Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Christmas Cheers Me Up!

Hello Friends! Hope you're all doing well. Actually, I know a couple gals who aren't doing too well :(
So before I dive right into the unimportant vintage stuff, I wanted to mention them.
Debbie of My Vintage Daydreams is a sweetheart. She could really use some thoughts and prayers for her little boy right now. And Leslie of Brook Hollow Lane and Sally of Sally Annie Magundy BOTH had to say goodbye to their dogs this week. I know that's one of the most heartbreaking things ever. I'm thinking about each of these women tonight, and I was hoping that (if you haven't already) you might stop by and wish them well.
I've been in this cast for 4 weeks. I'm trying to be happy that I've accomplished that...but I still have 8 weeks ahead of me!!! Ahhhh! The good news is that I was able to take my arthritis meds this week. Now I should be able to use my hands and start making some things at my art table. Now here is what I have been doing to make myself feel a little better in the mean time...BUYING X-MAS STUFF ONLINE! Haaa! I couldn't help it! It's sooo darn tempting when you're stuck on the couch!

 I bought this card on EBay. I have a collection of Snowman cards that I'll show you soon.

Look at the inside! It was from Al, their MILK MAN! Isn't that cute???

Next came these huge vintage address labels. The kind seller included the "Sno Foolin" card!

 I "WON" these seals on EBay for $7.99. I have tons of little x-mas seals, but these are different because they're huge! The felted girl in the middle is the size of my palm.

Soon I'll get some of the best ones scanned and posted so you guys can print them!

OK, I have an addiction to spun cotton snowmen. But not just any of them...specificly this style! Seriously, if you are reading this and happen to have some that you'd like to sell, let me know. :)

I told Laurie of Magpie Ethel that this Santa (which will be great on a big wreath) and the lights below, are kind of her fault! Hee Hee! I spent one whole evening just looking at all of the vintage x-mas on her blog. Did you know that she has so much stuff that you can actually spend hours looking at her blog? She is the queen of holiday vintage!

So the next day I had my mom take me (knee scooter and all) to Annie's! I had Vintage Christmas on the mind. Annie and the girls hadn't displayed any x-mas yet, but I did manage to find this great old box of lights and the Santa head! The lights were only $7.50 and I love those graphics.

I wanted to apologize for not being good about replying to comments and emails lately! My hands have been so swollen and sore that I have stayed away from typing. But now I think it's all good!
Erica :)

Noel wanted to say Hi today. I think I've told you before that she carries a pool ball with her wherever she goes. That's my crazy girl! :)

We are linking up with Sue for REDNESDAY today!


  1. Sending positive thoughts to your friends, hope things work out well for them soon, x :)
    Now stop with all the Christmas stuff! You're making me feel all Christmassy and its too early!!! Ada :)

  2. Thinking of you and your ongoing recovery. I can totally sympathize with the scooter and the cast. Foot surgery recovery takes a long time. I'm glad you were able to find some lovely purchases. Your vintage Christmas if fabulous. Hugs!!

  3. That's a new tidbit of info - you have a snowman card collection!! So cute!!

    I love everything you bought!!

    Take care...

  4. You are a sweetie-pie for bringing those gals to our attention :) thank you for doing that.

    OOOOHHHH MMMMMM GGGGGGG * your STUFF is fabulous! The cards, the seals, Mr Claus * love it all!

    Hope you're feeling good, too!! xo P

  5. Oh Erica, what wonderful Christmas goodies you found! Glad to hear your recovery is going well, but that is a long time to heal, so glad you got a thrifting trip in. Noel is so sweet. Thanks for including a note about our blogger friends doggies.

  6. Christmas already??!! Erica, it's not even Fall yet! Want to know how not ready I am for the holiday season? Over the Summer, I bought 3 huge boxes of vintage Christmas and haven't even looked through them yet! Too bad you are not closer or I'd have you come over and help:-) I will admit I do adore the card from the Milkman. That is definitely a keeper. Oh, and the fact that you can only sit on your couch and order things online because you are healing? Yeah, that would me my husbands worst nightmare. By the way, have I told you that his name is Brian? How funny.


  7. So glad you can finally take your arthritis meds, I know that helps. That is some awful cute stuff girlfriend. Make sure you get a scan of the "sno foolin" card, that's adorable. Sending you healing thoughts!


