Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I HEART The 80's!

Having grown up in the 80's, I can't help but be drawn to toys of that era when I'm out hunting for vintage. I feel so lucky that I caught the tail end of what I feel was the age of innocence in toy making. After the 80's, toys started to take on a different appearance. Less sweet, more robotic in my opinion. I'm going to do a larger post on this sometime soon. I'll show you my collections...and then you'll think I'm crazy! lol

 Here's an original My Little Pony named Bow Tie from 1983.
When I found her, her mane and tail were a ratted, snarly, mess. You can usually restore them if you use hair conditioner, a fine comb, and a curling iron (on low heat).

She turned out beautifully!
I've collected several of the vintage ponies over the years, hoping that someday I'll have a little girl to play with them. This one is for SALE though, and she'll be in my shop. SOLD
She's "AS IS" due to some marks on her body.

 The toy from my childhood that I collect the most is Strawberry Shortcake. My sister and I loved playing with those sweet, scented dolls when we were little. I found this Raspberry Tart fabric panel at the thrift the other day. I'm very tempted to keep her, but I already have the Blueberry Muffin and SS Cake ones, which I would like to make into small quilts someday.

 See, she's marked 1981?
Did you know that nowadays they refer to her as Raspberry Torte instead of Tart because "Tart" was too racy? LOL Whatever!

Poochie was a little less well known, but so so sweet! I remember having a coloring book, and a stamp set.
I just love her hot pink ears and purple sunglasses. Again, I'm so tempted to keep this. But I have a few Poochie items now, so I better sell this. It was such a steal at the Goodwill the otherday!

And just in time for St. Patrick's Day, this vintage Care Bears mug was at my local thrift last week.
Also for SALE in my Etsy shop. SOLD

 OK, Here's Good Luck Bear from the 80's.

And here's the version that my 4 year old niece is used to.
So sad. So very very sad.
Tell me you agree! LOL
Erica :)


  1. Oh gosh I love my old eighties toys! I agree it was a great time to be a kid. Fisher Price, Care Bears and Strawbery Shortcake are my faves.

  2. My March birthday girl has the Good Luck Care Bear, he was placed in the bassinett in the hospital next to her in fact! Love the old toys and the fact that we want what we had for our kids...

  3. Toys from the 80's and older are the best!!!Strawberry Shortcake what a sweetie :)

  4. Aww, such memories! I need to find the My Little Pony that I grew up with. I have all my toys stored away. I was a big Care Bear and Strawberry Shortcake fan, too! So fun! Glad you brought some sweet finds home! xo Heather

  5. Oh Erica,
    My children were born in the early 80's so all of this rings a best friend at the time had a little girl, so I got to play with Little Ponies and Strawberry Shortcake! My youngest son's nursery was all Care Bears...I even had wall paper! Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane...:) Sandy

  6. OMG, I completely forgot about Care Bears! I loved them! You are so right, I think the 80's were the end of innocence in toys and life


  7. Aren't you having fun with your trip down memory lane. I was a 70s very early 80s girl with my toys, but my little sister certainly enjoyed her care bears. My parents hung onto all our fisher price little people and structures (castle, hospital, home..etc). Josie now enjoys those same toys when she goes to visit my parents. So fun!

  8. My grand daughter is playing with my little pony.

  9. It's like my childhood, condensed down to one blog post. LOL :D Loved all of these! Just a few days ago my own 7-y-o was stamping with my Poochie stamp. :)

  10. It's like my childhood, condensed down to one blog post. LOL :D Loved all of these! Just a few days ago my own 7-y-o was stamping with my Poochie stamp. :)

  11. My Little Ponies! Holy crap I loved those things! It was the only girly thing I really played with as a kid. You did a great job on her hair! Sometimes I long for the days of stir-up (that isn't spelled right, but you know what I mean) pants, scrunchy socks and fabulous toys... Great post!

  12. We had many a Pony and Care Bear in our house when my girls were growing up! My second daughter's name is Meredith, we call her I'm sure you're guessing because of her love of the Care Bears, she quickly became Mer Bear and still is to this day!! Love this collection!


  13. My daughter had lots of those cute toys from the 80's. I agree, the older pic of the Care Bear is soooo much cuter! And the little ponies - so many really sweet things. She also had all of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls. I always thought they were just darling!

  14. Love My Little Ponies! Thanks for sharing your quick hair fix-I''m going to try it! I had a Poochie stuffie in the remember the theme song "pooooouchie, poochie for girls!"

  15. I find a lot of stuff from my youth/the 80s while out thrifting as well.

    When I find Poochie stuff I get super excited since I STILL have my Poochie nail art heart shaped kit.

    Between MLP and Strawberry Shortcake the OLD versions are so much better than the new computer animated ones.

    Long live the 80s!!

  16. Oh Erica, how fun. I've got to remember your love for the 80's when Sandy and I go out. I was having babies, working and in my first (yucky) marriage in the 80's, but I did work in a toy store in 85, the year I had my first child. I got my son a cabbage patch doll with his name as I got to see all the goodies come into the store before customers. Those dolls were so hot then, and believe me, those of us who worked there looked forward to shipments when they came....we always got first dibs.


  17. Poor little "Good Luck" bear, looks like he ran into some bad luck after the 80s. I totally agree. He's not fluffy or sweet just cold and icky. I love the tip on what to do with the gnarly Little Pony hair. My daughter always tell at Good Will...."Mom, They don't make these anymore!!! Can I have it?" She has an entire bin of Ponys. I am going to be fixing their manes. A lot of them are very old. :)

  18. Oh what sweet memories to remember! I loved My Little Ponies, Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears! :) I had a little Strawberry Shortcake girl that smelled like strawberries, I took her everywhere with me :) xo Holly

  19. So cute all the good old toys, and yes the old Care Bears were much better. My daughter has some of her Ponies and the old Strawberry Shortcakes are just the best!

  20. Hi Erica..thanks for popping over to my blog. I have been looking over yours and getting an idea about what you like! You made me think of my girls with this post...memories!
    Getting some fun fun.
    Looking forward to the exchange! I LOVE exchanges and was just ready for a new group.
    Should we chat via email?

  21. I remember those toys as my daughter had some! They are happy toys compared to today's toys!
    Happy weekend!

  22. I was lucky enough to catch the tail end of the '80s, too! I've seen some pictures of me & my sister growing up at Christmas with some fun gifts (some I'd even rebuy now!), but we sold all our stuff growing up at the multiple garage sales we always had.

    The new Strawberry Shortcake is not my cup of tea.

  23. Cuties for sure. I was too old for those, but would have loved them if I had been the right age. Yeah-Good Luck Bear has kind of gone down hill !

  24. My daughter had all of these! What fun memories you have recalled. Classic toys for sure. PS Love your new banner! Elizabeth

  25. Don't know how I almost missed this cute post! you collect such fun stuff. Love your new blog look (especially the header) too! :) Pam

  26. I think Carla had that very same Pony!

  27. i loved my strawberry shortcake dolls {even had the strawberry shortcake babydoll that would blow scented strawberry kisses when you pressed her tummy}, my little ponies, and poochie {i had the stamp set}… do you remember sea-wees? the mermaids with little mermaid babies that came in a little sponge that you could put in water and they would float... this has been a fun trip down memory lane for me.... thanks for sharing your finds : )


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