


  3. I like your friend, Ruth! What a wonder filled imagination she has, and a kind heart.
    You are lucky to have each other as friends.

  4. I'm glad Ruth is following her heart! Adorable pictures!

  5. What a beautiful and talented friend! You are indeed blessed to have Ruth in your life. Her dollhouse vignettes are just splendid.

  6. awesome! the first post about ruth and her dolls is one of my favorite things on the internet. i love the package she sent you, those beaded ornaments are so cool! I hope she'll let you share her goldielocks images with us. they look amazing!

  7. What a fun and wonderful package for you!! Love all the sweet things that she sent!! She is so talented, making those adorable doll houses and vignettes! Love the outside scene with the ivy and the laundry on the line!! So cute!! xo Holly

  8. Imaginative friends....oh they are the best! What wonderful pretties! Sweet hugs!

  9. Ruth sounds like a very special friend! What a fun package to dive into!!

    Happy New Year, Erica!

  10. Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to leave such a nice comment.
    I so agree that Ruth is very talented!!


  11. Erica, Ruth is amazing! So much attention to detail. I hopped over and read how you met her. Certainly was meant to be! The gift she sent you was so fun and I adore the mouse!!! Thanks so much for sharing with SYC.

  12. Oh Erica! What a sweet package that Ruth sent to you! She is a very kind lady to these things. What a great story board and to think she did it all! That's amazing! Have fun with Jann's party, too!

  13. I remember Ruth! What a sweet package she sent you. I wrote a long comment when I read your post this morning and must have hit the wrong button and I lost it. I hate when that happens. So short and sweet, thanks for sharing amazing Ruth with us. She did a terrific job, how fun.

  14. Erica, thanks for sharing. These things from Ruth are precious. How nice to have such a kindred spirit in your life. I love the photos of her Three Bears.


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