Wednesday, June 6, 2012

REDNESDAY: All The Pretty Fabrics

I've had a mild obsession with vintage fabrics lately, especially feed sack prints. You should also know, that I can't sew! So this is becoming a problem!

I was so excited to find a little bag of hexagon quilt pieces at the thrift store the other day...for $1.00!

There are lots of cute ones!

Bless this woman, she even included her ragged little paper pattern!

This is my favorite!

OK, so I also found these little squares at the thrift too! WHAT AM I DOING???

Pretty cute huh?   :)

I have a good sewing machine that my mom bought me a few years ago!

But for some reason it intimidates me! I have to get over my fear if I'm ever going to use all these pieces!

 I'm inspired by all the darling sewing projects that I see my fellow bloggers do!

I CHEAT and buy things like these vintage pillow covers at the antique store!

I wish I could say that I made them. I know they would be a really simple project for someone who sews!

A close-up of the cute fabrics!

I had to have these! I still need to find some squishy, down filled pillows for them.

The fabrics below are all from recent garage sales or flea markets.

So as you can see, I have no excuse but to get sewing!!! I'll keep you posted as to when that actually happens. LOL

Thank you all for following along with me today! I appreciate YOU so much! :)


  1. Oh Erica! I drool and am so envious!! You are so fortunate to find these vintage fabrics. Cutting the fabric is the long and tedious part. The fun part is piecing them together into all sorts of designs. Goodness, girl! It's time to dust off that ol' machine. We're here to help you if you need pointers :)

  2. If that fabric doesn't motivate you to sew, nothing will! Really, really FUN FIND! The price is just too cheap not to make a quilting attempt at it!


  3. What great vintage feed sacks!! So beautiful, and I am a little jealous!;) Once you start sewing, you'll never stop, especially with those sweet fabrics!! xo Heather

  4. Oh...My goodness! What a treasure trove of glorious vintage fabrics! I just can't think of any fabric sweeter than the feedsack conversation prints!
    I hope you are able to take the plunge and let your fears go...and, I can hardly wait ot see what you pretties you create!
    Blessings and happy Rednesday,

  5. I can't sew either!!!!

    This is funny because I ordered a couple of sample pieces of material the other day, I have in my mind what I'm going to do and it doesn't involve sewing - we'll see.....

  6. Oh my goodness I love love LOVE all of your fabrics and pretty little pieces :)

    You can do it! I've been sewing for years. It's not hard at all. There are even some online classes. Wish I could show you in person!

    PS: Found your blog via My Vintage Mending! :)

    Have a wonderful day!


  7. You found some great vintage quilt pieces. You better watch out as blogging land is full of quilters. They would love having your find.

  8. My gosh, what great fabrics! Maybe you could choose your least favorite of the fabrics and practice sewing. :) Just a thought. I know you will create something incredible. You can do it!

  9. Oh my goodness. Don't tell me where you keep those. I would have to come and get them. Just kidding. You know there is such a thing that is called a seam ripper. I have decided to make friends with mine since I use it so frequently. These are beautiful. Why have I missed all the fun here...Smiles..Renee

  10. OMGosh, where is your thrift store??? You are so lucky, what a find! You Must learn how to sew! They are so cute. I can just imagine some little old lady cutting out all that fabric! I know you can do it! :)

  11. Oh Erica! You lucky! What a lot of darling fabrics you got. I haven't really sewn in a long time and I still buy fabrics, it's just so yummy, isn't it?! ;)


    Happy VTT!

  12. Oh, I think if you are lucky enough to find those at a thrift store, you are OBLIGATED to learn how to sew- ha ha! And as someone already mentioned, the hard part's already been done(the cutting). Sewing them all together is the fun part!

  13. Wow! How wonderful to have found these prints. I can't believe you only had to pay one dollar. I love it! Start with the squares, not the hexagons! I'm now following. I've linked through Vintage Thingie Thursday.

  14. Erica! Wow, you had such a great find! I just think those are the sweetest vintage fabrics! I understand being intimidated. I am the exact same way. But you already got them all cut out, and they are just waiting for your attention. Go for it. I bet there are plenty of blogger who will help you with advise!

  15. I learned to sew hexagons by hand using little paper hexagons that the fabric is basted around, folding over the seam allowance. It's something that can be done relaxing in a comfortable favorite way to work. =D

  16. I can definitely feel another addiction coming on....Feedsack is fantastic! Thank you for visiting my blog, I love some of the stuff you get over in There, I am very envious! Will be back for more drooling! Ada :)


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