Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dear Fiddy, (An Estate Sale Tale)

Do you ever wish you could say Thank You to the little old lady who's stuff you're taking home? Every time I enter an estate sale, it doesn't escape me that these things are the remnants of someones life. And where are they, as we rummage through their home, loading up our arms with their memories? Maybe He has passed away and She is now in a nursing home. Or maybe they both decided to "sell it all" and head to Florida. 
Either way, sometimes I just wish I could say "Don't worry, I'll take care of and enjoy your things because I feel lucky to have found them". 

I saw these chairs in an Estate Sale ad a few weeks ago. I wanted them sooo bad, but there were just way too many reasons why I had no business going to the sale. For one thing, there was a snowstorm that night. And I knew I would have to get to the sale by 2:00 or 3:00 AM for a good number. 
The sale was packed with vintage and antique things, so I knew that the dealers would be there overnight. So I didn't go. And I didn't go on day #2 either. Then on day #3 I thought I'd see if anything was left. Of course the chairs were GONE. And the lady managing the sale said that #2 in line bought them. Oh well.
I was able to find some other cute things.

 There must have been lots of good x-mas stuff because I was able to scrape this stuff together out of the boxes that had already been gone through. I'm happy with the leftovers!

I really like the snowman stenciled one and the ornament box itself!

There were tons of cards and Valentines. The woman of the house was a teacher, and her name was Fidelis Davitt. But the children called her Fiddy! My favorite cards are the two tiny handmade ones. One is made of beautiful old wallpaper. And the other (with the big red heart) just says: To Fiddy, From Me. Isn't that the sweetest?

I could have gone nuts with the valentines. 

 I love the one where they're in their swimsuits!

 I grabbed a couple x-mas cards. The pink one is German!

And a few pretty Easter cards.
I'm missing some pics but I also got a cute old ladder that I'll make into a plant stand, and a wonderful white blanket with pink roses on it. 
OK, so THEN I went out to dog sit for my parents while they were in Costa Rica for a week. The town I grew up in is loaded with little shops and antique stores. So I walk into one of the shops that I worked at when I was a teenager, and there sat THOSE DARN CHAIRS! AHHHHH!

I wasn't strong enough to walk away this time. So long story short, I bought my (Fiddy's) estate sale chairs at an antique store for a ridiculous price. But at least I got to stay at home in my cozy bed and the dealer did all the work, during a MN snowstorm no less! Thank you dealer!
Dear Fiddy, 
Thank you, for passing on your wonderful white chairs, the valentine cards from your days as a teacher, and your  pretty Christmas ornaments! I will treasure them!
Erica :)


  1. I'm sure Fiddy would be happy to know that you appreciate her precious cards and stylish outdoor chairs! Those chairs were definitely meant to be with you. It was FATE that you spied them again.

  2. I do love those chairs! Great finds even on the third day.

  3. Leave it to you to find awesome vintage holiday stuff on the third day of an estate sale! I found a couple of boxes of those Miro Star ornaments at the flea market last year. I bought them just for the boxes!

    So glad you found your chairs!


  4. Yay for the chairs! Glad they found you again.

  5. I am sure Fiddy is so happy that someone else is loving her chairs! Great score on those vintage cards and Valentines, I just can't resist those at estate sales either!



  6. I'm glad you still got some awesome stuff! And sometimes it is TOTALLY worth letting someone else do all the work! Think about how long that person waited there and how much you paid for them... how much did he REALLY pay himself an hour for those chairs?

    I like going to sales/auctions and learning a little bit about the people/person whose stuff I am taking home with me. Some people call it nosy. I just like to have a story to attach to the items I'm bringing home. Sometimes it makes them way more special.

    So glad to see you're back to blogging - hope all is well! :)

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  8. Wow! You had a pretty great day, Erica! Those vintage greeting cards are amazing and I'm glad you got your chairs! We have a vintage set outside of our front door but not like yours! We, too, often think about the history of the house and of the past owners of all the things we look at. We know the dealers don't! (Rob)

  9. Oh, Erica! I feel the same way about other people's treasures! An elderly neighbor of mine moved to an assisted-living home in Idaho and her son sold her things. I felt like a voyeur poking through her things...and seeing all the sweet little gifts that just had to be from grandchildren. I was late to the sale and they were packing things up for the thrift store...it made me sad, but he encouraged me to find a few things to remember her by and if I wanted to donate a little something to Alouise's fund that would be okay too.

  10. I think most dealers care about the history of the items. I know I do. I rescue stuff from sales and release it back to people that will love and appreciate it. I know you will love and appreciate those chairs. I'm sorry you didn't get them at the Estate Sale price - but at least you got them! Those cards are divine too. The original "Fiddy"!

  11. Fiddy. Love the thank you note and what a great name! I try and appreciate the history behind what I find....and realize it is a snippet into another person's life. Glad you got the chairs!
    p.s. I think former teachers have the best estate sales!

  12. Great photos Erica! I feel the same about estate sales, wondering about the people who lived there. I think just the fact that you are thinking about this, is like sending out a little prayer of thanks into the universe. Somehow I think it gets to the right destination! Anyway... looking at all those cards makes me want to go back in time and save all the darling ones my Mom and other relatives gave me over the years. I could just kick myself for not saving them!! Can't wait for this rain to end so I can out there and start hunting for treasures again!! I know nothing stops you!!

  13. Oh Geez how lucky is that to get to buy the chairs after all. What great finds. Fiddy knows how much you will love her treasures and much as she did.

  14. Aw! I'm so glad you were able to get those chairs!! Lovely finds you found from Fiddy, I think she'll know you will treasure all your goodies from her!! Too sweet! It was meant to be to see those chairs again! :) :) Good for you!
    xo Holly

  15. Nice chairs!! I've been to 2 recent estate sales just for some patio chairs, and GONE right away :( I'll keep on the hunt!!! LOVE the valentines :)

  16. I love that you do the same thing I do, you look at the life and the treasures of the person whose house you are in! I found a huge scrapbook of cards and learned much about the life of the owner, her Daddy gone hunting sending her a post card with a photo of a Buck like the one he hoped to shoot, letters in childish scribble from her best friend who moved to Florida, fun! The chairs were meant to be yours and they found their way the hard way.

  17. Oh, I understand just what you mean about wanting to say thank you to the person who knew to save the vintage treasures. Great post!

  18. some things are just meant to be! Im glad you got your chairs after all!
    Happy May Day Erica!

  19. I love the cards & Valentines!

    Definitely chair fate! I am sorry to hear you had to pay extra for them.

  20. The chairs were meant to come home with you! What a story!

    Of course, I love all the cards. I had to buy a new container yesterday for my cards, I have to get them organized, they are in way too many places!

  21. Glad you finally got the chairs!! ;) Sweet other treasures!! Happy May! xo Heather

  22. I LOVE those chairs. The cards you got are precious. Fiddy would love knowing that her things would be loved and appreciated by you.

    xo Danielle

  23. Perfect sentiment. I feel the same way when I got to an estate sale and people are grabbing things, it feels wrong.
    Chris =]

  24. Hey Erica, I think Fiddy would be happy to know someone as sweet and appreciative as you has her chairs and other goodies. OH those vintage cards, fabulous.

    Yup, it was karma for the chairs to come to you. :)

    (ps/ no trouble bringing up your blog this time)

  25. What and interesting Chair Story! Glad you paid the price and now have them to enjoy!

  26. How are you??? Have been worried about you. I am back from New England and life is returning to normal.


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