Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Easter Fun, NO PEEKING If I'm Swapping With You!

 Hi Friends! I'm sorry that my posts have been few and far between. I haven't been feeling the best with my R.A. When I do get a bit of energy though, I've been making little Easter things for swapping. It's so much fun!
The cute cards in this post were recent purchases on EBay. I needed a little "pick-me-up"!

 I tried my hand at a Vintage Easter Putz House!

 I made my first little match box!

 At my local thrift store I found these two vintage bunnies and a great book! I made a doily basket for the yellow one. Look at what they've been doing at the thrift! They now pull out the old books and write "vintage" on them. This one was marked $2.50. In the past it would have been $1.00.

The next time I visited the store, they had put out the other two bunnies that go to the set! They're so cute!

 But not as cute as these little bunnies!

These were at the thrift too, and they're marked "Made in Spain"
I think I have to trim the awning of the one on the right. He's so cute under there...painting Easter eggs!
But you can't see him unless you pull up the fabric.

 I found this Good House Keeping ad online and thought it was just great! So I made a couple of these wooded plaques. They're heavily distressed and glittered. Sometimes I get carried away with making things look old! It's just so fun to do!

Another card that I couldn't resist.

These handmade paper mache rabbits are sold, unpainted, by a seller on Etsy. I had fun painting and decorating these up last night. These guys are little, but I have a large one that I'm going to make for myself if I get around to it!

 And here is a tip. I don't have one of those little machines that make perfect paper medallions, but I knew that I would want that look for my Easter Swap spoolies. I remembered that our Goodwill always has these huge badge/ribbons for $1.00! And the two smaller pink and yellow ones were from Target's Valentine's section. They were 75% off, and I just had to remove the heart on the front.

And here's one of the spoolies that I made with the large medallion ribbon!
You may want to look for some of these because it worked really well.

I hope you're all doing well!
I mentioned that I had some exciting news to share, and here it is.
I'm moving!!!!! My (twin) sister ended her LTR with Mr. NOT Right. So that means that she's able to live with me! We got a very cute townhouse, and we move in on April 1st! I can't wait for this new chapter in my life. My parents are wonderful, but it's been quite difficult to live at "home" during my early 30's. I can't wait to show you all the new place, and to decorate it!

So, you know how I just got out of my cast a couple months ago? I still have lots of pain and limp quite a bit. Well the other day Angie (my sister) fell down the stairs and broke her foot. So she went to the ER and got her cast. Then she came home and stumbled down the stairs AGAIN with her crutches! This time she cracked a couple ribs!
We are quite the pair! It's pretty ridiculous! :)


  1. Your Easter creations are darling and so inspiring, the putz house turned out so sweet. Great thrifty finds as well, the little bunny under the awning is too cute. How exciting for you, I hope the move goes well.

  2. Darling creations. Amazing what magic you can create with each holiday!! You always find the best things to repurpose. Wishing you the best with your new living situation. I hope you and your sister can keep each other healthy.

  3. Oh my goodness Erica!! Your cute thrift finds are adorable! Love those little bunnies!! You've been making so many cute things!! I adore all the glitter too!! :) :) Happy Wednesday! xo Holly

  4. And congrats on your new house! A little town house, sounds cute! Wishing you the best! xo

  5. Cute! My favorites are the bunnies on the blocks. : )

  6. Lots of wonderful finds to create with! Your spoolie is so cute! whoever you are swapping with is lucky! Sounds like some fun times ahead for you and your sister.

  7. Oh, Erica-everything is so cute!! You're not even feeling up to par and look what you're creating, I'm impressed!!

  8. Congrats on the new place!!! Just think about all the fun decorating you get to do.

  9. Hi Erica LOVE the Easter goodies!! What a cool thing to do with the medillains!! Easy Peasy!! Wow that is too funny about you and your twin!! Glad you have a sense of humor!!! Bet you will have alot of fun decorating your new place!!! BUT be careful!!! XOXO Love Fran.

  10. Erica,

    OMG!!! I just love your spoolie!!! And one of my favorite card images!!!! You two need to be very careful in your new it a two story??? lol I am glad that you are getting to move into your own home...:) Sandy

  11. Hello Erica!
    That is so exciting that you are getting a place with your twin sister... but it sounds like you both need to be a little more careful. Don't forget to send me your new address! I haven't forgot you...I'm just really a little behind on things... I can't wait to see pictures of your new place.. and I love your little spoolie and all of your projects are turning out so adorable...! Thank you for the tip...I've been super busy with lil baby Tommy that I haven't been able to get out...but this weekend I hope to make it to Target to check it out.

  12. Looks like you've been pretty busy and creative to me!! Your projects look lovely! Your partner will love whatever she gets from you! So exciting to have your own place!!! Can't wait to see how you fix it up! You and your sister are quite a pair!! Be careful!!!
    Warmly chris

  13. Erica, I love all your vintage bunnies and cards. You've been busy. So cute. How exciting to move in with your sis. Maybe you two can keep each other out of the ER. Just kidding. Hope you and your sis feel better!

  14. I love coming to your blog! So inspiring! I have just bought my supplies to the swap that I am in and can't wait to get started this weekend! I Love Spring!



  15. Oh, Erica, I'm so excited for you!! You and your sister will have great fun decorating your new home. And I just love all the Easter things you made. I want to make some match boxes but I keep forgetting to buy the match boxes! :-) Your spoolie and those bunnies on the blocks are so cute!
    Your new blog header and background is so pretty. That little girl and doxie is ADORABLE in your header! I always enjoy visiting your blog so much, take care of yourself, (I hope y'all don't have stairs in the new place)! :-)
    Love to you and Wellie
    from Dorothy and Ms.Wilma

  16. Adorable Easter treasures and creations Erica!! So sweet! Congrats on moving! So excited for you! So sorry about your sister! Oh my! Hope she recovers quickly! Take care! xo Heather

  17. You really made some adorable Easter treasures. Love the Putz house. You really found some cute stuff. Good luck with the move and speeding healing to your sis!

  18. I have one piece of advice for both of you: sit down and scoot down the stairs, don't walk downn on crutches and don't try to walk on a bad ankle, you'[re the one in good shape now! Yikes, what a sad story...

  19. I am so excited for your exciting news of moving into your new house YAY! It will be so much fun decorating your new digs and making it home. Love your new cute Easter goodies.

    xo Danielle

  20. Your Easter treasures are so cute. I can not wait to see pictures of your new house. Hope you are your sister are doing better.

  21. Hey! Isn't that Easter cutout book the same style as the Valentines one that Maddie sent you? How cute! And seriously? Those eggs! You are so dang crafty that I can't even stand it. I don't think I have ever thought "I think I will sit down and make some paper mache Easter eggs". I just don't have the confidence!

    Love your new blog header and I am so super happy to hear that you are moving in with your sister. I can't even begin to imagine the fun that I would have if Sister and I lived together. I cannot wait to see the cute way you decorate your new home!



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