Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Easter Things

I dug out a box marked "Vintage Easter" tonight. At first I thought..."Oh Cute Stuff!" Then I thought "You are crazy! Who has this much junkie old Easter stuff?" The worst part is that I know there are more boxes marked "Vintage Easter"! How did I get to be this way? I have friends who wouldn't put one of these old chenille chicks in their homes for anything! But to me this is not "junkie old Easter stuff"! To me it is just the sweetest "stuff" ever!
Have a Happy Vintage Easter!

My favorite fleamarket is where I found the paper-mache bunnies. I'm counting down the days until it starts back up! May 1st. can't get here fast enough! 

This J.CHEIN & CO. Tin Rabbit pulling his basket was an Ebay splurge for me last Easter! 

Ok, I guess there was another Ebay splurge last year...that antique rabbit candy container on the left. But I keep him out year round! So he's a little more justified. Love those spun cotton bunny picks so much that I can't imagine opening them. The pair of yellow chicks are Gurley Candles, and the pink basket they're in is a Rosen candy container. I just found that cute turquoise dish at the thrift store yesterday for $1.00! HELP ME!

I'm 34 years old now. Sometimes I wonder what will happen if I keep collecting at this rate. If I watch an episode of Hoarders; Buried usually prevents me from going to the thrift store for a couple of weeks. Haaaa :)

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  1. Enjoyed your Easter presentation. You have some very nice keepers and treasures.

  2. Ha...Ha...Hello, my name is Renee and I hoard vintage things. We could start something here. That J. Chien is amazing. Looking forward to more posts...smiles..Renee

  3. Oh, how I wish I had such a lovely collection! I love it all! Love the tin rabbit! I am your newest member, and grabbed your button! Yay for those who have a love for vintage goodness! :) xo Heather

  4. I will try to remember to check on Hoarders or Buried Alive- just in case ,ya know?!
    Sweet collection.

  5. What a fun Easter collection! Lucky you near all those fun shops in Buffalo! Thanks for following me; I'l look forward to your posts too!


    1. Hi Tammy-
      Yes, Buffalo is sure bursting with little shops!
      My favorite place to go is that Medina Flea Market though. It doesn't start until May. What Fleamarkets to you get to around the cities?

      Thanks so much for visiting me! I appreciate it so much since I'm brand new to the blogging world! Erica :)

  6. Oh my gosh, there is just too much cuteness in this post! I'm with you, I love the old vintage stuff and would much rather put out an old, worn Chenille chick than something bought brand new, of course, I still have plenty of new stuff too. I'm seriously coveting that tin bunny pulling the basket, ADORBS! Have a great week, Nan

  7. I love your Easter vintage "thingies"! They are so cute...most items I have never seen before but, of course, I really don't go looking for them. :/ Maybe now I will!


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