Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trapp Private Gardens

I decided to do a post on my absolute favorite brand of candles ever! I've been burning Trapp Candles for many years now, and every time I do, I actually feel sorry for candle lovers that don't know about this brand! If I had an actual "brick and mortar" gift shop, I would sell these. You won't find anything like vanilla cupcake or apple cinnamon with Trapp! Right now I'm burning "Burmese Wood" in my bedroom, and "Mediterranean Fig" by my computer desk. They're candles are a little pricier than most votives, but they're strong even when they aren't lit. Try them! You'll be hooked! :) 

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  1. Hi Erica! I wanted to thank you for your visit to Pink Piccadilly and your kind comments! I love anything vintage and I see that you do too! I'll have to check out your Etsy shop asap! xo Jina


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