Monday, June 18, 2012

At The Flea This Weekend... Come Rain or Shine!

Hi Friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. I was able to hit up BOTH flea markets this weekend!Rain was in the forcast, but I got there early and missed it just barely! The pickings were a bit slim, but I did just fine! The best part is that I got to get out there and do what I love the most, but hardly spend any money. Sometime just hunting is "enough" for me! I didn't come home empty handed though, so here we go...

WHAT??? Could these girly girls be any cuter? I think not!

I saw a stack of these magazines for $2 each. The insides have the neatest ads! I'll have to post more about them later. I'll also scan these covers and clean them up.

1927, and 1929! It's amazing how many of the company's that have ads inside are still in existance...JC.Penny, Valspar Paint, Quaker Oats, SunKist Oranges, Armstrong's Rugs, Colgate.

I wanted you to see how beautiful this one for JELL-O is!

Wouldn't that be pretty if you framed it, and put it in your kitchen? I'm going to scan it.
Let me know if you want it. :)

Of course I'm always keeping my eyes open for Pyrex! This casserole was $3, no lid but I like this style as a bowl anyway. I'm trying to get all the colors. I like that it's not as huge as some of the other Cinderellas.

And this Verde piece was... .75 with the lid!  OK then! I'll take it! LOL

This was my only other find on Saturday. A Whitman board game!  A saw the cover, and I just knew I would LOVE what was inside. I hoped it was all still there...

YES it was! Do you want to be Bill, Sue, Jack or Jill? LOL

"Climb the hill with Jack and Jill, and to the lucky winner,
The little elf says, "Eat Your Fill", But please save room for dinner."

Doesn't the Elf look like the "Elf On The Shelf" ? HaHa!

On Sunday I found two more pieces of Pyrex. The one on the top is a harder to find "Promotional Meadow Casserole". It came with it's lid, and the Snowflake piece all for $7.00! Deal!

Another "Rand McNally"! This is a really cute one.

Sorry, my pics are terrible this time.

I need to scan things like Renee! Hee Hee!

Cute! :)
I've always wanted some of these old number tacks to dress up my huge art cubby. They're so expensive on Etsy though. Not these...$2, and he tossed in the cute Bunny card!

And finally, I found one of these cute Bunny Puppets! It's really soft mohair, and for $3, I was SOLD!

I hope you all had LUCK or FUN at least, at the flea market or Thrift Stores this weekend! Or maybe it was a good weekend for you to garden, or bake, and not BUY a thing! And that's OK too! :)

I'm linking up for the FIRST TIME with FLEA MARKET FINDS!
Have a great day! Erica :)


  1. looks like great finds and not a lot of money was spent.

  2. Wow! You really scored big time this weekend girlfriend! The graphics in those magazines are to die for! How on Earth did they ever get those gorgeous colors back then?? Love them!! I never knew those Pyrex/Corning bowls were called Cinderella bowls. You learn something new everyday! I collect the Snowflake in the aqua with the white snowflakes. And I would give my eye teeth for that game! Man, what cute pictures and those little spinners!!! I want to be Bill so I can spin the red and white one! Can I go the the flea market with you the next time?



  3. You really found some goodies. I love the books and magazines. You did great on Pyrex finds. It is the thrill of the hunt-isn't it? Glad you had a fun and made it out to the flea market.

  4. Love the illustrations in the number bbok. So sweet. Is the bunny a Steiff? I found an old teddy bear puppet that was mohair. It was in a pile of things to be washed from a pre-school. I replaced it with another bear puppet and help on to it. It doesn't have the button in the ear but I know it is a Steiff. Beautiful find with the bunny.

  5. This will all fit in a 12x12 box right. I will send it postage paid...AMAZING. I was taken at the magazines and then the whitman OMG. I will be Jack if you let me play. Good grief. Just found that blue snowflake pyrex myself with the lid. Never found one before. Thought it would be cute for the holidays....seriously, box should be there by tomorrow...Ha! Smiles...Renee

  6. I want to collect a stack of one style bowl or cassarole in all the different colors. I saw one on Pinterest the other day...stack I mean! =D

  7. Oh my gosh! CUTE LOOT! I'm comin' to your side of town to those two fleas! Just one Pyrex for that price would be good but TWO? Bunny rabbit puppet MUST be vignette material for Easter and I need the scan of the dog and girl measuring heights! I have a Sheltie you know!


  8. Why what great finds Erica! Love all the Pyrex, and such great deals on them! The magazines are so neat, and the images are beautiful!! Yay, for you this weekend!! Have a lovely day! xo Heather

  9. oh that game!! i want to play! how cute.
    our flea market is this weeked. i can't wait! i won't be able to go until sunday, but i'm hoping for some good deals!

  10. You did good, Erica. I love those old magazine ads, one day I'm going to make one of those jello molds!! We plan to go to the flea market next weekend, I hope I do as well as you did! :)

  11. My name is on the game, I need to play!! It's sweet!!

    I always keep my eyes open for old magazines, although, I don't often see them, I sure like to find them!!

    You found some great Pyrex and for such great prices!! Lucky!

  12. You really found some neat finds. I love the board game.

  13. I just love it all and am a sucker for sweet vintage children's books. Now those number tacks I have never seen before. I will be on the lookout for them!

  14. Wow!! I love that Up & Down game!! I'm a sucker for vintage games, although I'm never quite sure what to do with them.

  15. My gosh Erica, you find THE BEST stuff! The vintage game was a great find. LOVE IT! The books are so sweet.


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