Saturday, June 2, 2012

PINK SATURDAY: Shelf Makeover, A Place For My Pyrex!

Hi Friends! I wanted to post yesterday, but the computer was down. Now you're all probably out having fun, doing weekend sort of things! I hope so anyways! Here's what I've been up to:

I started a collection of vintage PYREX pieces about 2 months ago. Who knew there were so many different patterns, and a whole community of fellow PYREX lovers! I have to give a shout out to
 Jill of "A Little Bit Of Everything" , if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be so addicted! LOL Make sure you see her collection, it's AMAZING!

My collection is growing fast, and I decided I need a little place to put things. I dug around in my parent's garage and found this bookcase I bought years ago at a garage sale. The color was a disaster, but I liked that it was on wheels, and the price...$3!

I spray painted the whole thing in a shade of aqua blue/green. That's my go to color, always!
Aqua looks good with everything, from reds and blacks to pastels and whites.
But I can never leave fresh paint alone. I always have to grubby it up! And the best part of "aqua blue", is that it turns "aqua green" when I add stain. First I sand it down, concentrating on corners and edges.

I rub Minwax stain over the whole thing, then I wipe most of it off! I use this can of Minwax to distress everything, including my art canvases. I think this one can is going to last me my entire life!

And...TaDa! Now, I haven't mentioned this yet on my blog, but I don't currently have a kitchen of my own :(
Right now I'm living with my parents because I'll be having some major surgery on my ankle in a couple months. I have R.A. It's damaged the cartilage in my ankles so severely, that each ankle needs to be fused. I had the left one done last year, and the right one will be done soon. I'm dreading it!

There were big bags of Salt Water Taffy yesterday at Wal-Mart, so I'm using the Divided Pink Daisy as a candy dish. My favorite site for Pyrex info is PYREXLOVE.COM You can see all the patterns there!

I hate to say it, but I've acquired quite a few more pieces since I took these pics! How much PYREX can a girl stash in her bedroom?????

Thank you all for taking a look today! Let me know if you collect Pyrex too! I'd love to know.
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  1. I think that shelf of Pyrex would be a nice thing to wake and gaze at every morning!! Love it and love all your Pyrex!!

  2. when I got married my want list was pyrex I have the gold and white. and a package of green never opened.
    good luck with your ankle

  3. What a great shelf, and such a lovely Pyrex collection you have started!! I have your pink bowl on top with the leaves, in white with pink leaves!! So fun!! xo Heather

  4. Love your shelf. It's so pretty with your Pyrex. Erica, I didn't know you have RA. So do I. I've had to have a knee replaced and I'll probably have more done later on. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to talk to, I'm your girl (well, woman). I've had it for about 25 years but wasn't diagnosed until about 5 years ago. A lot of damage was done by that time.

    Gentle hugs, Gretchen

  5. The shelf is so cute. I really like the way you placed all of your items. It looks happy!

    Sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery.


  6. You did such a nice job distressing that shelf- it looks like it came right from an antique store! And love that little Knickerbocker doll peeking out of the pretty pyrex!

  7. What a delightful and colorful collection of Pyrex you have, Erica! I can't think of anything sweeter than filling them with salt water taffy! I love your shelf and it does compliment each color and shape beautifully!
    Do have a wonderful week, my friend!
    Carolynn xo

  8. Your shelf makeover is a hugh success! I see nothing wrong at all at having it in your bedroon, especially when you are getting well from your surgery. One look and it will make you soooo happy!



  9. I love the little shelf makeover-the color is perfect. Your pyrex looks awesome in it. You do have a great collection. Nothing wrong with keeping it in the bedroom for now. You should enjoy it wherever it is. Hopefully it will help cheer you up when you do have your surgery.

  10. Well, who doesn't collect Pyrex!? When you see a Frigie, even if you DON'T collect Pyrex, you pick it up for memory and cute's sake! And then you see another piece and suddenly, you collect Pyrex! That will be a lovely spot to focus on when you are recovering! You get happy just looking a the colors!


  11. What a great collection you have going and the little blue painted bookcase works perfectly. My sister in law got me started on pyrex and now I can't stop! Have a wonderful day.

  12. your shelf looks great! i love pyrex too, but i'm limiting myself to just butterprint, and red or aqua refrigerator sets so it doesn't get out of control!

  13. $3.00?! Get out!! I love the new color and your pyrex collection looks lovely in it! Thanks for your visit to Pink Piccadilly. You have an adorable blog and I'm going to have so much fun checking it all out! I'm adding your button to my blog today! xoxo Jina

  14. Oh my good gravy, Erica, that is SO CUTE. Not only did you do a great job with the shelf, but all of your pyrex is adorable and you did a great job with the display. Thanks for sharing!

    Also wanted to say thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog. I loved the one you shared about the vintage ad for the women's undergarments... oh my I would lovet see that one. :) There were so many funny ones!


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