Thursday, January 24, 2013

Generous Hearts:A Swappy Tale

One of my swap partners for the Candy Box Swap that I hosted was one Miss Marlynne Snare of Marlynne Creates Daily. When I discovered her blog a few months ago I simply fell in love with her talent and artistic style!
Marlynne is a true folk artist, with a love for the color red!
Just look at the heart box that she created for me! Marlynne chose fabric as her main medium!

Layers of fabric hearts, and the valentines themselves are hand stitched together! I love the cute little girl with her paint can, and the little birdie! She also sent me a huge red and white fabric banner! It's already hanging over my art area.

Tucked inside the box were these treasures!
There was more chocolate, but I ate it! lol

This handmade booklet of Marlynne's art is my favorite piece of all! 
Her paintings come from special things in her life, like her collection of sock monkeys, and the little blue chair that sits in front of the wood stove in her kitchen.
You must visit Marlynne's Blog to see more of her special art work.

Her "English Cottage Series" was inspired by staying in the Cotswold's while celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary! Thank you so very much Marlynne for everything! I feel so lucky to now have some of your art, and to have made a new friend! :)

And then a surprise package showed up! The very kind Deb (Garage Sale Gal) sent such sweet things! She made me a candy box, and filled it with all sorts of good things! Once again...there was more chocolate, but I ate it. lol

Deb and I live about 45 minutes apart. We met for the first time at an Estate Sale, (go figure) where I recognized her from the pic on her blog! Deb, thank you for being so generous and thoughtful!

Well, I'm excited to see pictures of what everyone else has been receiving for the swap. I sure hope you all had fun with it, and most importantly were able to connect with someone. Because that's what it's all about!
Love you all (in a bloggy sort of way)-
Erica :)

Wellie wanted to say Hi too...but I guess she fell asleep. :)


  1. Wonderful goodies!!! love the colors...say can you tell me how you get that faded look at the edge of your photos? Is it in Pic Monkey? :) Sandy

  2. What fun treats you have received! So sweet! And a new blog to visit !


  3. Aren't you the luckiest girl!! You have fabulous partners...who know you so very well. Thank you for coordinating this swap. I hope Donna likes my heart box and treasures. I had fun working on them. Valentine hugs!

  4. Eric: What a nice post you did showing the Valentine Candy Box Trade I sent you! Thank you so much for your kind words on the trade and my blogs. I just "oohed and awed" all over the place when I opened yours to me today.. I commented about it on the Jan 21st post. I hope you have another trade next year! I'd love a collection of these also!

  5. Hey girlfriend, how's the foot doing? What a great swap partner, and what fantastic goodies you got. Thank you so much for bringing this lovely lady to our attention, I'll be visiting her more often now. Have a great weekend.


  6. What cute Valentines gifts! You had a great partner! Looking forward to browsing her blog..



    p.s. How is your foot?

  7. Wow, just gorgeous boxes and wonderful goodies! Thanks so much for hosting the swap Erica! Off to visit your partner's blog.

  8. Cute boxes! Thanks so much for hosting the swap! It was just the boost I needed. ♥

  9. Wellie is too cute!! Looks like lots of goodies you got in your boxes!! :) Thanks again for hosting the swap I'm sending mine out early next week :) Have a great weekend Erica! xo Holly

  10. Such pretty goodies. You're lucky to live so close to Deb. I'm off to check out Marlynnes blog. She looks so talented!

  11. Awww, Wellie needs a belly rub!! Thanks for hosting the swap, Erica, I sure had fun with it. Marlynne is very talented!

  12. What wonderful Valentiney stuff, Erica! How fun to have and vintage-loving blog friend so very near by--lucky you!

    Wishing you a wonderful day, my friend!


  13. Erica, what wonderful goodies! LOL-I know the chocolate "thing"! I ate all the ones I took out of my box for the swap. Not all at once, but yum! I will definitely check out both ladies' blogs!Thank you for hosting!!!

  14. Erica - I've looked over your past few posts and always love them. These Valentines are just adorable and you always find the cutest things at the thrift store! We are so high priced here in the cities, I need to start venturing out into the smaller towns! Maybe, when the weather warms up (in June)! haha! Have a great weekend, stay warm! Snuggle with Wellie!

  15. That is so cool that she used fabric for the heart! Nice goodies too!
    Thank you for having the swap. I'll post mine when it comes, maybe today it will arrive!
    Keep Warm!
    Deb :)

  16. Love your Valentine box Erica. You received some really nice goodies.

  17. Adorable hearts and gifts!! Have a great weekend!! xo Heather

  18. just found your great site and love it. Such great finds. Can't wait to sit and go thru your past posts.
    thanx for sharing

  19. I love both hearts you received! I just went over to follow Marylynne! Cute blog! I am already following Deb! She did a beautiful job on her heart! She's such a sweetie! Wellie is adorable!

  20. Erica,
    I love all of the hearts and goodies you recieved! That little red bird is adorable! I am going to stop over to Marylynnes blog to check her out...I'm not sure if I'm following her is hard to keep track....
    Thank you for stopping by and for hosting such a fun box swap! I'm am happy to have been lucky enough to be included in your swap....I learned alot from all of the swappers and have enjoyed looking at all of their talent! I've learned new techniques and styles of embellishing things and what type of things everyone likes! But I still don't know where everyone finds those old embellishments, like the bingo pieces and little flashcards, and the old posies. I never see them in any antique stores around here. Everyone recieved such lovely, crafty boxes filled with so many sweet goodies!, it's like Christmas :) Can you please email me your address :)

  21. Beautiful Valentine Swaps, you girls are sure generous with your pretty Valentine goodies. Hope you are having a wonderful week. Hugs, Diane

  22. Wow! I'm really enjoying seeing all the finished Valentine's day candy boxes. I'm just about finished one for my Sis..I totally missed the boat signing up for your swap~ there's always next year!?! Or Easter!!


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