Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Vintage Goose Feather Tree!

It was especially fun decorating this old feather tree because this is it's first Christmas with me! You might recall that I found it in the basement of an estate sale last summer, and I think I paid like $10 for it. It came in it's original Montgomery Wards box too!
 As I was pulling out my decorations I realized that I didn't have any ornaments that were traditionally used on this type of tree. Like the Victorian scrap kind and the ones with old tinsel and glass, etc. I'm going to have to make myself some.
 So I chose my smallest and oldest ornaments. I didn't use any regular sized Shiny Brites. I didn't think that the Mod/Retro look of the Shiny Brites would go well with the old feathers.
I don't think I'll put the tree in this spot next year. I don't like it in front of the big mirror!
 I found this Harold Gale Santa a few weeks ago at Annie's. He was marked 50% off so I got him for $12.50! A very good price! Click the link to learn a little about them. There are lots on EBay and Etsy too!
Little boxes of ornaments and a Lefton reindeer candy dish.
This huge sign is perched up on top of the mirror (above the tree), so the red happened to work well!
So that's that! I love this tree so much. I feel really lucky to have found it. :)
In other news:
 Wellie and I would like to give a little warning to all of our bloggy friends and their doggies!
We were looking for an alternative to rawhide so we tried RAW BONES. These come in several forms but are (usually) uncooked, and found in a freezer in your specialty pet food shop. We bought frozen beef knuckles. Wellie and Ernie LOVED them!
 But the next morning (after chewing on her bone), this is what Wellie looked like!!! The whole side of her face totally swollen. Her Mama about had a heart attack!
On Tuesday Wellie had to have a major tooth on each side of her upper jaw removed! Two teeth!
They had both cracked way down to the pulp. She looked like the saddest most pathetic little thing after her surgery! And of course you can about imagine how guilty I feel.
Oh, the cost??? $631.50
So, beware my friends! No raw (or really hard) bones for your pups!!!
Happy Holidays!
Erica :)



  1. Poor little doggy! We used to give our dog pig ears until we read bad things about them. I hope she is recovering and your bank account recovers quickly, too!

    I love your feather tree and all the vintage ornaments you've decorated it with. And the ice cream sign is wonderful!! I hope you don't mind that I pinned it for a future painting project. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Lord that is a ridiculous bill. The tree is sweet though. :-)

  3. Aw poor little Wellie! Hope she's feeling better!! I just love your sweet tree!! Such a great find for $10!! All those vintage ornaments look so pretty and happy hanging there, and I just love the decorations around it too! :) Many Christmas hugs!! xo Holly

  4. Oh, your poor sweet doggie. I hope he is out of pain now and can eat something good. Who would have thought this would happen. They need a warning. LOVE your beautiful tree and the ornies you chose look perfect. I'm only using vintage this year and a few prims. It sure feels like old times. Merry Christmas!

  5. Hugs to your sweet pup. Your tree is gorgeous. I love all the special touches surrounding the tree.

  6. oh I love the tree.....and so sorry for the poor doggy...hope she feels better soon

  7. I hope Wellie feel well before Santa comes.;)
    Chris =]

  8. I love your tree someday I hope to have a real one also.
    I think it looks great decorated just like that.
    oh your poor little dog.

  9. I've never seen a feather tree in real life.
    So glad you found it!
    Poor, poor, Wellie! :(

  10. Poor little Wellie! Glad she is on the mend, now. Your feather tree is beautiful!

  11. That is such a sweet tree, Erica - I really studied the decorations! So, so cute!

  12. What a super find and you have decorated it darling!

  13. Ouch on that vet bill, especially so close to the holidays! Happy she's feeling better and your feather tree is gorgeous!

  14. Oh my gosh - poor pup! Sorry to hear about the bill, but glad the pup is OK. Our dog is allergic to rawhide (he blows up like a balloon!) & he chews one of those vinyl or synthetic bones (I can't think of the name right now). He allergic to chicken, turkey, beef... shall I go on? LOL.

    That tree is gorgeous & with such great decorations all over it!

  15. I remember when you bought your feather's so cute all dressed up!! Your poor Wellie! And her poor momma with such a huge bill! So glad she's on the mend!

  16. Your tree looks amazing, in fact your whole setup looks AMAZING! That tree fell into the right hands. You will do it justice and bring fun and new life to it.
    Poor Wellie! I hope she feels better soon! Nobody likes a toothache. : (

  17. The feather tree looks beautiful. I feel so bad for you and Wellie. I hope shes better soon and thanks for the warning. Bowie is a chewer too, so I'll be extra careful on what I give him.(That is when he's not getting into library books, pencils or bathroom rugs to chew on). Merry Christmas!

  18. Poor Wellie. You're a good mommy, I'm glad she's doing better.
    Your tree is so pretty, it cheered me up this morning.
    Merry Christmas,

  19. Poor, poor Willie....and I'm so sorry that the cost was so much :(
    I do give my puppies beef bones. I "cook" them and then they get them..hmm.....maybe I should rethink that!
    SCORE on your feather tree. I'm trying not to "covet" your entire Christmas goodies!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  20. Erica dear, I just saw your picture on Deb's blog and I had no idea you are so lovely. I've never thought of myself as particularly attractive, but I love knowing that all my blog friends are so lovely. Don't get me wrong, my hubby makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, and now because of him I feel that I fit in better with my surroundings. All your vintage goodies are so drool worthy, I'm definitely keeping you in mind for when I start scaling down and getting rid of things.


  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! I need help decorating!

  22. The feather tree is beautiful and what a treasure to have!! Merry Christmas to you Erica! xo Heather

  23. I really like your decorations on the feather tree! Poor doggie baby!

  24. Well of course you made the right ornaments for your feather tree. You are a crafty genius! Feather trees are at the top of my wish list. I found a few this year but none under $100. Really?! I think I will keep looking.

    I have a huge bag of raw bones in my freezer from when we had a cow butchered in the fall. They are supposed to be for my dogs but I have been super hesitant to give them to them because I don't want a fight to start (they tend to get a little greedy and try to steal each other's bones). Now I will be tossing them in the trash thanks to Wellie's tips. Poor girl. Give her a big smooch from me and tell her to feel better soon.

    Happy Holidays, Erica!!

    ~Erica (The Other One)

  25. The tree is wonderful! Makes me want one!!!

    So sorry about your poor baby's teeth--I would have been a wreck over it too. We used to give our dogs (in the past) cooked bones on occasion and never had a problem. But when we got our corgi a few years ago and found out how aggressively they chew and heard some root canal stories, we took even the nylon bones away from him as some corgies damaged their teeth on those as well . Now he only has a rubber Kong--he loves to chew on it every morning, mostly by pulling bits off with his front teeth--he is used to us pulling remnants out from between his teeth.

  26. Erica your tree is the cutest thing ever.
    Poor Willie and those sad puppy dog eyes. Duchess has a little raw hide bone, but she hardly touches it. I am thinking I should through it away.
    Merry Christmas my dear.

  27. I saw two of those Harold Gale Santas last Friday and didn't buy them. Kicking myself now! Love your feather tree full of goodies!


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