Friday, March 8, 2013

Bunny For Sale and Some News!

 Believe me, I want to keep him!  I've looked at this one on EBay before, and I always assumed that he was small, like similar candy containers from his time. So I was surprised when I first saw him in person! He's 7 inches tall and 9 inches across!

 I didn't get a very good deal on him actually, so his starting bid is $45.
You can find him here.  SOLD
Other sellers have him at $75 and $155! What???

There are so many cute plastic bunnies on EBay if you search "Rosbro" or "Rosen" vintage candy containers! They are addicting...which is sorta why I'm hoping he won't sell and I can add him to my vintage Easter decor. lol jk

*** I wanted to let you all know about something new that I'm going to try!
Beginning THIS MONDAY I'm going to start what I will be referring to as
"Erica's Market Monday"
Each Monday I'll post things for sale that I have found over the weekend, directly on my blog. I'll keep prices as low as I can so that my blogger pals can scoop up a few fun things! I'm going to be hunting for supplies for your crafting, and little things for your vintage collections!
Here are the rules:
  1. If you want to buy an item, reply and let me know what you want.
  2. If someone before you has spoken for it, consider it SOLD
  3. Make sure I have a way to contact you!
  4. I accept PayPal, or we can make arrangements for a money order.
  5. Wait to hear from me to confirm that the item is yours, and I'll also tell you how much shipping will be. Because I'm selling "smalls", shipping will often be 2-3 dollars. And I will of course combine items.
We'll see how this goes! I thought it might be fun to sell smaller vintage things, and also omit Etsy and EBay, so that I can sell things for less! So look for my post on "Market Monday" morning!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
Erica :)


  1. Hot Dog! You always find the best "goodies"!

  2. Erica,
    What a great idea!!!! I would love this guy, but I already spent 35.00 a a bunny from the same era....I hope he sells...will look for Mondays! Can you email me and tell me how you change your headers and backgrounds??? I am tired of mine...:) And I want to do something easy..:)

  3. Can't wait either! Love the bunny, but outta my prince range. Any vintage stickers might be up my alley.

  4. Sounds like a good idea to me. I will look forward to MOndays.

  5. Cool idea! Looking forward to seeing what you post for sale!!

  6. Will there be a specific time you plan on having this wonderful Monday Market posted by?
    Chris =]

  7. Looking forward to seeing what you have for sale on Monday's!


  8. Great marketing tool Erica! Love the bunny-how can you let him go? I hope to mail your package on Monday! I had so much fun with it. I hope you will like my treats.

  9. Awesome find Erica! Good luck with your sale, I'm sure you will do well you always find the neatest things!

  10. Sweet bunny!! Best wishes for the auction! Look forward to seeing what you have for sale on Mondays!! Enjoy your weekend! xo Heather

  11. He is so happy and cute! I think Monday Market is a great idea!! Love the backdrop and new header it is so pretty !!! Hows the weather over there? We are under a blizzard warning today with 60 mph winds and expecting 10 inches of snow! Brrrrr...

  12. That's a great idea! I'm looking forward to seeing what you post!

  13. Fab idea..... And exciting have the best eye in the business! X

  14. He is cute and I didn't realize that went for so much!
    Fun idea to sell on your blog. I think about it every now and then...however the 2 booths keep me busy.

  15. Neat Idea! I'll be watching! Marlynne

  16. Oh Erica, what a great idea. I'm always looking for vintage "readers," (ie Dick and Jane books or similar from the 40's and 50's) also vintage children's books, and coloring books from either "Merrill" publishing or "Platt and Monk" publishing and pretty much anything vintage Christmas is a huge one for me. I also collect vintage squeaky toys, and vintage linens with puppy embroidery. Also, "Ruth Newton" dolls, "Renwal" dollhouse furniture........OMGosh, I could go on forever. Keep me in mind when you find these types of goodies, and I'll be your slave forever......


  17. Oh how exciting Erica! I can't wait to see what you put up on Monday!! :) Such a cute bunny and cart too! :) xo Holly

  18. You find the best things Erica. I can't wait until Monday. E

  19. He is to you...Off to work in the morning. Smiles..Renee

  20. What a great idea! I hope you do very well and I hope everything doesn't sell out before I get off of work! Great find!

  21. Hi Erica, I would love your three colored planter. I collect them! My e-mail is May I send you a check? Let me know! Wonderful sale, love this idea! E


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