Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Unexpected Treasures!

 The doorbell rang and I heard the familiar "thunk" of a package being left. It was from Susan S. and just look what was inside! When I opened it, I literally gasped! Susan didn't even know that I saw a very similar pink egg at an antiques store a few weeks ago! I had to put it back because it was out of my price range, but now I'm so glad that I did! It's funny how things turn out. Because I LOVE this egg way more than the one at the store.

 Susan doesn't have a blog, but I met her when she joined my Valentine's Swap. She's a huge fan of Elizabeth of Creative Breathing (who isn't ?), and says that she gets much of her inspiration from E! But I have to say that I think Susan has her own unique style, and I'd call it something like "high-end vintage", or "classy-vintage" crafting! Look HERE to see Susan's Valentine's Box again. Classy right?
Thank you so much Susan! You are a dear friend!

 OK, then the door bell rang! Someone had sent me flowers! What???
I was very puzzled! Especially after I read the card...

It wasn't signed! Hmmm???
Then it hit me! This is classic "Papa" (that's what I call my Dad).
I called him at work, and YES, he had sent me flowers for no reason at all! So sweet of him! I love the cute bunny container! I'll keep it, and the little card, to remember when my Dad sent me flowers out of the blue!
Thank You Papa! I Love You! :)

 And then last week I stopped at "The Weird Thrift Store", and I found this quilt! Living in MN, you can never have enough warm blankets!

 It was marked "Queen, $6.99". There's got to be 100 different fabrics in it!

 I brought it home and put it right into the washing machine on hot!
Usually I would soak a quilt, but this is super sturdy and I just want it to be a cozy quilt that we can use and not worry about!

My favorite thing about it is that the back is covered in this nursery rhyme flannel. It's super soft, no stains. Good deal for $7 hey?

OK, those were just a few things that I wanted to share with you.
Moving Day is Saturday! I've basically decided that my bedroom is really going to be an art/craft room with a bed in it! lol
It'll be easier to just take that approach from the beginning rather than try to hide the obvious, don't you think? LOL
Hope you're all having a great week!
Erica :)


  1. Aren't you a lucky girl. Easter blessings, sweet friend. Best wishes with the move. I totally understand the idea of a bedroom/craft room. Smile!

  2. You are a lucky girl!! What a sweet dad to send you flowers! And I like that idea of the bedroom and craft room combined ;-)
    Happy Easter my friend,

  3. WHO doesn't LOVE unexpected gifts! Very pretty pink egg, very cheery flowers and pretty quilt! It's been a good week for you!
    Happy Moving!!! LOL about the bedroom/craft room! Maybe you can craft from your bed! LOL!!!
    Happy Easter!

  4. Oh Erica! Your quilt is so special, and what a price! I am beyond happy that Susan is making friends in our community. She is such a special person. Her egg is beautiful, I agree, she's high end vintage! Absolutely I will partner you with Kim. It's such fun when you already know your partner's crafting style. Thank you so much for joining! E

  5. Everything is so special!!! I would have a hard time deciding which I like best.....
    Happy Easter!


  6. I bought a quilt at Goodwill a while back and it was meant for Miss Maddie's bed. I loved it so much that it's now on the end of my bed. Maddie doesn't mind though. She spends most of her time hanging out in my room anyways. Your dad is such a sweet guy and definitely a keeper! You lucky gal. Good luck with your move. If we lived closer, I'd send Maddie over to help you! HA HA!!


  7. Oh, your Dad sounds like a real sweetheart! Isn't it nice to know you are loved? So wonderful that you were able to "rescue" that old quilt. I hate seeing them discarded in shops... they need to be on a bed, keeping someone warm.

  8. 6.99 for that quilt! that is a steal! and i love that your dad sent you those flowers out of the blue. how sweet. that would totally make my day too.

  9. Sweet gifts, and I love the adorable quilt!! Happy moving and your idea for your bedroom sounds like it will be perfect for you! xo Heather

  10. Unexpected gifts are the best! And this quilt is beautiful with that fun backing! I'm wishing you the best this week! Hugs!

  11. What a nice thing for your Dad to do!! That will look so nice in your new place!! Happy Easter!! Happy Moving Weekend!

  12. Good Luck on the move! Just remember to unpack the important rooms first...craft room, well you get the idea.
    Chris =]


  13. You lucky chic! What a sweet dad and dear friend! What I love is that beautiful quiltxoxo Carly

  14. What a sweet thing for your dad to do! You sure got a great deal on that quilt, and that Egg Susan sent you is beautiful :)
    *Good luck with the move

  15. What wonderful gifts!! :) Love that pretty quilt you found too!! :) Hugs! Holly

  16. Oh my goodness Erica, the flowers from Papa have me in tears!! What a sweet and kind daddy he is. Give him a great big hug from me too! Bless you sweet friend!


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