Friday, September 14, 2012

At The Flea Market!

The weekend before my surgery I had planned on going FULL FORCE at both of the flea markets near me. This would be it for the year, so I had to go out with a bang right? LOL

The Yellow New Dot Pyrex was from EBay, but everything else was from that weekend. I've always thought that this cookie jar was really cute. She had it marked $15.00, but she took $10!  I got to cross that little strawberry jam jar off of my (mental) must find list too!

I mostly bought the x-mas lights because of the cute graphics, but I tested them when I got home and they DO work! Only $3!

I found a great old locker basket, vintage cookie cutters, and my favorite find...this J.CHEIN & CO wind-up rabbit! He still works too, and was $5.

The top two pieces of PYREX were from the flea, but the bottom one just came yesterday in the mail! The very talented and generous Renee of My Vintage Mending sent this gorgeous Turquoise Snowflake piece!
You can about imagine how excited I was to open that package!

OK, I bought more PYREX in those two days than I ever have on one weekend! I even bought patterns that I swore I wasn't going to collect (Woodland that's you). Because I think when I finally get it all stacked and displayed I'll be glad to have some browns and darker colors.

I found some little dress pot holders that will make cute little gifts!

This bag of vintage fabrics is HUGE! I paid $15 for it and was anxious to get home and see what was really in there. Oh boy was it good!

Gobs of cute fabrics...

Another bag of Hexies...

And dozens of Sunbonnet Sue's already cut! As soon as I can get back on my arthritis meds and my hands don't hurt, I'm really going to get serious about sewing!

I don't know why I thought I needed this used vintage Baby Book. Well, yes I do! It's full of cute graphics.

This baby boy's Mama was so sweet. She recorded every little detail. It makes me a little sad that it didn't stay in their family. It's so odd how that happens.

Pretty sweet huh?

 This folder of a dozen prints was just a dollar. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them, but I thought they were neat.

What we do... Day by Day :)

Like eat our breakfast! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I found at the flea markets!
Talk to you soon my friends!


  1. So many lovely treasures. I'm glad you were able to enjoy a wonderful day at the flea market prior to surgery. I definitely enjoyed seeing your special finds.

  2. Good haul for sure. The gold and white pyrex was wedding gifts I had it all. not sure where some of it is at this point.
    congrats to the winners. I hate to think of christmas so soon.

  3. Lots of lovely, lovely stuff! Love the Pyrex and the hexies! Ada :)

  4. Man o' man you do not disappoint. I love it all and that dear little baby book is a recent find of mine too. The little images inside are darling. Oh the fabric you lucky duck. We would have so much fun together...glad to see it all fit together.. YOu my dear are the pyrex queen. Smiles...Renee

  5. I buy any Christmas lights in boxes when I see them, use the boxes for decoration and plug in some of the lights too..

    You sure went out with a bang on that weekend, Erica - great Pyrex pieces.

    Hope it's a good day for you today!!

  6. Good Morning, Miss Erica!

    Oh what finds you got! Don't you love the flea so much?? I do!

    If you're wanting to resell your found-fabric-stash, let me know (SERIOUS!) then you'll have more $$ for the flea! woohoo!

    Thinking of you, have a great weekend ahead!

    xox P

  7. So I thought you weren't going to blog about Pyrex anymore? Ha ha! Knew that wouldn't last long. When you find it, you just HAVE to share it with everybody. Of course the Pyrex is my favorite, but I am loving the baby book. I agree with you about how sad it is that it ended up at a flea market and not with the family. But I'm sure you will give it a good home. Our flea market starts this weekend and I will be there bright and early. You can shop vicariously through me:-) Hope you are doing good with your recovery.


  8. Oh my, what treasures you found. I love the pyrex, of course.The little bunny is adorable. My favorite is the fabric bag. Such goodies in there, that will keep you busy for a long time.Hope you are feeling good!

  9. Look at all the pyrex! Love the big last post was about all the pyrex my friend and I got shopping. Love the christmas lights, I agree I have bought them for the graphics.