  8. Positive thoughts and love to everyone! Life stinks sometimes.... On to something happy, I love all your christmas stuff! I have been looking for vintage christmas and have had no luck!

  9. Congrat's to the winners..( I know, I'm late!)
    You sure have found some great treasures!
    Darling snowman and she made labels too! Awesome! Glad that you are able to use your hands and I hope the cast isn't to "itchy"!!!
    Keep healing and I'm still hoping that you can make it to my house next Sauturday!!

  10. Erica, thanks for stopping by my blog and lending support to my post. It is a difficult topic and I do appreciate your comment. I hope others will support that post as well.


  11. Hope your hands are doing better. Noel is sooo cute! Oh my gosh a pool ball!! Those are kinda heavy! ha. Gotta love dogs' personalities! :) Oh my what goodies you got!! :) Sending hugs & prayers to your friends :) xo Holly

  12. Will be keeping these sweet friends in my prayers! Love all your Christmas goodness!! The snowman card and Santa are so great! Hope your hands feel better, and better! xo Heather

  13. Those cards are darling. The snowman so cute. Vintage Christmas is the best. I am so glad to hear you are doing better. This is a terribly long recovery. I know Kim K. had a long recovery too. I am thinking of you and hoping it gets better each day. In the mean time keep finding all the cute things...smiles...Renee

  14. Hi there Erica,I'm so glad to hear you are doing good. I know that cast is driving you batty (it would me!) but glad you are in good spirits.
    I'm so sorry for your friends, my prayers go out to them.

    Noel is SO adorable!! And that is some kind of cute christmas goodies you found there. I love snowmen too!!

    My knee is on the mend, I'm supposed to get the staples out tomorrow. But I still can't go back to work, yet. I'm getting a little stir-crazy!

    Blessings to you my friend,

  15. These are all so cute. I love them. I've been wanting to look for some vintage Valentine things on ebay....better start now.

  16. glad you are making some headway with mending and hope you are back at your art table crafting soon. Glad some of my Christmas posts could keep you company. Great snowman tags!

  17. Hi Erica,

    So glad you are making some progress in your healing. Thank you so much for the love and prayers, I hold you close to my heart my blog sister and friend.

    Thanks for sharing your sweet vintage treasures, love em!



  18. Love your Christmas finds!! I will head over to the blogs for a visit!! Glad you're feeling better!


  19. What great Christmas finds. I am so glad you are back to blogging.

  20. How I love the approaching seasons with their glorious holidays. Thank you for sharing the need for us to pray for our sweet blogging friends...God has allowed our paths to cross for so many wonderful reasons and praying for each other is tops on my list.
    Blessings to you, my dearest friend,
    Carolynn xoxo

  21. Just keep thinking only a few more weeks and it will BE OVER! No more cast! I love your vintage snowmen.. You just can't beat vintage images for Christmas. Glad you are feeling better and are able to take your meds.



  22. I just love vintage Christmas! You've found some great goodies! I think I'd be Ebay shopping if I was laid up, too!

  23. I love your cards/seals, Erica!! I have a little collection of vintage snowmen cards, too!

    I've never had a csat before but i cna imagine how hard it is! ♥

  24. i love those kind of snowmen too! i have just one, and i love him because he has angry eyebrows! and seriously, magpie ethel has the BEST stuff. i love looking through her collection posts.

  25. Erica, You are always so kind to visit and leave a comment on my blog. It is so appreciated. I am glad that you are feeling up to crafting again. Your Christmas cards and stickers are absolutely wonderful. Milkman Al has my heart! Your cutie with the pool ball is just too funny! I hope you will come again and look at the HINT I have left at the bottom of my blog. I would love for you to win. Have a lovely week ahead. Elizabeth

  26. My goodness Erica, You have a wonderful assortment of fun vintage snowmen and other Christmas goodies! I think it is just too amazing!! I am glad you are not letting your surgery keep you from do things that you love, you are still buying fun stuff and blogging, too! Wow, you have lots of energy, girl! I hope you stop by my blog because there is a certain cute reindeer painting on it from a very wonderful artist! Hi Noel!!

  27. I love all of this, especially those snowmen mailing stickers ... and Al the Milkman, of course!

  28. Glad you are starting to feel some better. I'll be sure to stop by the blogs you mentioned to send my thoughts their way.
    Your vintage Christmas goodies are so darn cute!


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