Wednesday, May 2, 2012

REDNESDAY: Stitches from Grandma

My Grandma Glo (Gloria) recently moved to town. She downsized and got herself a little apartment near my parent's house. I think she's pretty happy with her new little space, and she's made lots of friends through the little card group that get together and plays every day. I'm happy for her!

While getting ready for the move at her old house, we came across this in a drawer. She said she made it years and years ago! And she gave it to me! Isn't it darling?? I'm going to find a cute frame for it.

 She also gave me a large tea towel that she had embroidered strawberries all over. So sweet! Her "french knots" on the little blossoms are perfect!  It's been very hard for Grandma to make this transition. She still mentions many things that she had to give up. Of course there just wasn't room for her to take it all.
But the good news is that she does say how happy she is in her new little place...and it's given me a chance to reconnect with her. :)

And lastly, this isn't from Grandma Glo, though I do have one in the apple pattern from my other Grandma. But no post would be complete without an Garage Sale find! Well, this was from a "church sale" about two weeks ago. The tag said "$8.00, Collectible". Now, I know that Watts pottery has really nosedived in value over the last 15 years, but it's for sure worth more than $8.00 don't you think???
Thank's for visiting! :)
I'm linking up with Sue over at "It's a Very Cherry World" for REDNESDAY !!
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  1. I hope that when I am retired I find a card group that plays card every day. I love to play cards. your gives from your grandmother are dear. and your find 8.00 is great as it is advertising also.

  2. Love the sampler, so special!

    Enjoy having your grandmother so close, Erica!

  3. Oh lucky you, Erica! I always loved getting handmade gifts from my grandmother, and I miss her sooo much since she has been gone. Enjoy yours while you can! :D

  4. What wonderful treasures from your grandma!! I am sure she is happy to pass them on to you!! Love the strawberries!! So pretty!!! Have a great day!! xo Heather

    1. Thank you for all your visits, and kind comments! I appreciate it. Hope you're having a great weekend!
      Erica :)

  5. So glad your grandma was able to move nearby and you can enjoy each others company! What darling treasures she gave you and what a fun find your pitcher is, so cute!

    Happy Rednesday!

  6. Oh what sweet treasures you got from your Grandma. How nice that you are able to see her more often.


  7. It is so nice to have things from your Grandma..very special!

  8. Love your gran's sampler and tea towel. She did beautiful work and now you have it to treasure, how wonderful! Glad to hear she is happy in her new place.

    Thanks for so much for your sweet comments on my table settings! My setting are very amateur compared to what I see on other blogs, but I loved your HGTV comment, LOL! Very nice of you.

  9. What great treasures! Those preprinted samplers must have been very popular at one time. I have several of those that I bought at an estate sale.



  10. Oh, I just love your grandma's embroidery! What a true treasure, of the best kind.


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