Monday, June 11, 2012

2:00 AM Post...I can't sleep! :)

And so I thought I'd do a very brief post about a couple cute finds from the other day.
My mom, Aunt Judy and I were doing a little shopping, and they gave me a bit of time to explore one of my favorite antique stores. I think they went to Kohl's or something...I know, NOT nearly as much fun! :)

When my time was up, I walked out with this really cute Golden Book that I had never seen before.
I'm sorry, these pics will be few and poor, as it's 2 AM and I wasn't planning on posting! :)

Well, right away my Mom and Aunt Judy started singing Lavender's Blue...Dilly,Dilly! I guess they were familiar with this. I of course didn't know it, but am loving these graphics!

Pretty cute huh? I might have to do a more lengthy post about this book.

Ha Ha! And of course, I can't pass up a vintage wiener dog graphic! Where O Where...?..

Here I Am!  :)

And because my Pyrex collection won't stop growing (no matter how hard I try), I also grabbed this little Snowflake Garland bowl. I love this size!

OK, I'm going to try and get some sleep now!
 Goodnight Friends :)


  1. Well I bet you can guess which my favorite find is!!!! : ) lol!!! LOVE IT!!!! what a precious find indeed! I also see that your post is WELLIE approved!!!! sending tons and tons of doxie HUGS!

  2. Good morning, Erica,
    I had trouble sleeping too. You did great on your shopping trip, Wilma liked the doxie pic! I don't remember seeing that book cover before, either, it is precious!
    Hope you got to sleep, :)

  3. What a sweet book!!

    You just had to buy that bowl - I wouldn't have left it behind either!!!

  4. I was awake most of last night as well. It will be a long day for all of us non-sleepers today.
    I have never seen that book. Love the graphics. The dark hair, blue eyed girl is stunning. You always find such good books.

  5. I can tell you are a girl after my own heart...your recent finds are exactly what I would have picked myself! I am especially jealous about the German mushroom/tiddly winks game. I have a collection of mushrooms that I started after I lived in Germany for three years...they are a good luck are piggies. Also, am loving that embroidered kitty face potholder. =D

  6. I've never seen that book either but I love the idea of having children learn to sing sweet little songs. Great find! I also heart the bowl.

  7. Watch out for those Little Golden Books! There's something in that silver binding, it's addictive. I have over 500 of the little darlings now! So many vintage ones that smell funny that I need a scented candle in the room to counteract the musty smell if the windows and door aren't open! LOVE 'EM anyway! The illustrations from the 50s and 60s are SO CUTE!


  8. So sweet. The pic's are priceless.

  9. What a sweet book! Lovin' the new Pyrex bowl. Did you get any sewing done? xo Heather

  10. I haven't seen that cute book either, but if I did I'd snap it up. I love the pretty graphics and the music. Especially the weiner dog. How cute. Also love the pyrex. You're collection is growing!

  11. Thanks for stopping by to visit me! Love seeing your pyrex and I am your newest follower.

  12. That is great not only a vintage book, with great graphics, but music, too! That is so fun. And I love that size bowl, too! You sure did find a few fun things! Have a great week. Tell Noel that Bear says hi!

  13. I was up at 4 this morning...Not a moment of sleep. Must be the aging process. This is a darling book...I can never get enough of the sweet images. What on earth did we do before the internet to keep our minds busy...smiles...Renee

  14. i haven't seen that book before either, how sweet! lavender blue was on a tape we used to listen to in the car when i was a kid! i loved singing it with my best friend! the dilly-dillys are the best part!

  15. I have problems with insomnia way too often! That book is so cute...old nursery rhymes are the best. I've never heard that Lavender Blue one before. I love the Pyrex bowl. I don't collect them but the snowflake pattern is adorable!


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