Thursday, October 30, 2014


 Hellooo Out there in Blogland! I've missed you guys! I finally got my computer back today. First it went to "Dell", only to find out that the screen was cracked and the repair wouldn't be covered by warranty. So back it came, and then it had to go to someone local because that would at least be cheaper. Anyway, Ernie (Angie's cocker spaniel) won't be allowed to watch his chipmunk videos on YouTube anymore. Pretty sure that's how the screen was broken.
 I made this wreath last week. Everything (except the white candy container) came from Michael's. I kept going back with my coupons, so the whole thing came to about $9.00. I got the candy container for a quarter at the flea market. This funny lady at the flea market started throwing all her things into a big box marked .25! She said "I want it all gone!"  LOL
 Good thing I took part in Deb and Sandy's Halloween Swap, because I didn't decorate this year! Just didn't have the energy. And I have to save it for Christmas Decorating, right??? lol

 Sandy was my partner, so I knew that I would be getting some very special things. Sandy just "gets me". We have similar souls I think ;)
She sent this adorable tag, above.
 And her cookie cutter couldn't be cuter!
 Of course there were lots of other fun things, packaged in pretty little bags and ribbons.
And because Sandy is so good to me, she even included these amazing Christmas paper graphics.
Of course I was thrilled to see some x-mas tucked in there!
Wasn't that just the best package ever? Oh! Not shown is the candy corn. Hmmmm where could that have gone? LOL Thank you Sandy! I'm lucky that we're friends!
 Deb, Tammy, and I went to the "October Afternoon Warehouse Sale" a few weeks ago. And then we had a "craft session" at Deb's house the next day. Deb was such a great hostess! Among other things, she gave us this sweet handmade candy bucket! Didn't she do a great job?
 I found a couple Gurley candles. The Ghost in the haunted house was at Goodwill.
 And these two pails were there too!
So that's it for Halloween this year.
But this girl is not Spooky! This is Xena! She was our last foster girl. She only stayed with us for three days, but she was such a sweetie! Her owner decided that they were done using her for making puppies (after 8 years) and so they put her on Craig's List for Free. They didn't even ask where she'd be going or anything...just dropped her off and drove away.  She's now with a long term foster (we just do emergency/short stays at our house), and waiting for her forever home.
Somebody will be really lucky to have her!
Talk to you again real soon, now that I have my computer!!!
Erica :) 


  1. helloooo there! glad youre back up and running. great wreath! great candy box! and of course all the swappies are sweet too!
    well now that its here.... Im dreading put all this away.. and dont even want to begin to tthink about putting Christmas out yet! Yikes!
    happy halloween !!

  2. I am so so so so so so so HAPPY that you are back! I've missed you!

    Loving all your Halloween treats. I decorated this year but never got around to taking pictures for the blog. Maybe I will this morning. But dang Instagram has taken over my life and it's just so easy to post stuff there. You need to join!

    Have an awesome weekend!


  3. glad to see you back Erica! Ugh computers, so stressful and personally I'm hating windows 8.1 on my new Acer.

    Love all your goodies, so cute. What an adorable dog. It breaks my heart to see how some pets are treated. The temporary rescue you are involved in is wonderful.

    Welcome back have been missed!

  4. I'm so glad you're back! I love all of your pretty things...especially those Christmas cards and papers! What fun you'll have with those. I don't decorate much for this holiday...just a little fun! Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. Happy Halloween! What a sweet dog and what a great service you are providing!

  6. Hi Erica!
    Thanks so much for dropping by and your very kind support, you are a big sweetie ... a little bit of self loathing is good though from time to time, otherwise we (I!), wouldn't be motivated to change and grow LOL.
    So glad to see you back with a renewed and healthy computer and sharing all your adorable things. You always find the best stuff, you enabler. I feel the need for some Gurly candles, muchly!
    What a beauty Xena is ... how could anyone give her up?! Heartless meanies. That's so wonderful you're fostering doggies. I keep thinking about it. Missy is at least 11 now and was so bonded to Shadow (George and Gracie) that I worry if she'd be okay and willing to share her home with a doggie guest???
    Your wreath is so cute, so much fun! I wasn't crafty at all this Halloween darn it. Your things from Sandy are darling - I'm so sorry I didn't join in on that swap boo hoo.
    So glad you're back in blogland, (especially during this time of abundant holiday fun and cuteness)!
    Happy Halloween! xo

  7. Welcome back to blogland! And Xena is adorable - she looks like a spaniel? I've had a spaniel (of different varieties) since I was born! They are the sweetest dogs. Its sad that dogs get used just to make puppies to "make money." :( Hope she finds a sweet forever home!

  8. Nice to see you back! Amazing post as usual!

  9. I've missed you terribly. So glad to have you back!!! Wishing you a very happy Halloween and I hope you and your computer will be ready for Christmas posting. Hugs!!!!

  10. We must get together SOON! I'm so needing to craft! Cute puppy!

  11. BOO to you too! :-) I'm SOOOOO glad you're back!

  12. Erica, Thank you for commenting on my blog today so that I could backlink and find you here. I can just tell that you are a wonderful person. I am your newest follower and will put you on my sidebar right away.

    That Halloween exchange that you received is WONDERFUL. So man special things in there. I LOVE it. xo Diana

  13. So glad to see you are back! Love the wreath! 9.00...good for you! This story of this sweet cocker spaniel makes my blood boil....the state should check on their "breeding facilities".....Creeps!

  14. Glad you got your computer fixed! Cute wreath and candles!! Happy week to you! xo Heather

  15. That wreath is great! And I love that haunted house Gurley candle. I've never seen that one before. Thought I'd seen them all, gonna have to keep my eye out for it!


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