Wednesday, August 8, 2012

REDNESDAY: Last Summer At The Thrift Store

Hi Everyone. I scanned my room for something RED today and here is what I came up with. This little shadow box holds lots of "littles". I know it seems like I'm someone who would collect figurines...but I really try not to be. Haaa! Last summer is when I accumulated all of these little guys, and it happend because I had a crush on Frozen Charlotte Dolls for quite a few months! I still love them, but really felt the need to compartmentalize, and not get a cluttery look going on.

This shadow box was at the thrift store for like $3 bucks. I should probably paint it a cute color. Oh well, I'll add that to the list! The red bird whistle reminded me of a time when we stopped at a flea market on the way to the cabin when I was a little. My sister and I each got one of these whistles and I think we spent that whole week up north making them chirp!

The antique bunny candy container was an Ebay splurge a couple years ago. I keep him out year-round instead of just bringing him out at Eastertime.

My mom was the world's best Easter Basket maker and Christmas Stocking Stuffer. My sister and I would always look forward to our stockings even more than what was going to be under the tree. Anyway, the pink rocking chair with the bunny is an 80's Hallmark ornament. I can't tell you how much that little pink rocking chair got played with when my sister and I would play what we called "miniatures". Sometime when I got older, it got LOST! So imagine how excited I was when this little bunny on her rocking chair was at the flea market!

Last summer this pair of 1950's lithographed bird prints were at the little thrift shop in town.

They're big! And I've put one on each side of the window in my bedroom.

Nicely framed, with glass.....$7 EACH! I raced home to see who the artist was, and if they had any value. I knew I was keeping them so I don't know why I cared about their worth, but it's just fun to know I guess. And yes, they did have some value!

"Scarlet Tanagers & Wild Cherry" cr 1950, by James Gordon Irving

"Bluebirds & Dogwood"

 I love that these aren't just plain botanicals and the birds are so pretty. Best of all I now have some real art for my bedroom!

I hope you are all having a great week. Ahhhhh! The Olympics are nearing the end! We have enjoyed them so much around here. It's become my evening ritual!
I'm linking up with Sue for REDNESDAY! See lot's of beautiful red treasures over there!


  1. What beautiful reds!! Love the bird chirper! To cute!! The lithographed birds are so pretty!! Have a great night! xo Heather

  2. so many great goodies. I love your rabbit I think that is my favorite.

  3. The shadow box is great. I love the charlottes and bunnies and vintage book-all so cute together. Great find on the framed birds-They are really pretty!

  4. Hi Erica!

    So this whole liking the same kind of stuff is really getting out of hand. My sister and I both adore anything that is bird related. I even picked up some really cute framed bird prints at an estate sale a while back. I will have to share them soon. And I don't blame you for keeping your bunny candy container out year round. Those babies are expensive!

    Have a great day!


  5. I love that you played "miniatures" with your sister! My sister and I have always enjoyed tiny little things. If Polly Pockets and a few of the other tiny toy lines had been available we would have been over the moon! Thank you for the memory! =D

  6. Your bird chirper is so cute! Pretty pictures of the birds too! Have a wonderful day! :) xo Holly

  7. So Pretty! Love your birdie whistle (and the story that goes along with it!)

    Those botanical prints are just lovely * glad you're keeping them, too! Sometimes we've gotta be a keeper and not just a finder, right???? right!

    Hope you're having a good day!!

    xo P

  8. that a Tiny Tales book......I don't have that one and oh man am I going to go looking for it now, thanks for the heads up. What a sweet little collection that wraps up all your memories in a framable package. Smiles..Renee

  9. The bird prints are absolutely fabulous. They are just a perfect touch for your room.

  10. I just love that you found your childhood bunny in the rocking chair! It's those kinds of fun finds that you sort of forget you had till you see it and jump up and down because there it is! The littles are adorable!

  11. What lovely collections!

    Cheers ... visiting from REDnesday!

    Tito Eric of Panglao Island

  12. Beautiful finds! I remember those bird whistles that you had to fill with water:) Wish i still had one!

  13. Hi Erica!
    How I loved your post with all your darling vintage pretties! You have displayed them so nicely. What a treat for the eyes, my sweet friend,
    Carolynn xo

  14. Hi Erica, I just love all of your tiny collectables. Really like the antique bunny. And those bird prints are beautiful! Have a good week-end!

  15. What great little treasures. Your little bunny is so cute and what a great deal on your bird pictures.

  16. I adore your display & that Easter container is totally worth the splurge - it's rad!

  17. I love your cute collection. My mom was the same way with our Easter baskets and stockings. We always ran to our stockings first. Imagine how happy I was to see some of my children do the same thing. I have to tell you that I have that little pink rocking chair and bunny from years ago.

  18. I just bought a lithograph of bluebirds as well #6952 I absolutely love it.


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