Monday, November 3, 2014

A Christmas Swap! Now Full.

This swap is all about the SWEET side of Christmas! I'm thinking; Santa Mugs and Hot Cocoa, Candy Canes, and Ribbon Candy, Gingerbread and Sugar Cookies. You get the idea!
We will be making a few little things to hang in your kitchen for the holidays!
I fell in love with this teeny tiny sheet of cookies and this jar of candy canes that I found at Michael's. There are several different tiny treats to choose from. You better go look! :)
I made this little shadow box to hang by my vintage Santa Mug collection.
Ok...Here are the Swap Details:
1.It's a ONE on ONE swap, and you'll be sure to email each other right away to touch base. I hope you'll get to know each other a bit, if you don't already.
2. You'll make TWO kitchen themed ornaments for your partner
(doesn't have to be an actual ornament, but can be something that sits, etc. )
3.You'll make and send ONE paper tag or card in this theme as well.
4. You'll include a recipe card with your absolute favorite Christmas Cookie (or another holiday favorite) written for your partner.
5. And you'll include a couple little extras of some sort. Perhaps something SWEET!
6. You'll post pics of what you received from your partner.
7. To join this swap you must have an active blog. There are a few of you out there that aren't active right now but I know you're great swappers, and of course you can join too if you'd like. You girls know who you are! :)
8. I'll keep the sign up for a few days. Then I'll send out emails with partner names. Let's have our packages MAILED BY DECEMBER 8th! That'll give us one month to make things.


Let me know if you have any questions at all. I know this swap is a bit open to interpretation. There are soooo many different kinds of things we could make! The pictures above are just for inspiration obviously. I'm not expecting anyone to hand stitch a 9 foot garland, or send a 12"wide wreath. But at least you can tell what kind of stuff I have in mind. You could even send your partner a vintage red and white kitchen potholder, or red handled utensil. A packet of mulling spices? A cute dishtowel...ok you get it! :)
Lets have fun!


  1. Could I join please? I am in the UK and while my blog has been very quiet, I am still here, making and creating!

    1. Hi Hope,
      I want to email you, but don't have your address. Can you email me at Thank you!

    2. Well, poo. Seems something on Blogger has changed and clicking on my name doesn't take you to my blog anymore. Will have to play along in the next swap.

  2. Count me in too! I've got all kinds of ideas swirling around. What fun!

  3. Oh - I can't participate but it will be a lot of fun to see what everyone comes up with for the exchange. xo Diana

  4. I would love to participate! Already have a plan! I don't mind shipping anywhere. I am in Canada. What a fun way to start the holidays.

  5. I want to join in this swap!! So excited and this really makes me happy!

  6. Hi Erica!
    This sounds so wonderful and fun!! I'm a very slow crafter and one with OCD, so I'm not sure if I can manage to make so many things?? Please let me know when the deadline is to sign up - I'm going to put on my thinking cap and decide. I want to make Thanksgiving cards (and was kind of kicking around the idea to ask if any blog friends wanted to trade with me), plus David is off Thanksgiving week (so that's 9 days straight from weekend to weekend) and I wouldn't have crafting time. WAH .. Sorry long winded LOL

  7. Sounds like another fun swap! Not ready to commit right now though!

  8. Count me in! I'm ready to start making! I'm sssoooo glad you are back, Erica!

  9. OK....I am not sure what happened to my comment but please sign me up! :)

  10. I'd love to join in this swap.

  11. Hi Erica
    Haven't heard back from you but I realized that I have apparently gone off my rocker and lost my mind LOL. Too much going on over here and too little time for this slow poke to participate. Looks like you have a large and wonderful group. I'll have fun following along looking at what everyone makes. Enjoy!

  12. Of course I am in...vintage christmas kitchen is a favorite theme of mine!

  13. Oooo, I just stumbled upon your blog. Your swap sound so fun, I would love to participate! Vintage, kitchen and crafty, that's sooo me. Can't wait to meet my partner!! Hugs,

  14. Count me in please! Swaps are my favorite ;)

  15. Hi Erica!
    How are you? I tried to comment the other day and it wouldn't let me!
    Anyways, I am back now. Although I only post on my blog occasionally and not regularly, Maybe you would let me join this swap! It sure seems like a fun one!

  16. Ended up here tracking down a photo on Pinterest. I'd love to join the swap if I may. Either way I'll be featuring you on my post for Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound. I would like to use 1 small picture which of course I'll link back to you. I'll add you link to my page too. Happy to be a new follower.


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