Wednesday, June 27, 2012

REDNESDAY: Flea Market Finds and BBQ's

Hi All :) I hope you're are having a great week! Perhaps getting in some good ol' fashioned BBQ's and picnics with your family?

The Flea Market was a bit less than  "Fabulous" this past weekend. But I still bought a few cute things! I got a great start to a vintage cookbook collection. AS IF I need another collection of anything!

I really love this little "Betty Crocker Out Door Cook Book". It's got cute illustrations, and great tips.

Fish Fry at the Shore?

Or Corn Roasted in Foil?

I'll take any form of BREAD! Hot Bread in Foil with Garlic Butter!

***Could my pics be any worse? I'm sorry! I'm a "night person", and this is how your pictures will turn out  if you don't have day light on your side!

I also found these cute iced tea glasses! I paid $3 for 4 of them. When I got home I did my research, and found them on EBay, but they aren't that cheap! haha They were made by "Federal", and I'm on the look out for several more.

I can't seem to do a post lately without including some PYREX. The red fridgie was (finally) at the flea market! And the Butterfly Gold bowl was a sweet gift from my dear friend Jill of "A Little Bit Of Everything"! Her Pyrex collection is pretty amazing, and so is her talent for finding vintage treasures!

Lastly, I must show you my other find from the flea market...

This JUMBO coloring book is by "Whitman" of course, because they published the cutest things ever! The gal was asking $5, but she took $3. The front and back are the same, and perfect for framing!
Look, the train even has a sweet face! I can't stand how cute it is. These are the kind of things that get me into trouble. I can't pass them up. Ahhhhhh!

Here are some of the cute pages...

Pretty sweet huh?      

Thank you all for following along with me today. Please hop on over to
You'll see so many cute RED things there, you won't believe your eyes!


  1. I love the ice-tea glasses such great condition, I will keep my eyes peeled for any out my way. The Coloring book is just darling and a great price! Hugs, Diane

  2. Such great finds. I love the glasses. You know your old when the gold pyrex that you got for wedding gifts are now vintage and collectable.

  3. I'll just say I love everything!! Hah!!!

    Wish I could bring my ice machine over to fill up your glasses!!!

  4. wow. pretty great for a not-fabulous flea market !!!

    i love the drawings in old cookbooks too.

    and the coloring book ... wow it looks familiar. i swear i've seen the dog before. my favorite is Mr. Rabbit, but how funny is "Out the Way!" ....? it cracks me up.

    : )

  5. Erica........that is the cutest Whitman. Stop scamming my goods...kidding, a little. I love those old cookbooks and the glasses are darling. I will take a tall glass any day...Smiles...Renee

  6. I've said it before and I'll say it find the neatest and cutest stuff! Anything Whitman makes me happy. The glasses and pyrex pieces are beautiful. Love the family picnic graphic. Great post!


  7. Erica,

    You find the cutest stuff........I wish we lived closer, we would have a blast shoppin together.

    Love to visit your blog.



  8. Wow , quite the finds this week,Erica. I love the iced tea glasses-so summery. The pyrex-wow! But I think the cutest is the coloring book. I can see it framed up-it's adorable!

  9. Such great finds Erica! Love the glasses, perfect for summer! The Whitman is adorable! Always such the sweetest images!! Have a lovely day! xo Heather

  10. Who can resist an adorable little red Frigie!? I love the coloring book! I'll bring my 64 pack of Crayolas and come right over!


  11. Hi Erica!
    What a fun time you had thrifting! I love your frosty looking ice tea glasses! Serving cool drinks in them is sure to be a hit! How in the world did you find a RED piece of Pyrex?? what a darling little piece!
    Have a great day (or night), my friend!
    Carolynn ;)

  12. I simply adore the iced tea glasses...the colors are so vibrant!

  13. Oh gosh, I LOVE those tea glasses and I always buy the coloring books when I see them! You did good!

  14. What great treasures. I have a couple of big coloring books and I just love them. You did well.

  15. Oh my stars! I keep finding pyrex too. I've got so much stuff lately and I really need to have a day to photograph them and list them. I found some fantastic things at the last two estate sales I went to. Spent too much but it was worth it!

  16. Great stuff Erica! You sure have the neatest things here! I have that same old Red Better Homes and Garden. I love it!! Man oh man those glasses are the prettiest ever! I would love some like that! Your pyrex, comic books, color book, etc.. Al just wonderful!

  17. I LOVE fifties' and sixties' cookbooks, it's like... this is how it's done! I love those tall glasses as well. GOOD. FINDS! :)


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