Monday, April 30, 2012

From The Thrift Store

Here's just a little batch that a brought home the other day. It'll all go on Etsy, except for the duck...and the bunny book. LOL Oh sometimes it's so hard to give things up! :)

These little things are just from my local thrift shop. I do really well there sometimes!

Super cute vintage buttons! I love when i find them on the cards like this.

Isn't he sweet? He's actually a S&P shaker. I put him away for Easter. Look at all the vintage millinery flowers I found too!

This is really cute! I'll put it up for sale on Etsy. It's got the sweetest (and simple) doll clothes patterns in it!

A little KIMONO for your dolly! I'll put that tomato on Etsy too!

Sorry for the bad pic! But see the hand-crocheted trim?? There are 2, 8ft pieces of it! 
Can you imagine the work that someone did?

And then there was this book with the bunny on the cover. If you knew my love for rabbits...anyway, this I have to keep!! How cute is she?? Putting all her little baby bunnies to bed!

This book is called "The Country Bunny and The Little Golden Shoes". I looked into it, and they reprint it now, but this copy is from 1939!

It's about a little girl bunny who wants to be an Easter Bunny very badly!

By Du Bose Heyward, Pictures by Marjorie Hack. It's a beautiful book. You might want to track one of these down for a future Easter basket!
Anyway...that was my "pile of stuff" for today! I hope you enjoyed taking a look! Have a great day.

Someone is pouting because she doesn't like her new haircut or the pink bow that came with it! :)


  1. I foresee a bunny tag banner in your future! That book has super cute illustrations! FUN FIND!


  2. What fun finds!! That ducky is so cute, and what beautiful illustrations in the bunny book!!! ;) xo Heather

  3. I love anything bunny related; such sweet illustrations. You did good on your shopping trip. I would keep the duck too!


  4. that bunny book is just adorable. I love anything bunnies too and was really reluctant to put away the Easter bunnies the other day. :)

  5. You had a great haul! Ms Wilma is jealous of the pink bow, too!!

  6. Your puppy is just so pretty! Bear just got a fresh bath and kerchief today, too! And boy I wish I had good luck like that at my thrift store! The bunny is so cute!

  7. The bunny book is precious. I love the graphics. You have a few treasures in your piles. Thanks for sharing it with us. Happy May Day!


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