Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Vintage Stuff I Haven't Told You About!

This post will only make it seem like I've been buying tons of stuff. But I really haven't been. lol
These things are from that chunk of time a few months ago when I didn't have a computer. The flea market was still going on. And I went to a few estate sales. Here's what I found!
Actually these were at Goodwill. I didn't own a single thermos. Wasn't going to jump on that bandwagon. But there they were...all three of them sitting together like that. An instant collection. So of course I HAD to.
 This guy is a major score for me! I've wanted a Santa Candy container like this for years. I went to an estate sale that was a total bust. And just as I was leaving (empty handed) I looked up and there He sat, up high on a shelf in the dining room. He wasn't priced. So I asked how much and was told $1.00.
He's German and in such great shape!
 Ok, What do you think? Is she holding a mitten? And He's trying to go deliver toys without his mittens, but She's saying "Wait Dear, You better put your mitten's on".
Or is She holding an oven mitt? A squirt gun? lol.
 Flea Market finds, and a couple things from a good sale at an antique store. My favorite thing here is the box that the Tree Top came in!
This large Santa table cloth is not old. But I was thrilled to find it at the flea for only $2.00!
 Another Tree Topper with Santa this time. And one teeny knee hugger.
 The little turquoise Santa is one that I didn't have. Harder to find I think.
 I want to do something fun with these two reindeer. I might have to get a little "Magpie Ethel" with them.
Nice to find tear drops instead of the same old round ones.
Whew! Ok, now I feel a little better. I felt like a had a dirty little secret that I had to share with you guys. Had to confess and come clean. Now I have nothing more to hide.
Oh! Well...maybe a couple (little) things. :)
Thanks for listening! I hope you're all having a great week!
Erica :) 


  1. as usual, great finds! cant wait to see what you do with the little reindeer! happy tuesday!

  2. Such great treasures! I think Mrs. Claus is handing him his mittens! Look at her expression..she's like "Aren't You forgetting something, Santa???" Maggie

  3. I resisted the Thermos bandwagon for so long! Now I'm on it and can't get off :-)


  4. Love that candy container! You got it for a steal. So many fun Christmas treasures. You know we could start a vintage Christmas support group and I'm sure we could find other members to join. Smile. So good to have you blogging regularly again. Missed you tons! Christmas hugs!!

  5. Wonderful finds! I found a thermos yesterday and so now I have two, one more makes a collection right? LOL!! Love the old candy santa...gosh I'm enjoying your finds!

  6. I love the old thermoses....so hard to find now! And your holiday pretties are wonderful. I see that tiny pixie in there...I love those! I know you'll like what I've been working on. It's fun to craft for Christmas! Sweet hugs, Diane

  7. I like the thermos...they make a fun collection and you found many sweet Christmas goodies.
    See you tomorrow..

  8. That star box looks so familiar, I think my grandmother had that one!!! Wish I had it now!!!

  9. Oh my goodness!! You really found some great and cute treasures!! Love the thermoses and Santa tablecloth too!! The turquoise Santa is really neat, I've never seen one! :) Can't wait to see your creations with the deer! Have a lovely day Erica!! :) xo Holly

  10. You scored big all right! I love the thermos bottles and those little reindeer. Have a great week,
    Dorothy and Wilma

  11. Well, I love every single treasure you found! I can't even choose a favorite! Ok, mayme the Santa and Mrs. Claus figures. They are a pretty green. You sure do know how to have fun!

  12. I would have bought everything you did! I love it all. The vintage boxes always get me. I can't resist buying them. The graphics are so great and nothing like modern ones. You scored! I started buying thermos this year after seeing them on so many blogs. I found a green one that says Holiday that will go in to my decorating this year. Good to see your "stuff".

  13. Work some magic on those deer! What a great score on that candy container...i have a few and that price is a once in a lifetime bargain!

  14. Thermoses! I can never find them and they look so cute in vignettes! NICE!

  15. I can't tell what's she is holding! I am jealous of the gold German nodder. I just bought a red one off eBay for $17. I wanted one so bad! Splurge for me, but have been making really good money buying & reselling. Such a great deal! You always have amazing Christmas scores. It's great to see what that tree topper looks like. One came with my aluminum tree off eBay, got a really good deal, didn't know the topper was coming, but the topper hole on the inside was destroyed. I was convinced there was a rare jewel in there & someone just had to dig it out. It was that destroyed! Happy hunting!

  16. Love it! I have one of those Santa face toppers on my kitchen tree right now...mine is silver.

  17. A perfectly wonderful Erica post! :) You really can not disappoint. The turquoise Santa, wow! Nevwr seen one.I woulda have gone a little bonkers on that one! It is all just fantastic. I am happy you live to share in pictures! The theemoses, I have been resisting, too. But I can see why tou had to get this trio!
    Bless you!

  18. I always envy your good luck with Christmas items. I found a candy container a year ago, but only the top half! Lately it's been sparse! Love your finds, they are just wonderful!

  19. You just collect the best stuff my friend! WOW! I love seeing it all. It sure looks cute together. Hope you are doing ok.

  20. Boy, you really scored big on these awesome items! I especially love the thermoses. I'll have to pretend my computer is down! ;)


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