Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We Hit A Few Sales!

My sister and I headed out to a few sales last week. I was determined to spend very little money, and just have fun "hunting". It was a successful trip! This was my score at the first sale! This old ice cream sign is huge! It's made of heavy cardboard, and it was only $2.00! The man running the sale said that his uncle used to run a soda fountain. At the same sale we found a lidded fire pit/bowl for our patio. Price? $5 bucks!
The next sale was the most expensive estate sale I've ever been to. I almost said something to the people running it! LOL But I managed to bite my tongue. Somehow I managed to find 4 ornaments (Yay Christmas in July!!) for .50 each.
 Next up was a church sale! The felt mittens and the glass ornament were .25 each. And the Santa shaker is Lefton, and was .50.
Angie held up these Holt Howard Santa Mugs and said "Are these anything that you would want"?
Ummmm YES!!! They're the large size, and were .25 each!  Man I love church sales! lol
 Glittery Angels in neon hues!
And these were an unexpected find! Large spun cotton Easter Eggs!
A vintage Annalee Santa for .50!
Pretty lace trims.

A Strawberry tea towel

And (FINALLY) a x-mas towel. My first, and only .50!
I found this pretty little towel. The perfect gift for a friend.

And I think these will be great napkins for someone to embroider on!

 Wellie got a haircut. And when I picked her up from the groomer, I literally gasped! She looked like a little pig! lol I mean, I knew she was a little chunky, but I was hoping the haircut would make her look a little thinner! Well it had the exact opposite effect. Then I took her to the vet, and yes, she in fact now was 5 pounds overweight. That's a lot on a little wienee! So she's been on her diet for a couple weeks now, and I think she's already looking better. Not quite sure what sort of look she's giving us here. "Poor me, Mama doesn't take me to Starbucks for whipped cream anymore". ???

Erica :)
p.s.  There will be a "Market Monday" this coming Monday, the 3rd, at 5:00PM Central


  1. You really did very well at your recent sales. You are the Queen of vintage Christmas. I bow to you. Wellie is very beautiful.

  2. Love the strawberry tea towel- it matches my table cloth!

    My chiweenie is overweight and it's soooo hard not to give her treats when she begs! ♥

  3. I love all of the old Christmas decor. The strawberry tea towel is my favorite item from your thrifting adventure! Have a great day! ~ Jamie

  4. Not a bad haul not spending much!!

  5. Erica, you find the best stuff...always! Great prices on the Christmas ornaments, and your tea towels are wonderful,& OMG 50 cents? Annalee 50 cents? Nice scores!

    Wellie looks adorable. It is hard to cut down on their doggie treats when they look at you with those big eyes, sigh.

  6. Wonderful finds! I < 3 the Santa tea towel!
    xoxo Carly

  7. you got some great stuff! i looooove the christmas of course, but i think my favorite is that ice cream sign! it is so neat!

  8. You found some great stuff. The estate sales have been kinda to far away lately and kinda pricey. You would think they would want to get rid of the stuff? I am so looking forward to your market Monday.
    Hope you have a great day my dear.

  9. How do you always find such great things???? Love everything!!

    I still have such remorse over a complete set of Santa mugs and pitcher that I saw last year at VV - I sure was not thinking that day - to leave something so sweet behind.... not smart...

  10. Great finds! I love the ice cream sign and the lace trim is really pretty. I imagine you'll do lots of fun things with it. And the Christmas stuff...how do you always find the best Christmas stuff?! Jealous!

  11. I am totally drooling over everything you found! I don't have a favorite, I love it all!

  12. You did good sweet Erica! I love, love, love those Santa mugs! I buy every one I come across at the thrifts...there are a bazillion ways to use them decorating for Christmas! Yours are too cute...with their sly winks! =D

  13. WHat great finds Erica!!! I love that strawberry and Christmas towel!! So sweet!! The Christmas goodies are always the best to find!! Hope all is well with your new place! xo Heather

  14. Poor Wellie, I hate diets too. Life's not fair!
    I don't think I've ever seen a Christmas towel like that, too cute! You found some goodies!

  15. Oh how I adore vintage Christmas! Such great finds :)

  16. Very NICE linens! Love the strawberry and Christmas ones!
    I don't look any thinner either with my new hair cut!
    deb :)

  17. So many cute finds! I love the little felt mitten ornaments and the embroidered bluebird towel.

  18. Don't you LOVE sales!? I have no issues getting up at the crack of dawn to get in line for sales. I especially love it when I feel giddy after finding something that I would pay big bucks for at an antique mall (or thrift store!) for mere pennies (check out my blog today. You will see what I mean). I'm so happy you found some linens and Christmas stuff. You are well on your way to putting together a great tin for your partner.

    Off to Farm Chicks I go.....

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  19. You sure hit the good sales!

  20. Yikes@! GOod stuff, especially that ol' ice cream sign!!


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