Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vintage Thingie Thursday: It's The Little Thingies

On Tuesday I told myself that I wasn't going to "accumulate" anything for a few days. I made it through Wednesday. Haaaa! I met a friend for coffee this afternoon. And while driving home, totally minding my own business...there it was. "GARAGE SALE"! What was I suppose to do?? Just keep driving??

How much I said? Fifty cents for the box she said. Ummm...Yes, please!
I'm just showing you my little treasures from this sale. In another post I'll have to show you the REAL find!

Who could pass up 6 little periwinkle feather birds? Not I!
I arrived at this sale at 4:00PM, and she was packing up for the day. I cringe at what I must have missed.

6 little Silver Cups! I'm not huge on gold and silver, but wouldn't these be sweet next to each place setting at a dinner table? I can just see them with fresh greenery and some hyacinth in them!

So those were a few of my "Vintage Thingies" for today! And they were all acquired just a few hours ago!
I hope you enjoyed them. See more VINTAGE THINGIE THURSDAYS right here!


  1. Wow! Great finds! But now I'm intrigued....what was the real find????

    Happy Easter!

  2. How exciting to find such treasures! Wonderful! You blog is looking so great!


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