Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Few Finds and A Market Update!

 Hi Pals! :)
Well, I haven't been going to the thrift stores every other day like I did last year, so I consider that progress in my "vintage x-mas addiction". But here are a few things I've added to my collection.
These Santa mugs were at an estate sale. They were the only thing I bought there.
 This banner was at one of my favorite antique stores! And it happened to be in Garage Sale Gal, Deb's booth! Thank you Deb! I just love it!
 I think it will go across my mantel.
 I also bought this vintage corsage for $2.00 that day!
 And a bunch of small crafty things.
Some of you might think these snowmen are scary. I can understand that. lol
But I love them! They're made of composition, covered in mica, and are very old!
 These Starbrite Ornaments are really cool. They open and you can create a little scene in them.
Love these mod, funny clip-on birds too!
 This guy and the ornaments and birds came from the cute little thrift in my home town.
And so did these great stocking kits! LOL Look, apparently they're "Fascinating To Complete"!
 This musical scene was at Goodwill last night!
It still works, and was made in Japan. The ultimate kitschy x-mas thing isn't it?
OK- Just an FYI that I'll be having a MARKET MONDAY on 11/11
at 5:00 PM central time! It will be a mix of handmade things and some vintage x-mas things too! Hope you can make it.
Have a great weekend my friends!
Erica :)


  1. I was at the shop on Thursday and saw that the Merry Christmas was gone and so HAPPY that you bought it! I was tempted to keep it! Such detail! There is going to be a store wide sale this weekend at Auntie M's! Did you go to the sale in Bloomington?! I did and found some Christmas, a GNOME blow mold!!! I just posted about it...anyway...nice finds! I hope we can get together soon to craft, shop and eat?!?!??!

  2. You have the best thrift shop Christmas karma ever!
    Chris =]

  3. Oh my goodness. You found so many fantastic things. I especially love the bunting from debs booth. My sister just emailed me to say I needed to check your blog. I've got her addicted to your blog. Christmas hugs.

  4. you really added some great stuff to your collection! i especially love the banner!

  5. Oh my gosh, I love that Merry Christmas fetl and sequin banner!!! That is sooo me! Now I'm going to have to find one like it!!

  6. Love your Christmas banner! How fun to be able to shop at Deb's booth!! And I love your snowmen!

  7. I love the little snow men, they don't look scary at all to me. All of your vintage christmas goodies are so cute.

    Amy Jo

  8. Those Santa mugs getting a bath made me smile. ♥

  9. I am addicted to the Santa mugs! I can't wait to get them all out this year and see how many more I've accumulated. Yesterday, Hanna & I found two sets of 4 in the original boxes but they were totally white. Do you know if they were meant to be painted, kept white, or if all of the paint wore off? We left them behind because we had no idea.

    I LOVE that perfectly tacky plastic thing-y you found at Goodwill. MAJOR score, girlie! I have a soft spot for all things plastic and tacky so that would have come home with me for sure.

    Can't wait till Market Monday! Hopefully I don't miss out on anything I want, like that donkey tablecloth a while ago (yes, I'm still bitter...)


  10. Love all your Christmas finds! Lucky you to be able to shop at Deb's booth! Love love that banner!

  11. Oh so many sweet and cute things!!! Nice finds Erica!! :) Happy Sunday! xo Holly

  12. I think we were born in the wrong era Erica. CUTE finds girl!

    xo Danielle

  13. You and Deb find the best things. I will be tuning in tomorrow for sure.

  14. Ohh, the musical scene is so cute!! Great finds, Erica!

  15. Erica - I hope you're featuring some of these vintage Christmas goodies in the market tomorrow! I have a few of these things that I'm dying to have! :)

  16. Oh I love when you feed your vintage Christmas addiction because we get to see all the eye candy. Great scores again Erica! Love those little snowmen and the corsage, and the mugs....

    How fun you got to shop in Deb's booth! Love the bunting you bought. Lucky gal!

    I'll be dropping in tomorrow, even though I busted my budget at an estate sale this week-end, LOL!

    :) Pam

  17. Erica, you always have THE BEST vintage Christmas, hands down no matter what! Love the mugs, the birds, the banner - heck love it all!

    No vintage Christmas for me at the thrifts this year! I think it was easier when the masses balked at the thought of Christmas before Halloween, but two days after is OK. Weirdos. Antique markets hopefully will prove to be more fruitful this week.

    See you tomorrow for Market Monday - will try to be the first one here. Don't want to miss out on any vintage Christmas!

  18. I LOVE that banner! So cute! I'll be watching for Market Monday too. Looking for more Christmas stuff... like mercury glass beads...hint hint! Haha

  19. Oh you lucky girl. I would to be able to shop in Debs shop. Love all your finds. Vintage Santa's just melt my heart.

  20. Hi Erica, Did I miss Market Monday yesterday? That post won't pull up on my computer for some reason...

  21. That banner is adorable.Love the Santa Mugs, but my fave is the Santa i n the chimney. Great GW find!!

  22. Wow! I love everything. I really like those snowmen too. The banner is fantastic

  23. So many wonderful goodies! I'm salivating!!!! Cackie


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