  10. Wow! You found some awesome things!! So many goodies, love all that fabric and pyrex!! :) Hope you have a fabulous Friday! xo Holly

  11. My goodness what a fantastic haul! Hope you are feeling well!

  12. What great things you found! I love everything and I know you will find a special place for all of it.

  13. Okay, Erica, you have to teach me how to shop! Your finds are always amazing!! I wish I could go shopping with you some time. I remember that bog apple cookie jar! I think my mom had one? And I know she has the snowflake casserole the Renee sent you. How sweet of Renee! That one will be so pretty this winter, and I love the browns and other harvest colored Pyrex! It will so pretty for Fall and Thanksgiving! What a blessing to have all that fabric pre-cut for you, too! That will save your hands :) You will be getting better, and it will be so fun to see what you do with these things!
    Bless you,

  14. What wonderful finds! I love the blue leafy pattern pyrex casserole dish. And the Sunbonnet Sue's. And most especially the sweet little crocheted dresses. I have a growing collection of those. My sister gave me another one a couple of weeks ago.

  15. Wow! Incredible finds! What a shopper you are! I hope you're back on those RA meds, soon, so your hands feel better.

  16. Nothing like hitting a flea full force prior to surgery and your did great. I have that same apple cookie jar!

  17. What awesome finds!! Your Pyrex collection is sure growing so sweetly!! Lovin' all those pretty fabrics!! Hope you get to sewing soon! xo Heather

  18. The folder of graphics look like they would make great tags! I love the colors and the pix from the 30s-40s kids are absolutely the best! I love your fabric finds; it looks like there might be a quilting class in your future!

  19. I love each and every treasure you found. Your Pyrex collection is so pretty and growing. Love the vintage quilt squares and fabric you found. Will you make something with it? Hope you had a great weekend and wishes for a wonderful new week ahead.


  20. Oh my goodness Erica, you struck gold! I had to laugh when you said you had to go out one last time. I do that all the time. If I have a busy week or weekend or something big coming up I use that as an excuse to go shopping or antiquing or something to get it out of my system for when I cannot go. Works for me! Thanks for visiting and leaving the nice comment. Little Ellie is so sweet!

  21. What neat finds! especially love the bag of vintage fabric and Sun Bonnet Sues!

  22. Love that strawberry jar and bag of fabric goodies!! I just became your latest follower, sorry it took me so long!

  23. "These are a few of my favoirte things" the tune that came to mind as I viewed your delightful post. Can you believe you found so many incredible treasures on one single day?! The vintage fabrics, cookie cutters, Sunbonnet Sues, crocheted pieces, that sweet bunny rabbit, such beautiful Pyrex....Oh, I think I'm going to hyerventilate with all the excitement!!!
    Thanks for sharing in the joy of all your discoveries!
    Carolynn xoxo

  24. Oh...fooey with my spellcheck....
    Let's try spelling "hyperventilate" and "favorites" one more time!
    Carolynn ;)

  25. So glad you're on the mend!! What great finds at your last two fleas of the season!!


  26. Erica I just loved all your flea market finds. Love the Pyrex and the baby book is so cute.

  27. Wow! You really racked up big time! I love everyone of your new finds! I have the strawberry jam jar and yellow dot Pyrex but man would I really love to find a Tulip Pyrex piece! I have never seen one in person!
    Have a fantastic week! :)

  28. Erica thanks for the visit my way! I'm recooping from surgery with mixed results hence the "This too shall pass" :) Best wishes on yours. Great treasure hunt!

  29. WOW! My friend you really had a great time. Love all your finds. The crochet dresses are always a gem to find. Looks like you hit it big on vintage fabrics. The graphics in baby books are just so cute. I have been seeing some Pyrex but it has been a bit pricey lately. Hope you are taking it easy.

  30. Those prints would look so cute framed up in a nursery or playroom! ANd I'm dying over all that great fabric with half the work already done for you! How fun!!

  31. My mom had a cookie jar very much like your apple one and *I* once had a strawberrie like yours. I think it's wonderful to see how many bloggers love the same kind of things that I do! ♥


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