Saturday, March 28, 2015

Did You Think I Never Came Back? :)

Hi Friends! I'm sorry it's been so long. Our trip to Mexico was sooooo wonderful!
This resort was actually in Akumal, not Tulum, like I had thought.
It had the absolute best beach I've ever been to! The water was so clear and warm.
Lots of vegetation and palm trees at this place!
The pool was gorgeous and the drinks were so good!

 The pool and the beach were just steps away from each other, so we could easily switch it up through out the day.  
One day we took a catamaran out to do some snorkeling.
That was my favorite day! The boat ride was so pretty and relaxing.
 Around the pool there were these little, curtain enclosed, private, cushions to just take a little nap in, or read your book.
 Here's me on day one, after I've discovered these little cabanas. Not quite sure how many tropical drinks I'd had at this point, but I know that I was thinking that this was the best place on earth!
 Inside my cozy little reading place.
For some reason the cocktail waitress kept bringing me two at a time. Who was I to turn them away?
 The walkway to the pool.
 We really loved that this place was so green and jungle-like.
 These guys were all over the place.
My sister Angie, and her "Mango-Tango"!  :)
My Aunt Judy, and Mom Holly. So cute is their little swim cover-ups!
 Coconut ice cream and pretty little cakes.
 Cappuccino with cinnamon every morning!
 This was kind of a neat dessert. That's ice cream in the dish, and inside that banana leaf bundle was a hot chocolate cake.
Another shot of the huge pool. This resort is actually adults in "no kids allowed".  I'd never been to a place that didn't allow kids before, but I have to say, it made for a totally different atmosphere. A quiet and calm one!
Every day the house keeping ladies would leave a different animal (made of towels) on your bed. This is the rabbit version I guess.
With the exception of one or two days, we stayed at the resort the entire time! This trip wasn't about getting out there and site seeing. It was all about soaking up the sun, and we did it! Though, I did smothered myself in SPF 70 the whole time! :)
The past several weeks I just felt like I needed a break from all the computer stuff. Not a break from you guys of course! But a break from blogging and pinning and can all be a bit much sometimes. Mostly because I'm not very good at setting limits for myself. Three hours wasted on pinning? Suuure, why not?? lol
I want to get back to selling in my Etsy shop! And I've also joined IG. I need to set up a link on my blog still, but if you want to find me, I'm @ericabryan on IG.
I look forward to catching up with all of you, and I appreciate that you're still here!
Erica :)
p.s.  a traditional post featuring vintage stuff is up next!


  1. Welcome back to blog land. Your trip looks heavenly. So happy to see you on IG too. You'll find IG equally addictive. Smile.

  2. Your vacation place looks awesome! I'm glad you're back after some rest and relaxation and hoping spring is coming to Minnesota!

  3. You forgot one thing on your vacation....ME!

    So excited to see you on IG. But a word of can be so addicting (as you can see with my posting of everything I do and see throughout the day). But it's just so dang fun!


  4. what a wonderful vacation! welcome back to blogland, yes.. I had wondered where you disappeared too. I would have had a hard time leaving that beautiful place. Just waiting for mother nature to catch up with the calender and start turning on the "real" spring weather here! lol! we still have snow on the ground! soon.
    have a great day

  5. Oh my gosh! I love your vacation spot! Only in my dreams! Maybe someday....ok...I should save up! WOW! You should be relaxed now for quite awhile! Soooooo glad it was a wonderful experience with gals you love!

  6. Wow! How wonderful! I've never been on such a vacation! ♥

  7. YOU LUCKY DAWG! How fun! Pea green with envy over here. So glad you had such a great time away. I'm trying to stay off the computer, hard to do, I've been joined at the hip with it for so long. Wishing you a very Happy Easter!

  8. Would you be willing to share the name of the resort? I've been looking for somewhere like that to go with my husband and your photos are so enticing! PS--IG is 150% addictive, just like the other Erica says. You've been warned. LOL! :D

  9. Glad you had a great time, it looks relaxing and lovely! I just started doing IG too and yes it is just as addicting, dang it!

  10. Everyone looks very happy :) in the photos. I'm glad that you had a nice time and snjoyed yourself.

  11. Welcome back to blog land. Your trip looks amazing. So glad you had a wonderful time my dear.

  12. WELL YES! I was ready to put out an APB on you! :-)
    From the looks of that place, to tell you the truth, I believe I would have wanted to stay forever!! I'm glad y'all had a great time soaking up the sun and relaxing Erica.
    But I'm glad you are back to us too my friend!
    Dorothy and Ms.Wilma

  13. I'm envious! Seriously, it looks like a nice, relaxing trip.

  14. How beautiful! The resort looks like heaven. Glad you got to enjoy some wonderful weather, sunshine & warmth, as well as though yummy drinks, lol.

  15. Hi cute sweetie pie! Oh I just loved the pix...that place is sooo beautiful. You looks so good and happy. I hope you are feeling well. I have missed you.
    Linda Lou

  16. It looks like my comment went through but I got an email that it didn't!

  17. Well I wouldn't blame you if you didn't come back! That looks like heaven on earth! I am so jealous! I stayed here this year and though it wasn't that cold it was just a really ugly winter! Love your pics and you all look so darned happy! Amazing tropical paradise! Welcome Back!

  18. So Glad you were able to have that relaxing, luxurious vacation.

  19. Glad to see you decided to leave paradise and come back! Looks like you had a lovely vacation. It's always good to take a break and recharge your creative juices. I will definitely be checking out your etsy store!

  20. WOW, it looks like a paradise. The color of the water is sooo beautiful, the food looks fabulous, the palm trees, the little salamandar...hopefully it IS little and doesn't crawl on me. I'm so glad you had an amazing restful vaca. Hugs,

  21. Hi Erica! OH my goodness does your vacation look like paradise!!! Love the pretty views of the water and cute little huts and rain forest areas!! So pretty!! So glad you had such a wonderful time! Those drinks look delish too!! :) Can't wait to see what kind of goodies you put in your shop! :) Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week -end!! xo Holly

  22. Love the pics thx for sharing! Makes me want to book a vacation right now hahaha. I went on a cruise to Bermuda and they made those same kind of towel animals! I thought it was so cute :)

  23. Love the pics thx for sharing! Makes me want to book a vacation right now hahaha. I went on a cruise to Bermuda and they made those same kind of towel animals! I thought it was so cute :)

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