Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas In The Kitchen Swap Goodies!

 This was such a fun swap! I really enjoyed seeing what everyone made, especially because we each received such different things! My partner was Jennifer of "Adventures in Mixed Media, from Canada. I hope you'll visit her blog! She has a house full of beautiful things, an art studio, a dog named Odelia, and even some chickens!
 Instead of sending just one recipe, she made this little book for me! Darling!
 Doesn't this sound good?
And these "Chocolate Bumps" ARE good! I know because I made them!
 The tart mold is an old one! And so is the Santa paper she used. I love the mica around the edges!
I'm sure many of you will recognize the ornament on the right. Jennifer opened the vintage ornament and added a bottle brush tree. Can you believe that she made those teeny tiny cookies and candy canes out of clay? I love the little sugar bells on top too!
 Look at the gingerbread ornament! It's made out of puzzle pieces!
Isn't that neat? You probably want to go make one now, don't you?
My things came in this wonderful Pillsbury tin. And then this little cookbook and two of the most perfect ornaments for a kitchen x-mas tree ever!
Next year, next year! :)
There was one more thing but it got inhaled eaten within minutes of opening the box! I did share it with Angie though. It was this amazing fancy Canadian candy bar. WOW is all I can say!
See below for the description of a Maple Syrup Butter Crunch Bar!
This is a Canadian classic. A Butter Crunch toffee middle made with demerera and maple covered in a white chocolate and almond bark .
Jennifer, thank you so much for this wonderful package of kitchen themed things! It was a delight to get to know you and be your partner!
Erica :)
Here are a few pics of what I sent to Jennifer. But please visit her blog! You'll love it!

See you soon!


  1. It is so much fun to see what everyone sent and received! Thanks for a fun swap!


  2. I hope your Christmas was nice, just like the nice swap giftsyou received from the fun swap!
    I'm already thinking Valentines day!!LOL!

  3. I really enjoyed this swap. Thanks for hosting it Erica! Hope you had a nice Christmas. Im exhausted from ours. In fact it is only 8:30 and i m about to take a little nap before I go to bed! Lol! Have a grat weekend.

  4. Wow! Everything is just adorable!

  5. Look at all that great stuff! I wish I'd had the oomph to join your swap Erica. I've really enjoyed seeing everyone's things they made and received so much.
    Wishing you a fun NYE and much happiness in 2015, Sally xo

  6. So many pretty swap goodies. You always host the best swaps, one of alltime favorites! Thank you Erica!

  7. I really enjoyed the swap and seeing what everyone made. Such creative minds! I think I'm like Deb and starting to think Valentine's Day now!

  8. Merry Christmas! You are right, everyone made so many different things! This was a fun swap! You and your partner sure did a good job! And so did everyone else. It was fun to get back to blog world and swapping. I really enjoyed it, even though I have to admit, swapping always is a little stressful for me! Gee, when will I learn to relax? But I did have so much fun! Thank you for including me!
    God bless you!♡

  9. I am so very glad you enjoyed what I made/sent. Thank you so much for hosting this fun and inspiring swap and including me. I love what you made for me and all the lovely little extras. Wishing you and everyone a happy New Year! Hmmm, Linda, you are so right! Valentine's is also a fun time to get creative.

  10. Such fun and creative swap goodies! This swap idea seemed to really get the crafty genes going, so many different and fab results. Love what you received and what you sent as well Erica!

    Who said Valentines Day? ;)

  11. I'm impressed. So many creative gifts. I've been anxious to see your goodies. Such a fun theme. Valentines could be fun too!!!

  12. How Fun! I still have out the things you sent me in a Valentine Swap one year! Happy New Year Dear Blog Friend Marlynne Snare Folk Artist

  13. What wonderful goodies you both gave/received, Erica! Love that little recipe book Jennifer put together for you. I wish I had happened upon some of these great swaps I'm just seeing now. I'm hoping to maybe find a Valentine one.

    Happy New Year!


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