Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Pyrex and Estate Sale Finds!

Thank you all for your uplifting comments on my last post about the dogs. We still haven't found Cami and Molly a home, but I'm sure it will happen at the right time. And anyway, at least they're out of their previous situation. And that's what's most important! Can you believe the rescue group we are working with pulled another 48 dogs out of that same barn??? So sad to see animal abuse like that. Anyway...

So, my sister in law is amazing in so many ways, the first being that she is a full time mom to 3 little ones. But then she goes and does unexpected things like buy me Pyrex and drop it off at my house...for no reason at all! These pieces are probably now the prettiest ones in my collection. I've always loved the 024's! I'm not sure what we call this color. Lime? Apple Green?  

And then there is this stunner! It's called "Ocean Filigree". It's in Mint Condition and even has it's carrier. Love love love it! Thank You dear SIL. Love You!

OK, I have been feeling very sick with my R.A. But we'll leave that for another post. Or maybe skip it altogether. Like you want to hear about that! But point being, I finally had a good day today and felt like I could leave the house! So like any normal gal would, I headed straight for the above scene! Ha! Yes, I went to an Estate Sale and found true happiness as I sat on the floor of this crawl space and dug for Christmas junk!

I had to kick myself a bit because I didn't go on day #1, and this was now the end of day #2. I could tell I would've really scored some great stuff had I gone yesterday. Oh well! I was happy with what I got, including a vintage aqua silverware tray! A couple card boxes and a new in package old felt stocking.

 These are my favorite kind of celluloid reindeer, so I was thrilled to find a herd of them! And I got to add another knee hugger to my collection!

I love finding Christmas corsages. I'll open this one up and add some glass balls and maybe a bell or something. 

I guess I took a blurry pic. But anyway, obviously I found an old BINGO game.

I pulled these tiny mercury glass picks out of some weird candles that were in one of the garbage bags.

This great old box with the deer and snowflakes was also in the garbage. 
Ha! Ok, it sounds worse than it really was. It's not like I was "digging" through actual garbage! Errrr..

I'm a vintage tinsel hoarder. I just love the stuff! But I do actually use it so that makes it a little better.
So that's that! Not a lot of stuff but it was fun! Best of all I only spent $3.00! I think the people running the Estate Sale were thinking "Oh, look at that poor girl sifting through the trashy Christmas leftovers"! lol 

Hello, It's Me, Wellie (aka Noel)
Mama took me to the dog park today. As always I was the littlest (but loudest) of the 20 dogs there. I thought it would be kinda exciting to pick a fight with a Rottweiler. Yep, it was.
Mama had to apologize to people, and she was embarrassed, and worried about me!
She said "Wellie, you're lucky to be alive"! 
Oh Mama, you're so silly!

P.S.  Mama wants you to know that there will be a 
MARKET MONDAY this Monday, March 31st
 at 5:00 PM Central Time!
Hope you can make it!

We are linking up with THRIFTASAURUS today! Please hop on over there to see tons of fun "stuff"!


  1. I was so happy to see a new post on your blog this morning!! I'm sorry your RA has been horrible. That just stinks. You've been missed. Your SIL is such a sweetie to share such beautiful Pyrex with you. Those are some gorgeous pieces. The color is fantastic. I've not seen anything like those before. Yippee for vintage Christmas and a fun attic to crawl and dig through. I'm so anxious for a digger sale. The estate sale season has been slim to zero. Even Chris has said he's missing his estate sale fixes. Looking forward to your Monday Market post. Hugs!

  2. Wow. Holy Christmas jackpot! And for three bucks.
    Great job digging.

  3. I have been forever on the lookout for that green 024. It is so pretty & perfect for Spring! You are a lucky gal to have a sweet SIL like that. So glad you were able to get out and do some digging. It always makes me happy when my blog friends find things that they love, especially at such great prices!

    Off to the flea this morning. Hoping to find some vintage Easter!


  4. Oh, I would have been sitting right there beside you in the crawlspace digging for goodies! You found some great stuff. Well worth it!

  5. So happy to see you Erica! & Wellie! Keeping those big dogs in the dog park in line, gotta love it, lol.

    Great and thrifty finds, glad you got to hit the estate sale even with that dang RA. Sweet SIL found you some fantastic pieces, wow.

    xo, Pam

  6. You found a sweet pixie...that would have made it perfect for me! They are so hard to least for me! Happy Sunday my friend! Hugs!

  7. Those Pyrex are absolutely wonderful! I really like the green one.

    Amy Jo

  8. went to that sale on Saturday and waited 45 minutes to get in! I didn't see any of the goodies you found! LOL! Guess they were meant for YOU!
    Hubby took the doggies for a walk this morning. Later today we are downsizing at Auntie M's...not doing as well as we want there..anyway...
    It's a Lovely day and Nice finds!

  9. Hi my friend, Oh so sorry that you aren't feeling well again. I have been thinking about you a lot lately.
    I cannot believe all the stuff left at that sale. It's not like that here! Estate sales are getting so popular here(dang) and the 1/2 price days are just nuts! Jim and I got some good bargains on our way up to Seattle on Friday at a mall that was going out of business.
    Hugs....Linda Lou

  10. I gave up my pyrex many moons ago, but those colors are LOVELY. Sorry about the poopy RA, I have quite a limp myself right now. (WAY too much time on my feet these days.)

  11. I'm so glad to see a blog post from you! I've missed you. I'm so sorry your RA has been bothering you. But you can't keep a good girl down!
    You always find the sweetest things, I 'm glad you got to go hunting!
    I hope you and Wellie have a great week,

  12. I must come to Buffalo for estate saling! I'd pay 3.00 just for the knee hugger!

  13. Oh, I just want to smooch Wellie up!!! I have a short guy with a big mouth--it's amazing how loud they can be! Glad you were feeling well enough to mine for treasures! Great deal for $3! Love the Pyrex!!! Such pretty colors!! How sweet of your SIL.

  14. Sweet Pyrex and Christmas finds!! Hope you start to feel better soon and are getting some good sunshine! xo Heather

  15. sorry your RA is bothering you. I have a dear friend that suffers with it too. and my daughter just told me this weekend that my little step grandie Ella, may have it. she is only 6 years old. somethings going on with her with achy bones. I hope its just growing pains, but they are running some tests.
    LOVE the green pyrex! you have a good SIL for sure!
    have a great day

  16. Sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling up to par!! Hope there's better days ahead, real soon!!!

    That stocking looks like my first one, which I still have, mine has my name on it which Mom must have had done.

    Love your Pyrex treasures, I have the kelly green one, I keep it out all the time, love the colour!!

  17. Happy you're back and looking forward to MM :)

  18. Hi Erica!! So glad to see your post today!! What a nice sister in law, those Pyrex dishes are so pretty!! Love the colors too! AHH...I love hearing about your adventures at estate sales, it gets me all excited and wanting to get there and find some sales too!! Love all of things you got and for only $3! Girl are you kidding me!! ....awesome finds! :) Hope you start feeling better and hoping for spring to officially hit here soon! Aw little Wellie, she's too cute! xo Holly

  19. Great finds! I would have been on that floor digging right with you. And the Pyrex is so pretty! Your pooch is adorable btw.

  20. What a nice sister-in-law! I'm drooling right now from your Christmas finds. Vintage Christmas is my weakness, I can't get enough of it.

  21. Whoa! What great Pyrex! I don't think I have even seen that color. I love it! Lots of fun Christmas finds, especially that Pixie!



  22. You made me tear with your kind words. You're the amazing one and I love you!


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