Monday, March 11, 2013

MARKET MONDAY: An Update From Wellie

Hi Everyone! It's Me, Wellie!
Mama wanted me to let you know that due to emails we received, Market Monday will take place in the evening instead of the morning. We don't want to exclude our friends that are away at work!
So Mama says the post will be up at 6:00pm Central Time!
Hope to see you then!

Love, Noel


  1. Such a cuter little messenger!! I received the duck on Friday....she arrived in great shape and fits right in with the yellow one! Did the paypal payment reach you?


  2. I agree with Chris....Wellie is such a cute messenger :)Thank you for thinking of us ...but I work 2:30 til 10:30 pm :( ...but I will look to see what's left...sometimes I get lucky and can peek from work :)

  3. What a very sweet picture of her!! Looking forward to seeing your post this evening then :) xx Holly

  4. Hi Wellie! You look so pretty!! Tell Mommy I think that is a splendid idea!!
    Paws and Pounces,
    Bear and Hunter!

  5. Wellie is just so adorable. I can hardly stand it.


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